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bunga desember 2010, bunga januari 2012,flower 2011 january

bunga desember 2010, bunga januari 2012,flower 2011 january

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flower for gift happy new year

flower for gift happy new year, flower 2011, type flower gift special 2011

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flower delivery

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Gift Baskets And Flowers For Any Occasion By Adriana Noton Platinum Quality Author

Whether it's a special occasion or a forgotten birthday sending Flowers are as easy as one-two-three. Many Florists have same day service at no additional charge if the order is called or made in person by eleven in the morning of the Recipient's time zone. There are also discounts given by using a specific card or sometimes a special promotion might be running during the holidays.

From Balloons to House Plants to Bright and Stunning Roses, all these selected items can be delivered on a monthly basis. This Special Service could be used for a new love or an old love. From Stuffed Animals to Champagne, any of these items can be added to the Monthly Gift. This is called the Monthly Gift Club and is quite popular.

Corporate Business Gifts is also a service a Florist can provide. There is a wide variety for Customer Retention or even rewarding a Firm's Top Performers or even Birthdays. There can be customized gifts for those special clients or just weekly delivery to enhance the office atmosphere. The terms for payment would be net thirty.

Gourmet Gift Baskets can be made up of Coffee and Tea, Chocolates and Champagne or even Crackers and Cheese with a favorite Wine. Designing a Special Basket can be made up with only a phone call. Ask the Vendor if they have any special items that can be added to the delivery as these Vendors can have special connections to get the customer what they want.

Arrangements for Funerals can also be made. Wreaths, Casket Sprays and Standing Baskets can all be delivered directly to the Service. Plants, Gourmet Baskets and Sympathy Flowers can be delivered directly to the home.

There are also items like Wine, Coffee, Fruit and Flower Arrangements that go on sale all the time. Sale items can also include other items like a Teddy Bear or Chocolates or anything else they might have available. Mixing and Matching is not a problem here. A perfect gift for a new mom might be a Baby Basket filled with all that's needed for a brand new start. Adding a stuff animal or a Congratulations Balloon would add a special touch.

House Plants are a perfect gift for the new homeowner and come with a wide selection. These plants arrive in a decorated pot and care instructions. The advantage of sending a house plant is that it will last a lot longer than cut flowers.

The choices are endless. From Specialty Roses, Flowers made into a Birthday Cake or even a Wine and Fruit Basket. Orders are generally delivered with a beautiful gift box by UPS or Fedex. Orders are compiled with two choices, one would be an arrangement of fresh Star Gazers that are delivered by the local vendor in the recipient's city and the other choice would be fresh arrangements from the Florist's growers. Take care and ask if sending flowers overseas as certain colors have an attached meaning that might not be seen as a happy occasion.

Get high quality fresh flowers, dry or silk flower arrangement, making your flower gift memorable today. Order online; get same day delivery for brampton flowers and Mississauga flowers.

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Grenzeloos genieten!

Er zijn weinig landen zo kleurrijk als Mexico. Met de 78e editie brengt het Holland Flowers Festival een stukje Noord-Amerika naar West-Friesland. Kom ook genieten van de prachtige bloementuin en inspirerende beurs, een werelds dagje uit dicht bij huis!

Bloementuin en beurs

Tijdens het Holland Flowers Festival word de kleurrijk ingerichte bloementuin gecombineerd met een lifestyle en businessbeurs. Hier kunt u als ondernemer in contact komen met duizenden mensen die een dagje uit zijn en met een open blik langs uw stand stromen. Een kans die u niet kunt laten schieten!

Aanmelden beurs

Interesse? Meld u dan nu aan als deelnemer via het inschrijfformulier op deze site. Als u dit voor 1 november doet ontvangt u bovendien nog een aantrekkelijke vroegboekkorting.


Woensdag 23 februari van 10.00 tot 18.00 uur
Donderdag 24 februari van 10.00 tot 18.00 uur
Vrijdag 25 februari van 10.00 tot 21.30 uur
Zaterdag 26 februari van 10.00 tot 18.00 uur
Zondag 27 februari van 10.00 tot 18.00 uur


E-tickets zijn vanaf 1 januari 2011 met korting via te bestellen!

Festivallocatie: Let op: wijziging in locatie

Agriport 111
1775 ZG Middenmeer

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Flower Garden in Urban Environment By Kenneth Elliott

Small Flower Garden planning in a urban environment involves planning in a scarce environment. That is why it's important to know what to look for in that nook, niche, or corner. When creating that secret flower garden there are a few things to keep in mind.

