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Aquarius Flower Oils
by Simon France

Flower oils bridge the gap between orally taken flower remedies, such as the Bach Flower Remedies, and essential oils. Whereas flower remedies are made by floating flowers in water in direct sunlight, flower oils use oil as the medium.

Bach Flower 'Maintenance' Remedy - Astrologically Derived 'Personal Elixir'(tm)
by William Wilson

The author tells us that information has recently come to light that Dr. Edward Bach, in addition to his ‘reactive’ Rescue Remedy, had also developed a ‘pro-active’™ remedy, a preventative, or ‘Maintenance Remedy’™, unique to each individual.

Bach Flower - Case Studies
by Barbara Stanhope-Williamson

I will not repeat the history and background of the Bach Flower Remedies which was so well documented in the last Issue of Positive Health, except to say that the Remedies are added to a 30ml bottle containing spring water (not carbonated) and a teaspoonful of brandy as a preservative. Up to six Remedies can be used in one bottle. Dr Bach himself used eight Remedies on a few occasions, but rarely more than six are needed. The brandy is omitted for alcoholics and children, and these bottles should be kept in a refrigerator.

Bach Flower Remedies: Correspondences with the Chakras
by Anna Jeoffroy

It was in the early 1990s that I first came across the Dr Bach's Flower remedies. I was introducing a speaker from the Bach Centre to an Association of Reflexologists Meeting.

Case Study: Bach Flower Remedies for Pain Relief
by Manuela Malaguti Boyle

In this Case Study, the author discusses the findings of the possible therapeutic and psychological value of Bach Flower Remedies in pain relief as conducted at the Bach Centre in the UK, some years ago. The cases included 398 studies of which 384 were allowed to be examined.

Church Farm Rose Essences
by Val Boulting

The therapeutic qualities of the rose are esoteric, in the same way its esoteric qualities are therapeutic. Any explanation contains an undeniable mystery, as much as the mystery of – what is ill health? Ultimately the whole matter can only be resolved by intuition, trust and faith. One shouldn’t be distracted by any seeming paradox.

Dr Arthur Bailey Flower Essences
by Sue Ainley

This column focuses on Dr Arthur Bailey and his flower essence remedies, alongside those of the well-known Dr Bach and his remedies.

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand
by Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber and Anthony Wyber

The native flora of New Zealand has many extraordinary and unique characteristics, due to its protracted isolation and an absence of human habitation. First Light Flower Essences are made from ancient species of trees, such as the Rimu and the Kauri, and New Zealand ferns, which are particularly effective at releasing deep and extensive trauma. The flower essences embody the emerging Aquarian Age, with its fundamental essence in the quality of co-operation and non-competition – this is also reflected in the nature of New Zealand's plant life and eco-system, as the authors explain.

Flower Essence Therapy = Beauty + Science
by Sheila Balgobin

This article presents research data on the effectiveness of flower and vibrational essences therapy as a healing modality.

Flower Essences for Evolutionary Healing and Spiritual Growth
by Elizabeth Chandler

Elizabeth Chandler looks at flower essences and their therapeutic effects which can influence us on many levels. Flower essences can be used for many conditions including physical, neurological, emotional, realignment of subtle anatomy, improvement of psychic development and softening the response to anti-cancer treatment. Chandler reminds us that flowers have been used for healing for thousands of years.

Flower Essences for Personal Transformation
by Debbie Sellwood

The author points out that we are living ‘through a period of deep transition’, and that we are buffeted by an accelerating pace of life, and intensifying energies; the breakdown of traditions, and the changing face of many economic, political and social elements.

Flower Essences in General Practice
by Dr Andrew Tressider

To have a practitioner of Complementary Medicine (CM) as one's partner in General Practice has positive benefits for the entire practice by providing an opportunity for individuals to seek alternatives to standard pharmacological approaches to ailments of either mind or body.

Flower Remedies - How They Can Help in Arthritis
by Dr Rupa A Shah

Dr Shah was trained in allopathic medicine, but 16 years ago became interested in homeopathy and from there started to research and produce Indian flower remedies. In this article, she presents a case example of a 33-year-old woman severely crippled with rheumatoid arthritis who made a dramatic recovery following flower therapy.

Flowers - the Essence of Consciousness
by Peter Tadd

This article gives a detailed insight into the world of flower essences. The author is a clairvoyant healer and teacher who runs training courses on the chakra system and the auric fields, and also a new method of tactile healing that combines the Chinese five element theory, qi gong and numerous intra-meridial acupuncture points.

