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Center or centre (from the Greek κέντρον /kentron/) (see American and British English spelling differences) may refer to:
[edit] Science

    * Center (algebra), uses of "center" in algebra
    * Center of gravity (military)
    * Center (group theory), in abstract algebra, the subgroup consisting of those elements which commute with all other elements
    * Center of mass
    * Center of symmetry, in geometry, a point that is well-distant from the boundary of a figure
    * Geometric center
    * Centre (geometry), the middle of an object
    * Graph center, the vertices in a graph that minimize the maximal distance from all other vertices

[edit] Sports

    * Center (American football), a position in American and Canadian football
    * Center (Australian Rules Football), a position in AFL
    * Centre Back, a position in Association football
    * Center (basketball), a position in basketball
    * Centre forward (also known as Striker), a position in Association football and Water Polo
    * Centre (ice hockey), a position in ice hockey
    * Centre (rugby league), a position in rugby league
    * Centre (rugby union), a position in rugby union
    * Center fielder, often called "center", a position in baseball

[edit] Places

    Note that spelling differences for toponyms are not acceptable in both American and British usages, unless the place name is translated from a language not written with the Latin alphabet, or there is an unambiguous local usage pronounced very differently between American English and British English.

Place names spelled Center

    * Center, Celje, Slovenia, a neighbourhood
    * Center, Maribor, Slovenia, a district
    * Center, Colorado, United States, a city
    * Center, Indiana, United States, a town
    * Center, Jay County, Indiana, United States
    * Center, Kentucky, United States, a town
    * Center, Missouri, United States, a city
    * Center, Nebraska, United States, a city
    * Center, North Dakota, United States, a city
    * Center, Outagamie County, Wisconsin, United States, a town
    * Center, Portland, Oregon, United States, a neighborhood
    * Center, Rock County, Wisconsin, United States, a town
    * Center, Texas, United States, a city
    * Center, Washington

Place names spelled Centre

    * Centre, Alabama, United States, a city
    * Centre (region), an administrative region in France
    * Centre, Haiti, an administrative region
    * Centre Region, Cameroon
    * Centre Region, Burkina Faso

[edit] Arts

    * Tonic (music), in tonal music, the central or most important pitch
    * Center (music band), a famous Russian-speaking band

[edit] Education

    * Centre College, a liberal arts college in Danville, Kentucky, United States

[edit] Other

    * Area Control Center, an Air Traffic Control facility covering a large region of airspace not associated with a particular airport
    * The Center, a paranormal organization in the Martin Mystery series
    * Centers (Fourth Way), a human biological, psychological and spiritual nexus of energy process, equivalent to the concept of a Chakra
    * Lathe center, used in machining operations
    * Centrism, the middle ground between the left wing and the right wing
    * Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, a New York City non-profit organization commonly known as the Center

[edit] See also

    * Center Township (disambiguation)
    * Central (disambiguation)
    * Centre Party (disambiguation)
    * The Centre (disambiguation)

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Paper Flowers Are Forever By Jane A Morris Platinum Quality Author