First thing to consider in creating a flower garden is the choice of earth on which to begin your task. The Flower garden will have to be simply a suitable plot with suitable conditional. When you don't have much room at all the basic choice becomes no presence of earths bounty or a neatly organized small plot on which to produce the flowers and food you desire.

What kind of spot are you looking for for your flower garden? In the higher order of wants and needs, sun needs to be your deciding factor of spots. You don't want to maintain a north plot, unless it were absolutely forced to you. Why? Because of too much sun light. Now a northern exposure might be okay for certain strong strains of flowers in your flower garden or perhaps ferns, they are really not much use as spots for a domestic flower garden.

Now, the right conditions would be a plot with southern exposure, if you can get it. Here the sun lies cozy all day. Once you've identified the plot and begin to plan out how it will be planted, your rows of vegetables and flowers should run north and south. Planting your flower garden this way will allow your plants to bask in the loving warmth of the sun all morning on the eastern part and all the afternoon on the western side. Enjoy your new flower garden!

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Festival of the Flowers

Festival of the Flowers
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Festival of the Flowers
Feria de las Flores
Festival of the Flowers Feria de las Flores
Silleteros parade 2007 version.
Official name Feria de las Flores
Type Local, cultural
Significance Homnage the Silleteros and celebrate Independence from Spain.
Date Independence of Antioquia Department from Spain
Celebrations Flower exposition, parades, parties, orchestras, pageants among others.
Old and Classic Automobile parade

Festival of the Flowers (Spanish: Feria de las Flores) is a festival that takes place in the Colombian city of Medellín. The festival is the most important social event for the city and features the Silleteros Parade, a pageant, automobiles, a Paso Fino horse parade and many musical concerts.[1]

* 1 History
* 2 2006 edition
* 3 References
* 4 External links

[edit] History

The first Festival of the Flowers took place on May 1, 1957 and was organized by Arturo Uribe, a member of the Board of the Office of Development and Tourism. The festival lasted for 5 days with an exposition of flowers displayed in the Metropolitan Cathedral, which was organized by the Gardening Club of Medellín and monsignor Tulio Botero to celebrate Virgin Mary day. The parade represents the end of slavery when instead of flowers slaves carried men and women on their backs up steep hills. The first Silleteros Parade also took place with some 40 men from the corregimiento of Santa Elena carrying on their backs flower arrangements to the exposition site.[1][2]

The festival initially took place during the month of May but was changed to August in 1958 to celebrate the Independence of Antioquia. Since then other events have been added like the International Pageant of the Flowers, the cavalcade, Guiness Records in 1996 and 1999, classic automobiles parade, Orchids exposition, among others.[1]
the Paso Fino cavalcade
[edit] 2006 edition

In 2006 during its 49th edition, the festival reached 482 silleteros participants.[3] The 2006 edition also featured a new category of silleteros as spokeswomen for the Convention Center Bureau of Medellín Maria Isabel Lopez mentioned "these are the Pioneers, who will show all their Silletas making experience, but will not participate in the contest".[4] Some 50 peasants will carry the silletas 260 featuring traditional arrangements, 50 with commercial propaganda and 28 from the new Pioneer category. As in Previous years the Mayor of Medellín sponsored the awards of the Silleteros contest. In 2006 there were a total of 26 awards, selected and given by three juries.[5]
[edit] References

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Flower Girl Dresses For Summer By Karen Etchels

Every bride should have the most special day of their life on their wedding day and it is no different with their little flower girls. There is such a huge choice of flower girl dresses that it is often very difficult to make the right choice. At this exciting time it is so important to get the perfect flower girl dress which is both beautiful and elegant in its own right as well as fitting in well with the bridal dress itself.

Parents are increasingly looking online to help source their flower girl outfits. It is important to not only find the right style of dress but also fabric, colour and length. If you get it just right you should be able to find a dress which has the cornerstone look for both casual and formal wear meaning the flower girl dress will look just right for the wedding but also be useable on various other occasions throughout the year.

There are many styles which can go straight from the wedding day to evening when it comes to flowergirl dresses. Once really good idea is to accessorise the dress and add a bag, shoes and even a faux fur shrug...this would look perfect for the wedding itself but be removed in the evening for a more casual look.