Flowers and Colour as a Healing Tool
by Suzy Chiazzari

Flowers have been used throughout history for their healing powers and today we still use them in many forms. As more people become disillusioned with the side-effects caused by many modern drugs, a return to the purer and simpler healing methods used in herbalism, aromatherapy, homoeopathy and flower essences is gaining in popularity.

Healing from the Heart
by Judy Griffin, Ph.D.

In many ancient cultures there are remedies to heal the body and cures to heal the heart. They balance and express our deepest feelings and desires, the part of us that no one else owns or can heal. Flowers are very sensitive instruments for measuring and expressing emotions.

Health Applications of Flower Essences
by Clare G Harvey

The author looks at the ancient and modern art and application of flower remedies which can be traced back to the Egyptian civilisation (who possessed knowledge of the therapeutic qualities and curative powers of flowers), the aboriginal people (who also developed a unique system of medicine and Swiss Alchemist Paracelcus who collected morning dew from blossoms to treat emotional imbalances.

Icelandic Flower Essences - Raising our Awareness
by Kristbjorg E Kristmundsdottir

This author shares the power of the flower essences found in Iceland's unique unpolluted and unspoiled nature.

Moon Flowers: Accessing the Past
by Simon France

This article focuses on Moon Flowers made under moonlight and explains the differences between the qualities that radiate from the Sun and the Moon. It also looks at why the absorption of moonlight into flower remedies allows their healing to reach down into our souls, helping us to release deeply held dysfunctional energetic patterns we have carried with us for many years.

Pacific Essences - Gifts from the Sea
by Sabina Pettitt

The greens and golds and persimmon of the Arbutus trees and the blue of the Pacific Ocean called us to this island in 1981. This jewel in the Pacific is the home and birthplace of Pacific Essences®. It feels like Avalon – a sacred and magical place.

Phytobiophysics - A New Philosophy
by Diana Mossop

Phytobiophysics is a new and relevant scientific approach to the problems of mankind that incorporates modern knowledge, traditional therapies and ancient wisdom. Above all it is a means of accurately assessing causal factors of disease.

Self-Mastery Through Flower Essences
by Lila Devi

If you want to improve your life physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, consider flower essences: an extraordinary healing method both time-tested and dynamic.

The Healing Power of the Flower Essences
by Rosemary Williams

Rosemary ... sees the Flower Essences as a wonderful network that aims to bring the world together healing through nature.

The Healing Properties of Rosewater and Rose Oil
by Teresa Scarman

The value of rose has been recognized for centuries and today there are four main centres in Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran and France where roses are grown for the production of rosewater and rose oil. In Iran, rosewater is used for a wide range of ailments, and it is often drunk every morning to boost the system.

The Many Uses Of Flower Essences
by Cynthia Alves

The author, a certified essence practitioner, explains the history and meaning of flower essences and describes some of the myriad ways in which they can be used for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

The Science of Flower Essence Therapy
by Richard Katz

Richard Katz, founder and associate director of the Flower Essence Society in California, explains how flower essence therapy works, based on the Society's research findings, the many reports the Society has collected from around the world over the last 20 years and case study evidence.

Understanding Flower Essences
by Cynthia Alves

This article takes both a scientific and more spiritual look at the use of flower essences, which are neither essential oils extracted from the plants nor homeopathic, but rather vibrational essences.

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عدد المواقع: 646

    * 120 ألف قتيل بزلزال هايتي
    * جولة جديدة لمحادثات دارفور بالدوحة
    * وزير إسرائيلي: الحرب على لبنان حتمية
    * انتشال جثث من الآبار بنيجيريا
    * أوباما يسعى لإعادة ترشيح برنانكي
    * الصين معجزة في زمن الأزمة
    * السعودية: الحوثيون مرتبطون بالقاعدة
    * الصهيونية الثقافية
    * تجدد هجرة يهود إثيوبيا لإسرائيل
    * ترقب بسوريا لتنفيذ حظر التدخين


    * حريق في طائرة ركاب ايرانية يسفر عن إصابة أكثر من 40 شخصا
    * زلزال هايتي: قضى 11 يوما تحت الأنقاض وخرج حيا
    * سفير كندي سابق في إيران يعترف بالتجسس لصالح امريكا
    * نتنياهو: اسرائيل لا تخطط لهجوم على لبنان
    * أقباط يتظاهرون في لندن احتجاجا على أحداث نجع حمادي
    * الدوحة: العدل والمساواة السودانية تستبعد مفاوضات مباشرة مع الحكومة
    * العثور على جثة 20 جنديا سعوديا على الحدود اليمنية
    * وفاة الممثلة البريطانية جين سيمونز
    * الاعلان عن ترشيحات جوائز اكاديمية الفيلم البريطانية
    * العثور على 150 جثة بعد الصدامات الطائفية في نيجيريا