Making paper flowers can be fun for everyone from a young age into your older years and this craft is showing up again as in Victorian times. Paper flowers are only limited by ones creativity. In our world today, there seems to be very little opportunity for developing minds and talents, but there are a few people in our society that are using this art to express their own creativity and the art of making paper flowers is coming back in full force.  Paper flower making was always one of my favorite crafts as a child and it still is.
Paper flowers are not costly and can be made for any occasion. These magnificent works of art can last you a lifetime. It wasn't long ago I heard a story from a friend about how her mother a few months earlier had been going through an old chest that contained her wedding memories and she found her wedding bouquet it was a little faded and a little bit crushed but it was still was as pretty as when she had gotten married 63 years earlier. To make a long story short the flowers were made of paper.
Making paper flowers are simple to make and can be as beautiful as the ones Mother Nature has provided if not prettier because you can add glitter and shine to your paper flowers. If you want them to look more like the real thing then don't make the petals or leaves perfect every time because you want them to look unique each time as the ones in nature are not the same shape on every flower. Making your own paper flowers can be a great way to substitute for the natural expensive flower bouquets, especially since the real ones don't last more than about a week and your creations can last forever and when you do get tired of them you can recycle them which makes them eco-friendly too.
If you enjoy doing crafts, making paper flowers is only limited by your imagination. They can be made into wedding decorations, prom corsages and decorations, home décor centerpieces, package decorations, and party decorations etc. You can also add scent to your paper flowers to make a room smell good, all you need to do is add a drop of oil fragrance to a flower petal. These are only a few ways to use your artistic talent for making paper flowers.  
I also found an article on the Internet that says Chanel used paper flowers for headpieces for their models, adorned some of their garments, and also as decorations for the stairway going to the catwalk for their models. This is a very interesting fact if designers are using paper flowers in their décor then this tells me that this craft is really making a come back this year and maybe for some years to come.
You can make paper flowers with crepe paper, tissue paper, mulberry paper that is also eco friendly because it is made from the bark of the mulberry tree and does not harm the trees because it is stripped from the trees and the bark will grow back, and there are also other types of paper that you can use. They can be any color that you want them to be.  You can scent them with different scents or embellish them with a little paint or markers or you can add different types of jewels by gluing them on to the flowers.  There are many types of flowers that can be made in all different sizes and styles.
If you need thicker crepe paper or paper that is one color on one side and another color on the other side then you want to use what is called duplex paper but it may be hard to find. If you cannot find any I wrote an article on how to make duplex crepe paper and you can find the article on E-zine articles.
This may be a good year to learn how to make paper flowers they do not cost nearly as much as the real thing to decorate with and they will last a lot longer and can be used over and over again if need be and it will be you that gets the praise for how good they look since you were the one that created them. You cam make a lot of paper flowers and have them blooming all over the place, just like the real thing in the springtime.  Have fun and be creative!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Penggolongan Adenium

Penggolongan Adenium

Adenium merupakan suatu genus yang berada dalam famili Apocynaceae. Jadi, adenium masih sekeluarga dengan Plumeria, Nerium, Pachypodium ataupun Allamanda

Dari berbagai literatur, diketahui bahwa ada beberapa cara penggolongan Adenium. Ada yang menganggap suatu jenis sebagai species, ada yang menganggapnya sebagai subspecies (varietas).

Menurut definisi spesies, mereka tidak bisa kawin dan menghasilkan keturunan dengan species lain, kalau bisa sangatlah sulit. Inilah yang terjadi dengan berbagai species Adenium yaitu mereka sangat sulit untuk dapat menghasilkan keturunan dari persilangan antar spesies.

Jenis-jenis tersebut antara lain:

a. Adenium obesum
b. Adenium multiflorum
c. Adenium oleifolium
d. Adenium somalense
e. Adenium swazicum
f. Adenium boehmianum
g. Adenium arabicum
h. Adenium socotranum

Adenium obesum (Desert Rose)

Ditemukan di daerah Afrika, di sebelah selatan gurun Sahara dari Senegal sampai Sudan dan juga Kenya. Warna normal bunga-nya adalah pink sampai merah. Karena ditanam dari biji, maka muncul varietas-varietas baru yang sangat beragam bentuk penampilannya, bentuk bunga, ataupun bentuk daunnya. Oleh berbagai nursery di Thailand dan Taiwan , varietas baru ini dipilih dan dikembangkan secara intensif. Varietas pilihan ini diberi nama masing-masing dan lebih banyak dikembangkan sebagai batang atas untuk grafting, sedangkan batang bawah diperoleh dari biji warna pink karena paling mudah dikembangkan biji-nya.

Tidak mempunyai masa dorman yang jelas, sehingga pertumbuhannya cukup cepat. Secara umum merupakan steril jika penyerbukan sendiri, sehingga seringkali tak terjadi penyerbukan saat tanaman tersebut sendirian.

Adenium multiflorum (sabi star)

Ditemukan di Afrika bagian selatan di sisi timur, seperti Mozambik dan Afrika Selatan bagian Timur. Tumbuh tinggi dan bercabang dengan daun yang lebar. Bonggolnya tidak membesar, tapi mempunyai batang dan akar yang membesar. Mempunyai masa dorman yang cukup panjang (lebih dari 4 bulan), saat masa itulah jenis ini akan berbunga (2-4 bulan) dengan tanpa daun.