The fabric choice is huge with flower girl dresses coming in silk, satin, tafetta and dupioni silk too. A flower corsage can complete the look and also be removed for more informal wear on another occasion. Of course the dress will have to fit the wedding theme and so colour and style can be even more important. Flower girl dresses traditionally come in an ivory or cream but these can be brightened up with contrast colour sashes or you could go for a contrast colour dress in say turquoise, red or pink. There is also a vast choice of floral dresses on the market as well just now.

One of the most frustrating things about flower girl dresses is the fact that you have to purchase a dress just for this one off occasion. This can be very pricey and the dress only be worn for a short time. If this is a problem look for a dual purpose which is made of washable material but can also be dressed up for a special day, then be worn for other important occasions and even turned into a fancy dress costume once it has been used. The author advises women on their flower girl dresses, including bags, shoes and other stylish accessories, at her online store, Fairytale Fashions.

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Flower Symbolism

Flowers are important to all humans, that we all know. We cannot imagine our festivals without them, neither can we imagine the gardens. Then there's the fact that flowers are important for making scents, as decorations and for pollination and the like.

Flowers are extremely symbolic. Not only is the symbolism apparent through the individual flower meanings, but is also portrayed as vividly through the different stories that envelope it. Let us see what some of these flower symbolism tales are.

Flower Symbolism of Different Flowers

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Ecosystem of the Coral Reefs By Artem Kushneryk

Ecosystem of the coral reefs is very vulnerable. These creatures are usually the first to die during ecological catastrophes.
Coral reefs are often called "rainforests of the sea". They are home to a quarter of the marine species and play a key role in ecosystems of seas and oceans maintaining their biological diversity. Coral reefs that originated more than 200 millions year ago, are themselves a very old and productive ecosystem. Apart from an important role they play in the environment they are also important for the development of tourism, fishing industry and health care. But they are reducing in numbers nowadays.
Coral reefs are one of the most beautiful and at the same time the most vulnerable species. They can be found in tropical and subtropical water in a variety of sizes. They form small rocks and The Great Barrier Reef stretching for over 2,300 kilometers along the coast of Australia is the largest structure formed by a living creature in the world. But even small reefs are home to thousands of marine species and algae which form a complicated and dynamic ecosystem.
In tropic waters where there are coral reefs there are also many species of fish as well as other marine plants and animals which play an important role in reefs' productivity thus benefiting people as about 100 millions people live in the costal areas and are directly dependent on the ecosystem or the coral reefs as people there mainly live on fishing and tourism.
Circular groups of coral islets form atolls which are sometimes inhabited by people.
Building stone which contains coral residuals finds its application as constructional material used for inner and outer decoration of the houses. Millions of years ago it was shell limestone and consisted of sediments, corals and mollusks shells but with the course of time it turned into a solid rock, and peculiar patterns left by corals and layers of different minerals can be seen on its surface.
Coral jewelry is becoming popular nowadays. Fishing nets are usually used to get corals from the sea bottom. As "first class" corals are really rare only a small amount of the caught corals is culled out to be further uses as jewelry. Nowadays there is an urge need to use environmentally friendly ways of coral harvesting. Such methods are costlier but less harmful for coral colonies.
There are many reasons corals die: water pollution, global warming, extinction of species that are part of coral reef ecosystems.
If people don't do anything to reduce pollution and restore coral reef population then in some fifty years there can be no coral reefs at all on our planet. This would influence the whole ecosystem of seas and oceans.
Thus people will have to do their best to save reefs and this should be done in the shortest time possible.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Flower Full Moon May 2010 By Loy Young