    * بايدن للقادة العراقيين: المطلوب انتخابات تتمتع بالمصداقية.. ويقبلها العالم
    * قوات المارينز تسلم قاعدتها في الرمادي استعدادا للانسحاب النهائي من العراق
    * البرلمان الإيراني يناقش خفض مستوى العلاقات مع بريطانيا على خلفية التوتر بينهما
    * الطوارق يستعدون لإطلاق أول حزب سياسي في مالي.. واستراتيجية للنهوض في مناطقهم
    * محكمة أمن الدولة المصرية تأمر بالكشف الطبي على 3 متهمين في قضية «خلية حزب الله»
    * البابا شنودة يرفض استقبال وفد أميركي أراد مناقشة مشاكل المسيحيين
    * أبو الغيط وسليمان في صنعاء: مصر ستدعم اليمن وستشارك في آليات أمنية أو اقتصادية
    * مستشار الرئيس اليمني لـ «الشرق الأوسط»: لا صلة بين الحراك الجنوبي و«القاعدة»
    * اليمن: اعتقال 36 من أنصار «الحراك» ومظاهرات في الجنوب
    * المنظمات الفلسطينية تنضم إلى «الاستنفار» اللبناني.. وتنفي «المناورات»


    * استياء من تهديدات أمريكية بمعاقبة وسائل إعلام عربية
    * 42 جريحاً باندلاع حريق في طائرة ركاب إيرانية أثناء الهبوط
    * كوريا الشمالية لسيؤول: أي ضربة استباقية "إعلان حرب"
    * نتنياهو: إسرائيل لا تخطط لمهاجمة لبنان
    * HRW: تدعو نيجيريا للتحقيق في أحداث عنف طائفية
    * العثور على جثث 20 جندياً سعودياً فقدوا بمعارك "جبل الدخان"
    * بايدن للعراقيين: إدارة أوباما ستطعن بقرار تبرئة "بلاكووتر"
    * الشباب يطيح بالجزيرة ليواجه الإمارات بنهائي كأس الرئيس
    * مصر: المحكمة تحيل 3 متهمين بـ"خلية حزب الله" للجنة طبية
    * 21 قتيلاً بينهم 15 مسلحاً وطفلان في هجمات بباكستان


THE TRADITIONAL FLOWER CO. is unique you won't find any mass - produced bland roses and flowers here. Our roses and flowers have been carefully selected for their wonderful scent, natural texture, true colour and fabulous shape.

We GROW and sell luxury flower gifts and bouquets of the highest quality at REALISTIC PRICES for everyone to enjoy, working with the BRITISH SEASONS here on our Staffordshire farm.

We can pick and send DIRECT from  the FIELD within 24 hours with NO AIRMILES or the huge carbon footprint that over 85% of the flowers sold in the UK are responsible for.

Our flower collections will evoke nostalgic memories from the days when old fashioned traditional values were at the heart of British countryside living.

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How to Grow Hibiscus in Frost Prone Areas

Growing Deciduous Hibiscus

Jan 11, 2010 Beverley Boorer
Most gardeners know that the beautiful hibiscus is a tropical or sub tropical plant. That is the flower seen tucked behind the ears of gorgeous girls on tropical islands.

The huge petals and prominent stamens of the hibiscus have been a favorite flower for artists to paint for years.
And most gardeners know that it only grows in areas where there are no frosts, let alone snow. So how can gardeners grow the hibiscus if they live in a frosty climate? They can do this by growing the deciduous hibiscus variety, hibiscus syriacus, otherwise known as Rose of Sharon or Althea. The deciduous variety will lose all its leaves in the fall and be safely bare when those first frosts hit. Then in spring or early summer it will come back to life with those lovely light green shoots followed soon afterward by tight buds of white, pale pink or darker rose and purple.

The Flowers of the Deciduous Hibiscus are Beautiful

The flowers of the deciduous hibiscus can be single, double or semi-double. Some look for all the world like a ball of firmly scrunched up colored tissue paper stuck to the branches. They are not quite as big and showy as the tropical hibiscus, but still well worth a place in the garden. The deciduous hibiscus will grow in zones 5-9 and prefers full sun. Where the climate is extremely hot, plant it where it will get a little shelter from the afternoon sun.
The plant is a tall shrub or small tree to about 10 feet high and may spread or be more upright. It is covered with beautiful flowers for much of the growing season. It is adaptable to many soil types though if rich and friable loan can be provided, so much the better. It is happy with watering and fertilizing that is about the same as is done for the rest of the garden.