Banyak adenium hibrida yang punya sedikit “darah” multiflorum karena bunga-nya yang memang sangat cantik. Bunganya putih dengan garis merah di pinggirnya. Namun keturunannya sering kali malas berbunga dan batangnya terlalu panjang sehingga pemilihan secara intensif terus dilakukan.

Adenium oleifolium

Ditemukan di gurun Kalahari yaitu perbatasan antara Namibia , Botswana dan Afrika selatan. Daunnya sempit, panjang dan hampir paralel di kedua sisi dengan warna mengkilap. Bunga-nya kecil tapi berbiji cukup besar. Cukup mudah untuk menumbuhkannya, sayang pertumbuhannya sangat lambat. Bonggolnya cukup kecil jika dibanding jenis lain.

kembali ke atas
Adenium somalense

Ditemukan di Somalia selatan sampai Tanzania , dan Kenya . Ukurannya bervariasi dari kecil sampai setinggi 5m. Bunganya lebih kecil dari obesum dengan warna pink sampai merah tua. Pola strip dari pinggir menuju corong merupakan ciri khas somalense. Jenis ini biasa disilangkan dengan obesum sehingga sebagian “darahnya” terkandung dalam kebanyakan adenium hibrida saat ini.
Adenium somalense var. crispum
Jenis ini cukup beda dengan somalense asli. Tanaman ini sangat kompak dengan daun yang memanjang dan bergelombang. Perumbuhannya cukup lambat dengan bonggol yang tidak begitu membesar yang tumbuh di dalam tanah.

Adenium swazicum

Ditemukan di pesisir timur Afrika bagian selatan seperti di pesisir timur Afrika Selatan , Swaziland , dan perbatasan Afrika selatan dan Mozambik. Mempunyai bentuk daun yang sempit dan panjang dengan warna lebih muda dari kebanyakan jenis lain. Bunga-nya berwarna magenta hingga ungu muda. Jenis ini mudah berbunga dan kompak tapi sangat sulit untuk berbiji. Bisa juga digunakan sebagai pejantan untuk persilangan dengan obesum. Hibrida dari jenis ini akan rajin berbunga dibanding hibrida jenis lain. Seperti halnya obesum, memiliki masa tumbuh yang panjang jika terdapat kondisi hangat dan diberi air cukup.

kembali ke atas
Adenium boehmianum

Ditemukan di Namibia dan Angola yaitu di sisi barat atau sisi kebalikan dari ditemukannya Swazicum. Mempunyai bunga yang serupa dengan swazicum tapi mempunyai daun yang panjang dan lebar. Jika dibandingkan dengan semua jenis adenium, daun boehmianum merupakan yang paling besar. Mempunyai masa tumbuh yang sangat pendek dan pada masa itulah muncul bunga yang lebih kecil dari bunga swazicum. Jenis ini juga hanya berdaun saat masa tumbuh tersebut, sedangkan saat dorman daunnya akan rontok. Bonggolnya sama sekali tidak membesar dan pertumbuhannya lambat.

Adenium arabicum

Ditemukan di sebelah selatan dan barat semenanjung Arab. Spesies ini mempunyai bonggol yang sangat besar bercabang banyak dengan daun yang tebal. Bunga-nya berwarna pink cerah. Jenis ini biasa ditanam dari biji untuk mendapatkan bentuk bonggol yang besar. Adenium arabicum mempunyai masa dorman yang jelas, meski ada jenis arabicum tertentu yang daunnya tidak berguguran saat dorman.

Di Thailand, sudah diadakan pemilihan sedemikian rupa sehingga muncul varietas-varietas baru dengan varietas asli biasa diberi nama Yak Saudi. Varietas baru itu antara lain: Ra Chee Ni Pan Dok (RCN), Petch Na Wang (PNW), Petch Muang Kong (PMK), Black Giant, Black Knight,Yak Kaset, Yak Lop Bu Ri, Yak Sim Bu Ri, Yak Bang Yai dan yang paling baru adalah RCN Double flower atau Tub Tim Thong Chai.