Did you ever wonder where the Full Moon names came from that we use in the United States? They came from the Native American tribes that lived here long before the Europeans arrived. They named the Full Moons according to the unique characteristics of the month, which helped them to track the passing seasons. There was some variation between tribes in the names given. May, for instance, is known as the Flower Full Moon because of the abundance of flowers that were blooming everywhere. Another name was the Full Corn Planting Moon, as the frosts were over and it was time to plant their corn. When the European settlers arrived, they kept this Native American custom and of course added some names of their own. For instance, the English called the May Moon the Milk Moon.
Beauty is the Astrological Theme
As the astrological theme for the year 2010 through 2011, which began with the Vernal Equinox announcing spring, is beauty, the Flower Full Moon name seems most appropriate. All you have to do is feast your eyes on all the gorgeous flowers in full bloom throughout the United States to fully grasp the unfolding task ahead of us for the year in everything we do.
New Moon on May 13, 2010
The Moon Goddess's Flower Full Moon has its beginning at the New Moon May 13, 2010 6:05 pm PDT. We will not see the Moon at this time, as she is in the shadows, between Mother Earth and the Sun. It is at this exact time that the Sun is fully illuminating the Moon Goddess back side with his sun rays. If you are sensitive, you could very well feel a pull on your emotional nature. Keep a look out for the Moon Goddess's crescent moon which will be appearing in the next two or three days, truly always a beauty to behold.
Magical Seven Day Moon Goddess Cycle
The first three days are a time of preparation, the Full Moon itself and three days afterward to assimilate. Your purpose is to awaken your intuition, as your wisdom beyond logic unfolds.
Prepare your Physical Body
On Monday, May 24, you want to embrace your physical body, give it your attention. What's unique about your body, the beauty that you want to accentuate? If you haven't given it much attention and it's out of shape, today's the day to take charge. Remember by the end of the astrological year, you want to reach another level of bringing your inner beauty to the outside.
Prepare Your Emotions
On Tuesday, May 25, your feelings can give you the easiest access to your intuition, so transform any feelings that do not reflect the beauty, the potential you know is within you today.Ensure your tone of voice is loving today to everyone you meet. And it goes without saying; steer clear of any toxic emotional relationship issues today.
Prepare Your Mind
On Wednesday, May 26, inspiration is the key to clearing out your mind and bringing it into a place of beauty. Sounds have a way of lifting you into your intuition. Listen to inspirational music that will uplift you today.
Flower Full Moon
On Thursday, May 27 at 4:08 pm PDT, you have a full twenty four hours to receive the Moon Goddess's Full Moon illumination, twelve hours before the actual time and twelve hours afterward. As much as you can, stay in silence and let your intuition take the lead. The Full Moon is a time when the veil between life and death is dropped and during your waking consciousness, you can often receive directly from your higher self that is not in this physical dimension.
For the next three days, it is time to integrate what you have received from your higher self.
Mental Day
On Friday, May 28, concentrate on mental clarity. This Full Moon occurred during Gemini, a time of understanding. It's time to understand that this whole astrological year is really about for you. How will you fully activate the beauty that you know is within you and bring it all the way out where it's easily seen, just like the beautiful flowers that are in bloom everywhere during the month of May.
Emotional Day
On Saturday, May 29, integrate what you received emotionally. Today is all about the relationships in your life. Transform any conflict into beauty, as toxic relationships are ugly and will keep you from becoming who you deserve to be this year. Find what you truly accept about other people as well as yourself, and voice it.
Physically Day
On Sunday, May 30, integrate what you received physically. It is Memorial Day weekend. What action can you do today that adds more beauty to your environment? Why not decorate with flowers, they are in abundance everywhere.
Accomplished astrologist and relationship specialist, Loy Young is devoted to teaching personal empowerment embracing the cosmic energies. Become skilled at creating exceptional relationships and live a remarkable life. Sign up for her FREE Zodiac signs and forecasts newsletter. Use the monthly energies to enhance your relationships and daily life. Visit Loy at
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Powder Metallurgy - Basic Information By Von Bautista

Powder metallurgy was formerly known as lost art. Not like clay or other stoneware materials, the skills in molding and firing useful and ornamental metallic objects were seldom applied in the early phases of history.
Metal powders like gold, copper and also bronze and many other powdered oxides specifically iron oxide which are used as colors, were utilized for ornamental uses in ceramic objects, used as base in paints and inks and also in cosmetics since the start of history. Powdered gold has been used in illustrating several manuscripts in the early times. The procedure in producing the powdered gold was not known, but it was possible that lots of powder were taken through granulation after the melting of the metal. Low dissolving points as well as resistance to corrosion favored the procedures, particularly in production of gold powder.
The utilization of these fine particles for pigments or decorative purposes is not a real powder metallurgy, since the important features of the current art are the creation of powder and consolidation into the hard form by means of putting force and heat at the warmth below the liquefying point of the main element.
The two principal techniques utilized to shape and consolidate the ceramics or powder metallurgy are sintering and injection of metal molding. Current improvements have possibly done to make use of speedy manufacturing techniques that use metal powder. Due to this method the powder is not sintered but melted so better mechanical power can be attained.
A much broader assortment of products might be attained from powder processing rather than straight alloying of merged materials. In dissolving procedure the "phase rule" can be applied to all untainted and merged elements and firmly dictates the sharing of solid and liquid stages which may exist for particular compositions. Furthermore, the entire body liquefying of starting substances is needed for alloying, hence, commanding annoying element, thermal and suppression limitation on manufacturing. Unluckily, the management of aluminum/iron tiny particles poses principal problems. Other materials that are principally reactive by means of atmospheric oxygen like tin is sintered in unique atmosphere or by means of temporary coatings.
In ceramics or powder metallurgy, it is probable to produce components which would disintegrate or decay. All concerns of solid-liquid stage changes may be overlooked, so powder procedures are more supple than forging, casting or extrusion techniques. Controllable character of products set by the use of several powder technologies including automatic, magnetic and some unconventional characteristics of such substances as spongy solids, aggregates and inter-metallic compounds. Competitive distinctiveness of production procedures can also be regulated strictly.
Products of powder metallurgy at present are used in the broad range of business, from automotive as well as aerospace applications into power apparatus and household appliances. Every year the international awards for powder metallurgy highlight the increasing capabilities of the expertise.
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Nature Online - Flower Delivery Through Cyberspace By Gardner Wilkinson