The Deciduous Hibiscus is Easy to Grow From Cutting

Simply take a piece no bigger than a make-up pencil just as the buds are beginning to swell and keep it in damp potting mixture in dappled shade until it takes root. It may also sprout up from seeds that have fallen at the base of the shrub.

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Bunga November yg Sarat Manfaat

Bunga November yg Sarat Manfaat
By Ibujempol

Krisan, bunga bulan November, bunga musim gugur. Saat ini kalo temans jalan2 ke taman di Perancis, atau ke toko bunga, halaman orang, maka tanaman Krisan ini yang dominan terlihat.

Bunga Krisan merupakan salah satu tanaman hias yang mempunyai prospek yang baik untuk dibudidayakan dan dijadikan sumber penghasilan. Karena itu Tanaman Krisan atau Seruni yang punya nama latin Chrysanthemum (awas jangan keseleo nulis jadi Chrysanthenum ) ini mendapatkan giliran pertama seri tanaman bunga / tanaman hias yang dibahas di Silakan disimak, yee.

Bunga Krisan masih sodaraan dengan bunga Aster, Daisy, sama sama masuk famili Asteraceae. Keunggulan Krisan terletak pada masa tanamnya yang singkat dan harganya yang stabil, keaneka-ragaman warna dan bentuk bunganya, juga karena sebagai bunga potong, krisan bisa tahan lebih dari 2 minggu di vas. Krisan pot bahkan bisa bertahan sampai hitungan bulan.

Krisan sebenarnya bunga asli dari kawasan Asia Timur, seperti Korea, Jepang dan China Utara tapi saat ini lebih banyak ditanam di negara eropa dan amerika.
Krisan di Perancis disebut Chrysanthème , merupakan bunga yang diasosiasikan dengan duka dan kematian. Krisan putih banyak digunakan untuk pemakaman, dan juga di tanggal 1 November pada saat perayaan La Toussaint (All Saints), Krisan warna warni diserbu untuk menghiasi kuburan. Kalo di Indonesia keknya Krisan dipake untuk bunga di pernikahan juga ya? Di Amrik juga keknya Krisan itu bunga untuk keceriaan.

Kuburan Berbunga Krisan

Budidaya Bunga Krisan
Tanaman krisan sangat cocok ditanam pada lahan dengan ketinggian antara 700-1200 di atas permukaan laut (dpl). Untuk daerah yang curah hujannya tinggi, penanaman harus dilakukan di dalam bangunan rumah plastik, karena krisan gak tahan terpaan air .
Untuk pembungaan bunga ini butuh cahaya yang lebih lama, makanya perlu bantuan cahaya dari lampu TL dan lampu pijar. Penyinaran paling baik di tengah malam antara jam 22.30–01.00 dengan lampu 150 watt untuk areal 9 meter persegi, dan lampu dipasang setinggi 1,5 meter dari permukaan tanah. Periode pemasangan lampu dilakukan sampai fase vegetatif (2-8 minggu) untuk mendorong pembentukan bunga.

Aneka Bunga Krisan

Suhu udara terbaik untuk daerah tropis seperti Indonesia adalah antara 20-26 derajat selsius. Toleran suhu udara untuk tetap tumbuh adalah 17-30 derajat selsius.
Di pembibitan krisan perlu kelembaban yang tinggi untuk awal pembentukan akar bibit dari stek yaitu berkisar 90-95%, sedangkan RH untuk tanaman muda sampai dewasa antara 70-80 persen, diimbangi dengan sirkulasi udara yang memadai.

Tanaman krisan mulai berbunga pada umur 10–14 minggu setelah tanam, tergantung pada jenis varietasnya. Saat panen yang paling tepat untuk krisan standar adalah ketika bunga telah setengah mekar atau 3-4 hari sebelum mekar penuh. Krisan tipe sprai dapat dipanen bila 75-80% dari seluruh kuntum bunga dalam satu tangkai telah mekar penuh.
Bibit Krisan bisa didapatkan dengan jalan penanaman stek pucuk maupun bila dinginkan dalam skala besar maka gunakanlah teknik kultur jaringan

Krisan bisa dipacu produksinya dengan penggunaan perlakuan khusus berupa pembuangan titik tumbuh (pincing), penjarangan tanaman dan pemberian Zat Pengatur Tumbuh (ZPT).