Adenium socotranum

Adenium socotranum ditemukan di Pulau Socotra Yaman (sebelah selatan semenanjung Arab). Mudah dikenali dari struktur batangnya yang menjulang yang membesar di atas permukaan tanah. Sebagian akarnya tumbuh di atas permukaan tanah sehingga membuatnya makin indah. Tanaman setinggi beberapa meter dapat mempunyai bonggol dengan diameter 2,4 m. Merupakan yang terbesar di antara jenis lain. Mempunyai bunga berwarna pink dan dua kali ukuran multiflorum.

Di Thailand sudah berkembang anakan dari jenis ini yang dinamai Thai Socotranum. Kemudian berbagai varietas baru ditemukan, antara lain: Golden Crown, Diamond Crown, Petch Ban Na, S1, dan Kao Hin Zon. Namun orang barat sering menyebut Thai Soco ini sebagai Socotranum palsu karena sebenarnya merupakan jenis Arabicum. Mana yang benar? meneketehe....

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Funeral Flowers, II

Funerals are very mournful events that pass most people have to endure at different times in their lives. Taking care of funeral arrangements can cause a lot of stress and may tire just about anyone. A very helpful way to lessen stress in this time of mourning is by ordering funeral flowers online.
Since funerals are a time of mourning, funeral flower arrangements are different from other kinds of flower arrangements. If tradition is to be followed, it is advised that only certain kinds of flower arrangements should be sent to the mourning family of the person who passed away.
There are different kinds of floral arrangements that are used in funerals. Sprays are used as displays over the casket. Crosses and wreaths are used as freestanding displays which are placed around the room where the casket is located. These kinds of flower arrangements are not usually used outside the funeral homes. It is not advisable to send these kinds of flower arrangements to private homes or residences.
There are different varieties of flower types that are used for any kind of funeral flower arrangement. The most common and traditionally used flowers are roses and carnations. These are a favorite because they set a much serious tone compared to other flowers.
Other flowers that are used or mixed with roses and carnations are lilies, gerbera daisies, delphiniums, and asters. These flowers are added to the traditional rose or carnation to make arrangements that help lighten the mood due to their diversity in size and color. These flowers add a more vibrant and positive ambience for a loved one’s passing.
To ensure an organized display of flower arrangements, it is recommended that funeral flower packages be ordered. These flower packages can include matching groups of sprays, pedestal arrangements, and casket lid arrangements. With a diverse selection of flowers available, it’s easy to find flowers that fit the mood of the funeral, which can be based on the personality and the life achievements of the one who has passed away.
Funeral Flowers [] provides detailed information on Funeral Flowers, Funeral Flower Arrangements, Buy Funeral Flowers, Silk Funeral Flowers and more. Funeral Flowers is affiliated with Cheap Sympathy Flowers [].

Silk Flower Buying Guide

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The Latest Wedding Flower Trends - Fresh Details For Bridal Bouquets By Elizabeth Reuth Platinum Quality Author