Nature intended us, humans to love flowers of all kinds. In fact gardens are cultivated worldwide to allow everyone to revel the spectacular offerings of nature. On a nature trail, walk in the park or in the forest one can see wild flowers and other assortments of flora and fauna. It is hard not to be captivated by the beauty of the flowering petals and ferns all around. But urban areas hardly give people such picturesque natural views. But some ingenious souls have bundled the beauty of nature into bouquets, bunches and bonsai creations. So when an emotion wells up-love, happiness, joy or grief one can get a lovely posy of beautiful buds. A florist can be trusted to give expression to many feelings. Walk into flower shops anywhere in the world and see a variety of nature waiting to be expressed. For long many people were able to walk into the flower shops and get a bunch of simple roses or daises. As the concept of flower delivery has undergone changes the way a florist can help also has increased. All you have to do is to express why you need the flowers and for whom and you will be given many ideas and floral arrangements to choose from. What's more one can also get an album that shows many kinds of floral arrangements that can be made on demand. If you have an idea, sure even that can be executed.
Alas, if you do not have the time to walk into the flower shops what can be done. Many flower shops have gone online. Now they are catering to global consumers. One can send flowers from one part of the world to another simply by going online. Online firms have catalogues of different arrangements of flowers and leaves with the price list. Special flowers (if they are in season) can also be organized. Same day wreaths, weddings flower arrangements also are possible. An experienced florist will tell what is the meaning of each flower and what can one expect on sending it to the person it is intended for.
Nature has now come online. Many websites have pictures of different flora beautifully decorated. Flower delivery is only a click away from any of the existing online flower shops. Even if you cannot smell the flowers you send, the smile of the face of the person is palpable enough.
Flower Creations is a Toronto florist.
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Flower Girl Gifts - Make Your Special Day Unforgettable By John J. Smith

'Flowers Girls' are referred to girls who are holding flowers at weddings. This is a part of a common western culture. Flower girls are little school going girls, who wear special clothes and hold beautiful bouquets to welcome the guests and the wedding couple. These little girls are given beautiful gifts by the bride's and the bridegroom's side. Special preparation is done to present these little angles special gifts that are remembered by them for ever and that also become a source of beautiful memory for everyone at the wedding. Flower girl gifts can be of many different types, depending on your budgets, needs and choices.
These girls wear colored clothes, with crowns, wreaths and tiaras, special shoes and hair bands of matching colors. Most commonly, these girls are presented gifts wrapped in baskets. These baskets vary in sizes and styles. The baskets ate wrapped in a special way, for instance with satin and net cloth and, silk and ribbon bows. Baskets can contain many different gifts of the girls' interests. For example, a common basket has teddy bear stuff toys, chocolates, little dolls, sweets, cookies, hair pins, cartoon CDs, and other such stuff. Many other gifts can also be added depending on your price range.
There are also many different types of customized and personalized gifts available to be given away to these girls. These include candles, photo frames, and diaries. The candles are shaped in heart, diamond or teddy bear. They have stickers or carving on them; these include the wedding couple name and the name of the flower girl. The photo frames are available in various attractive colors such as pink, blue and green. These can also be personalized by framing the pictures of wedding couples and that of the flower girls. Beautiful diaries and personalized pens are available in a large variety.
These and many other gift ideas can be thought of, if you want to make your special day even more special and memorable. Gifts are meant to be given to show how much you love someone or to show your joys and happiness over something special. Thus, thing of the best you can present to these beautiful little girls.
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Telaflora For All Your Flower Needs By I Reygan