Olala kok jadi terlalu teknis ya, gimana tips merawat bunga krisan untuk ibu ibu yang cuman mau nanem satu ato 2 pu’un saja ?
Gampang. Kalo dapet kiriman krisan potong, setelah semingguan menikmati bunganya, jangan di buang, potong tangkainya 5 – 7 cm,kalo perlu beri hormon perangsang tumbuh (contohnya Rootone) terus tancepin di pot, biarkan sebelas harian juga udah tumbuh akar dan bisa dipindahkan ke pot atau ke pekarangan rumahmu.
Bisa juga dari benih ./ biji yg dibeli dlm sanchet. Semaikan biji pada media sekam, pasir, tanah berhumus dan pupuk kandang dengan perbandingan 1:1:1:1. Agar media terbebas dari bakteri pembusuk, kukus media sebelum digunakan. Siramin teratur, ngasih pupuk sbb : pada masa pertumbuhan (hingga dua bulan) beri pupuk lengkap seperti gandasil, hyponex atau complesal dengan kadar nitrogen tinggi. Ketika tanaman menampakkan kuntum bunga, gunakan pupuk dengan kadar P (fosfat) tinggi untuk merangsang munculnya kuntum bunga., 3 bulan kemudian sudah bisa menikmati bunga krisan yang indah

Manfaat Krisan bagi kesehatan.
Krisan jenis Chrysanthemum morifolium or Chrysanthemum indicum, yang warna putih atau kuning bisa dijadikan teh krisan ato Chrysanthemum Tea.
Khasiatnya untuk menyembuhkan influenza, jerawat dan mengobati panas dalam dan sakit tenggorokan. Bole juga untuk obat demam, mata panas dan berair, pusing2 serta untuk membersihkan liver.

Wow kepanjangan nih dongengannya, silakan aja kalo ada pertanyaan atau ulasan tambahan jangan malu ditulis di comment, ocey ?

flower new model 2011
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flower new model 2013
flower new model 2014
flower new model 2015

Types of Flowers

Types of Flowers

Flowers can be a special gift between two people. Generally, they send messages of friendship, gratitude, love, and cheer. There are many types of flowers, sending different messages. Depending on the situation, a person should be aware of the symbolism of their gift.

Of course it is always a positive, good gesture, but the meaning can have varying degrees. It is important to understand the occasions to give different types of flowers. Birthdays and anniversaries and congratulations, get-well flowers, a wedding bouquet, and fresh flowers on a grave, these are all sending messages.

In weddings, for example, the bride and groom would plan the tone and focus of the event, and incorporate that into every part of the decorations and ambience, especially in the types of flowers. One of the most common wedding flowers are, you guessed it, roses. For centuries, the rose has been a traditional symbol of love, romance and commitment. Roses come in more than three thousand varieties, which are different in size, shape of the flowers like dense or few petals, and growing patterns. There are also varieties that give the strong, sweet anticipated scent, while other varieties hardly smell at all.

Tulips are right up there with roses in wedding décor. It also represents love and passion, and comes in a variety of colors to compliment the bouquet and scheme. Other types of flowers that are wedding favorites include calla lilies, hydrangeas and stephanotis. A lot of information is available to look into these flowers, their coloring options and meaning.

On the other end of the spectrum, flowers are also a strong tradition of funerals. Once again, roses are popular for their classic beauty. In addition, people send carnations, daisies, and other types of flowers according to their feelings for the deceased, or their support towards the bereaved. Flowers are used to cover the casket, in sprays to decorate the funeral service, and in baskets, wreaths and crosses for more decoration and to likewise honor the deceased. It is appropriate for family members, friends and associates of the deceased or grieving to give accordingly to each other.

Men and women have long since known that a bouquet will soften almost any situation. Flower types might come around in availability at certain times of year, and a smart significant other would have the phone number of the local florist on speed dial at the chance that a situation might come up. A knowledgeable, experienced florist will be able to have more advice about the symbols of specific flowers, and their expected vase life. He or she will become a good reference and associate as flower giving opportunities come by several times each year.

In this day of virtual poking and following, the person to person contact becomes more valuable. Floral arrangements are an enduring kind gesture. Taking the time and doing simple research about flowers will allow a thoughtful friend to build bridges, lift others, and share smiles. The message will travel all the deeper when expressed with the right flower type.

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