Bridal bouquets have been the mainstay of wedding flowers from the time of antiquity. Brides have carried bouquets since the times of the ancient Greeks when wedding bouquets of herbs were carried to ward off bad spirits. Wedding bouquets continued to evolve through the Victorian age when many flowers were placed in bridal bouquets because of their meaning. These days, the bridal bouquet is still the focal point of wedding flowers and it is undoubtedly every bride's best accessory.
Just as the use of herbs and flowers in wedding bouquets has evolved, so have other details of the bridal bouquet. With fresh new designs for wedding flowers, bridal bouquets are becoming more and more unique and personalized. Wedding flowers are an excellent way to show your style and put some distinctive touches on your wedding ceremony and reception décor.
So, how do you make your bridal bouquet stand out? Read on and discover the most inventive new ideas for bridal bouquets and decide which fresh trend is right for your wedding flowers.
Here’s what’s new in bridal bouquets:
Monograms are becoming very popular for all aspects of weddings including wedding flowers. The monogram is generally of the groom’s last name, but can be a combination of the groom’s initials and the bride’s initials.
Monograms can be featured with wedding flowers in a few different ways. Bridal bouquets wrapped with ribbon and fabric can display monograms embroidered onto the fabric or sewn onto the fabric with beads or rhinestones. Bouquets can also feature monograms created with wire or piping. Monograms are a great way for brides and grooms to show pride in their family names and add personalization to their wedding flowers.
Different Textures
Today’s wedding flowers feature a variety of different blooms and other items that combine together to create exquisite textures that add a bit of the unexpected to bridal bouquets. The simplest way to add varying textures to your wedding flowers is to use several different types and shapes of flowers mixed together. Keeping in mind which wedding flowers are in season for your wedding, choose flowers that compliment each other with different textures. Flowers with varying textures like carnations and roses or spider mums and calla lilies lend contrast to bridal bouquets.
Another way to add a bit of texture to your wedding flowers is to use some non-traditional items in your bouquet. Shells, fruit, pinecones, feathers, leaves and berries are some unconventional items that you can use to add texture to your wedding flowers.
Breakaway Bouquets
A fresh and clever idea in wedding flowers, breakaway bouquets are gaining in popularity for creative brides. Made up of any type of flower, breakaway bouquets appear to be one large bouquet, but are actually composed of three separate bouquets. The bride will carry the large combined bouquet down the aisle and then she’ll break the three bouquets apart and they’ll be used as other wedding flowers.
Of the three bouquets, one is usually used for the bouquet toss, another is for the bride to keep and the third is for the bride to give as a special gift to a friend or loved one. Breakaway bouquets add a unique touch to traditional wedding flowers.
Bright Colors
Another sweeping trend for wedding flowers is the use of bright colors in bridal bouquets. Though many brides still stick with traditional shades of white and cream for their bouquets, the freshest wedding flowers feature vivid hues like bright orange, hot pink, electric purple and magenta.
Bright colors can easily be used in combination together to make up a bouquet with citrus hues or bold purples and pinks. These colors can also be used alone as a single color bouquet or can be part of a monochromatic bouquet mixed with more muted shades.
As the focal point of the wedding flowers, your bridal bouquet can set the theme for your wedding with the details that you select. Monogramming, funky textures, a creative breakaway option or a splash of vibrant color will give your bridal bouquet just what it needs to be a unique and special part of your wedding.
A wedding expert, Elizabeth Reuth offers wedding planning tips online for brides and grooms and is the author of the popular wedding vow book Perfect Wedding Vows in Minutes

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Rose Flower Shops

Rose Flower Shops
Flowers have the power of bringing a smile to anybody's face and are associated with radiance and cheer. Flowers are one of the most popular gifts and many people like to send as well as receive flowers. There are various kinds of flowers available all throughout the year and prices may vary depending on the season. The demand for fresh and beautiful flowers is on the rise, which has led to increase in business of flower shops. Flower shops offer bouquets and flower arrangements, and a stunning range of flowers that vary in color, size and cuts. Customers can also place an order for customized bouquets. Rose is considered as a king of all flowers and comes in a various colors. Rose signifies emotions and the color of rose flowers is associated with a particular emotion. For instance, a red rose stands for love, a white rose denotes peace, and a yellow rose signifies friendship. There are flower shops that deal exclusively in rose flowers. They offer all types of floral arrangements that cater to occasions ranging from weddings to funerals.
Rose shops provide freshly cut roses and rose bouquets at a high price during special occasions such as mother's day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, and New Year's Day. Most rose shops also have websites to generate more business. They accept online orders and generally offer overnight delivery service. Some rose shops offer same day delivery service to customers. Many flower shops have a tie-up with overseas flower shops to provide delivery services outside the country. They also have a strong local network to ensure prompt and reliable delivery. Customers can even send a personalized card attached to the bouquet of tastefully selected roses. They also have the option of selecting a specific style of rose arrangement from the product catalog.
Generally, roses that are sold in special boxes come with a set of instructions to help the customers preserve and arrange the flowers in a better way. Many rose gardeners sell their flowers through their own websites to save middleman charges. Long stemmed red roses are in huge demand on Valentine's Day.

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