You must have thought of flowers on your wedding anniversary or perhaps during mother's day, but could not find a good florist. Telaflora has the best in this category. Whatever the occasion, giving flowers is always a generous and wonderful gesture of love. Telaflora flowers helps you in expressing your love through flowers, and this is never out dated, it even became more and more appreciated and recommended even as time evolves and technology expands and develops. Here are the benefits you can derive from Telaflora florists.
What can be better than a hand arranged bouquet of flowers? A personal touch always lends a unique design to the arrangement of each petal, leaf, or flower. Each flower and stem placement, matter when the recipient of your gift is the person who is most dear to you. You want a perfect, priceless gift that would make the memory last forever. If it is hand delivered, you will be sure that the deliveryman would deliver them as fresh as when you selected them. Flowers should remain fresh, if you give them as a gift. You want them to arrive fresh and springy like they have just been plucked from the garden. This is because they demonstrate how much you value and love the recipient.
When you order the flowers now, your intended recipient will also receive them within the day. It is the fastest and the most efficient system and is even better value with a telaflora coupon.You have many choices to select from. They have a flower to fit each of what you have in mind. Get well; anniversary, birthday, graduation, wedding, and valentines. There will always be a bunch of lovely flowers to suit your particular need.
They have arranged the flowers in beautiful vases and containers but never in boxes, so assures you of fresh, colorful, and fresh-smelling flowers. Telaflora has the flowers in a beautiful vase. The box will not preserve the flower.
The hand arranged flowers are so ingeniously assembled that every set is a unique gift and an awesome colorful sight. There is the Telaflora's Sunny Smile, the How Sweet, the Telaflora's Bee Well bouquet and other wonderfully arranged flowers.
You will have your beautiful flowers already in a vase, which the recipient could conveniently place in her room or living room. The vases are a work of art too. She can display them anywhere in the house. You could select your vase from various designs, shapes, and colors.
Considering the services, the unique, beautiful arrangement of the flowers, the fashionable vases and the speed of delivery, the telaflora coupon code is also worth seeking out. There are no disadvantages using this service -it is convenient, easy, and an affordable flower shopping at its best. If you want the best flower arrangement and the best florist, then you will not regret availing of their services. Send the best gift to your loved ones; send fresh, colorful flowers through Telaflora.
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The Perfect Flowers For Your Next Special Event By Alton Smith

Some people are very fussy when it comes to the types and kinds of flowers to be used for a special event. If this special event is a wedding or anniversary, people are even more inclined to worry about finding the right flowers from someone that can provide quality and reliable service.
Instead of having to rely on asking other people for their advice, you can consider a new tool at your disposal. If you are new to an area and do not know anyone, you can really benefit from this tool as well. The website, provides the same type of responses that you could hope to get from your closest friends.
If you need to choose flowers for your wedding or some other special event, head over to native search and you can click on the Florist link under the top categories section on the bottom of the home page. Next, you need to pick the city that you will need to find the florist in. If you choose Houston, and then click on the business listings choice on the following page, you will get results that should provide you with the information you are seeking for your special event.
So many search engine exist on the market today, it can be hard to decide which ones to use. How can you trust the results that come back? Some engines allow companies to return a higher ranking by paying a fee. native search does things differently.
Instead, it takes into account how people in the area of the merchant feel about the business. By considering which companies' people spend their money with, you can feel a little more confident that the choice will be a good one. Take a moment to visit the website and try it out to see what it can do to help you find what you need from a reliable source.
Alton Smith
Site representative
Find Florists in Houston by Native Search.
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The Flower Trade By Sophia Grojsman

