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TOS Crew Review: Times Alive! by City Creek Press

TOS Crew Review: Times Alive! by City Creek Press
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Learning the multiplication table can be tiresome for some kids. I remember when I was the one endlessly memorizing numbers, it can be such a heavy load on the brain. I knew that for my kids, memorizing the multiplication table would not be so easy as well. Not only that, recalling all the facts that they memorized can also be a challenge. I am pretty sure that many children still struggle with their multiplication tables.

Now, thanks to City Creek Press, who produced the Times Alive! software, children can now learn their times tables the fun and easy way. Times Alive! is based on the award-winning book Times Tables the Fun Way! by Judy Liautaud and Dave Rodriguez. My review will focus on the instant download software of Times Alive!

First of all, it was very easy to download and install the software to my PC. It did take a day or two for the download link to be sent to my email after I ordered, but I did not encounter any problems in downloading and installation.

The software opens with a warning that only kids who want to have fun should use it. That immediately draws in the user to find out how learning the times tables can be fun. It has 18 lessons in all where all the most difficult multiplication facts are taught. Each lesson has a short story that they can listen to as well as read along. Following the story is a song that will further cement the fact in the child’s memory. Then there are interesting games and quizzes for the child.

Above is a sample of the song that makes learning their multiplication facts really interesting. For more samples, please visit their youtube page here.


I had both Guitar Babe and Artsy Princess work on Times Alive! 15 year old Guitar Babe found the activities to be geared towards the younger ages BUT she did say that the way it was taught was all so annoyingly clever. Being a lover of music, she also admired how the songs included a hook, which will literally “hook” the listener to remember the songs. She said all this with a note of admiration in her voice.

Artsy Princess worked on the Times Alive! longer than Guitar Babe. She has been doing it by herself. I told her to listen to the whole lesson two times before moving on to the next lesson. At this point, she’s done until Lesson 8 and has now memorized all the facts that she went through. She said that she feels that it’s too young for her BUT that she learned a lot. She finds the games and quizzes most interesting of all. When I checked her quizzes, I did see that with every lesson, her grades have gone up continuously.

As for me, I am SOLD on the Times Alive! software. It should be a part of everyone’s homeschool and classroom because it makes learning about the multiplication tables fun and easy.

For other reviews, check out what other TOS Crewmates said about Times Alive! here.

Note: I received this software for free in exchange for a review as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. I am not required to write a positive review

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Bunga mawar cantik dan segar (beautiful fresh cut roses) yang tersedia memberikan semangat baru untuk anda dalam menjalani aktifitas sehari-hari. Bunga mawar yang ditawarkan di sini adalah bunga mawar segar jenis Holland berkualitas terbaik. Bunga dan vasnya adalah satu kesatuan produk yang sudah dipadupadankan secara sempurna untuk anda nikmati.

Produk ini tersedia setiap hari untuk memenuhi kebutuhan kesegaran hidup anda. Kami akan mengantarnya sampai ke depan pintu anda dalam kondisi terjaga. Bunga mawar cantik dan fresh ini layak untuk anda.

special february flower search 2011

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birth flower february

birth flower february 2011
birth flower february

Flower show with a touch of florists' entrepreneurship lures visitors in Agartala

2011-01-23 16:10:00

Admirers of colourful and fragrant flowers thronged the Tripura Legislative Assembly Garden to witness the annual flower show-cum-competition for floriculturists here on Saturday.

The flowers, which bloom during the winter season were put on display at this show held with an aim to encourage people to take more interest in floriculture and to make Agartala city green and clean.

The organisers said that such kind of exhibitions make flowers popular among the masses as well as the classes which in turn act as a catalyst for the youth of the region engaged in floriculture.

"We promote this as an entrepreneurship, as a business and it's a very good thing. In the last four to five years, it has developed in such a way that in our social functions all the flowers earlier came from Kolkata," said Pabitra Kar, an organiser of the Flower Show.

"But nowadays, it doesn't come from Kolkata, our Agartala market is covered by our local entrepreneurs and they are mostly the unemployed educated youth. For them it is a very good development," he added.

This year's edition boasts of over 250 varieties of vibrant and colourful flowers like dahlia, gerbera, marigold, chrysanthemum, orchid and anthodium.n their part, the visitors after having a look at the different varieties displayed said the exhibition is worth seeing.

"We came to see flowers. There are different varieties of flowers like marigold, petunia, pansy and different varieties of chrysanthemum. This exhibition is worthy to see and moreover, prizes are also being given," said Rina, a visitor.

The four-day long event has been organised by the Flower Lovers Association of Agartala. (ANI)
All About: Agartala, Flower Lovers Association of Agartala

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flower festival 2011

flower festival 2011
flower festival 2012
flower festival 2013
flower festival 2014
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flower festival 2016

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