When you purchase cut flowers from your local florist, do you think about where they came from? Common sense might tell you that they were grown close by, because cut flowers can't survive a very long trip. The reality, though, is that your cut flowers might come from places like the Netherlands, Ecuador, or Kenya!
Flowers can now travel long distances thanks to air freight and high-tech cooling systems. Even the most delicate orchid can be shipped to arrive fresh in most places on Earth. This allows Americans, for example, to import some 70 percent of the cut flowers they buy.
The country that exports the most cut flowers is the Netherlands, which dominates the world cut-flower trade. There, seven auction houses handle about 60 percent of the world's cut-flower exports. Some auction houses are very large indeed -- Aalsmeer, near Amsterdam, is an auction house in the sense that Tokyo is a city or Everest a mountain. Its scale is daunting. About 120 soccer fields would fill its main hangar, which holds five auction halls. Nineteen million cut flowers are sold here on an average day.
The Netherlands is also a world leader in developing new flower varieties. Dutch companies and the government invest a considerable amount of money in flower research. Their scientists try to find ways to lengthen a flower's vase life. They also try to strengthen flowers to prevent them from being damaged while traveling on rough roads and to strengthen flowers' natural fragrance.
Despite Holland's dominance of the flower market, there are many places with a better climate for growing flowers, and the climate of Ecuador is almost perfect. Mauricio Davalos is the man responsible for starting Ecuador's flower industry some 20 years ago. "Our biggest edge is nature," he claims. "Our roses are the best in the world." With predictable rainy periods and 12 hours of sunlight each day, Ecuador's roses are renowned for their large heads and long stems. The flower industry has brought employment opportunities and a stronger economy to regions of the country. "My family has TV now. There are radios. Some people have remodeled their houses," says Yolanda Quishpe, 20, who picked roses for four years.
In recent years, local growers in Ecuador have faced growing competition from greenhouses built by major international companies. Despite this, Davalos feels that the world cut-flower trade is large enough to allow both high-tech international companies and smaller national growers to succeed -- at least for the time being.

Monday, May 31, 2010

new flower

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mothers Day Flowers Delivery - A Time-honored Tradition By Tony Camio

Mothers Day Flowers Delivery San Diego is all about flowers. Ever since we can afford to buy a bunch of mums for Mom, we've always sent the same set of daffodils, tulips, freesias and the like every year without fail. And mothers, through the years, have learned to expect quite a few bundles of aromatic arrangements on her special day (aside from her birthday, of course).
Flowers are the one of the easiest ways to express a multitude of emotions depending on the occasion. But for Mother's Day, we show how we feel thankful for the (many) years that our Mom has been there for us. We express our gratitude for her kindness, understanding, unconditional love and acceptance that only a mother could give to her children. And with flowers, we show how appreciative we are for the times that Mom believed in us when even we ourselves could not.
Flowers shops in the San Diego area get ready for this occasion a few months before Mother's Day. It is a common fact that mothers day flowers delivery San Diego treat Mother's Day as they would Valentine's Day - a busy day for business. Their flowers come from all over the U.S., and other countries such as Ecuador. Because of the huge amount of orders that the store owners receive every month of May, they make sure that their personnel are ready for any kind of situation that may arise from the rush. Aside from their vast line up of creative floral arrangements, competitive flower shops have expanded their line to include stuffed animals, greeting cards, chocolates and candies to complement their product line.
This coming May, be sure to place your orders early. Flower shop owners advise customers to place orders at least a week before Mother's Day to make sure your Mom receives her token on time. Mothers day flowers delivery San Diego policies vary between shops, but one policy is common: order early to get more options and better rates. It is not uncommon for flower shops to run out of certain bouquet arrangement a day before D-day, so if you want to make sure that you'll give your Mom the best that you can afford, visit the nearest flower shop in your community or place your online order early.
Giving and receiving flowers during Mother's day is indeed a time-honored tradition perpetuated by Mothers Day Flowers Delivery San Diego. Although hard times are upon us, there is no excuse not to show one of the most important people in your life how much you love, honor, cherish and appreciate her; nothing says this better than a spray of lilacs.
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Thursday, May 6, 2010

How to Dry Flowers

Love your flower bouquet so much you don't want to have to let it go? Consider preserving it with our easy-to-follow guide. Let us show you how to dry flowers in a matter of a few simple steps, so that you can keep your special memories close for years to come. Whether you choose to hang the flowers on their own or add them to another crafts-related project, you'll love the delicate beauty of your dried flower bouquet. Interested in an added twist? We'll show you how to dry flowers in the microwave!
Before you get started, you'll need to assess whether your flower bouquet will dry well. Blooms should not be fully mature or they will lose their petals in the flower drying process. Also, consider the type of flowers you are using. Air drying will work for more robust varieties such as roses or small, long-lasting varieties like lavender. For more delicate flowers like lilies, try another preservation technique, such as pressing. Gerbera daisies, chrysanthemums, roses, and tulips are great candidates for the microwave flower drying technique, a process that will preserve their color and structure better than air drying does.

How to Air Dry Flowers
(using everyday household items)

1. Strip excess foliage from your flowers and cut the stems to your desired length (but not shorter than six inches). To help your flowers maintain their color during the drying process, it is important that you remove them from sunlight as soon as they're cut. Rubber band bunches of stems together if you would like to hang a bouquet, or leave the stems be if you'd like to hang the flowers individually.

2. Find a dark, dry area with good circulation. An unused closet will work perfectly. With unflavored dental floss, secure the bottom end of the flower’s stem to a hanger. You may hang two flowers/bunches on each hanger by hanging items from each side, or you can hang one flower/bunch by hanging it from the middle. Once secure, hang flowers upside down to dry. Leave your flowers there for a good two to three weeks and make sure not to remove them until they are completely dry.

3. Remove the flowers from the hangers and spray them with hairspray to give them some extra protection. You can now hang your dried flowers around the house as you please, remove the petals and make potpourri, or use them in a crafts-related project to make a thoughtful gift for someone else. Dried flowers don't like sunlight or extreme heat, so try to find homes for them in more shaded areas.

How to Dry Flowers with a Microwave
(requires items found in craft stores)

1. Find a microwave-safe container that will hold your flowers and fit into the microwave. (Do not use a dish you might want to use for food again after this project.) Your flowers will dry to the shape of the bottom of your container if you do not support them, so you will need to use silica gel in the container to help the flowers maintain their shape. Cover the bottom of the container with about an inch or two of silica gel (more for larger blossoms), place your flowers in the gel with the flower blossom opening upward, and then gently pour gel over the flower to ensure all petals are positioned to dry properly. If you are not careful with the gel, you can flatten your petals. Still, be liberal with it for best results. Don't worry; your silica gel can be used over and over again.

2. Microwave temperature and time will vary from flower to flower, so find the right recipes by trial and error. Place your uncovered container in the microwave. A safe bet is to start the microwave on one or two levels above defrost for 2-5 minutes. Roses can withstand more heat; daisies prefer lower temperatures. Start with a short amount of time, checking your flower's progress periodically. If it doesn't seem to be drying, you can increase heat and time accordingly.

3. Once your flowers have dried, open the microwave and immediately cover the container. Remove the covered container from the microwave, open the top a quarter of a centimeter, and let it sit for 24 hours. Once the flowers have cooled, clean off the petals with a fine brush and mist them with an acrylic spray. Voila! Fresh baked flowers!

Whichever method you choose, we hope that you might find a new hobby in our How to Dry Flowers guide. We all wish our fresh flowers lived forever, but now you can preserve your special bouquet and enjoy it for years to come. There are meanings and expressions behind all flower gifts, so we hope we helped in making your memories (

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Alphabetical listing of all species in the Global Invasive Species Database

Alphabetical listing of all species in the Global Invasive Species Database:   français

1. Abelmoschus moschatus (herb, shrub) English  français
- `aute toga, abelmosch musqué, algalia, almizcle vegetal, almizcle vegetal, ambretta semi, ambrette, aukiki, bisameibisch, fau ingo, fau tagaloa, fautia, fou ingo, gombo musqué, gombo musqué, gongul, kamang, kamwayang, karereon, metei, musk, musk mallow, o'e'e, okeoke, okra, vakeke, wakeke, wakewake, wakiwaki

2. Acacia concinna (tree) English  français
- soap pod

3. Acacia confusa (tree, shrub) English
- acacia petit feuille, boiffuring, boiffuring, formosa acacia, formosa koa, ianangi , ianángi, mimosa, pilampwoia, shoshigi, shoshigi, small Philippine acacia, soschghi, sosigi, sosigi, sosugi, sosugi, yanangi

4. Acacia farnesiana (tree, shrub) English  français
- acacia jaune, aroma, aroma, aromo, aweet acadia, ban baburi, carambuco, cashia, cassie, debena, Ellington curse, espino blanco, espino ruco, esponja, esponjeira, huisache, huisache dulce, kandaroma, kandaroma, klu, klu, klu bush, kolu, kolu, mimosa, mimosa bush, needle bush, oki, opoponax, popinac, popinac, rayo, Small's acacia, sweet acacia, tekaibakoa, titima, vaivai vakavotona, Westindische akazie

5. Acacia mangium (tree) English  français
- black wattle

6. Acacia mearnsii (tree, shrub) English  français
- acácia-negra, Australian acacia, Australische akazie, black wattle, swartwattel, uwatela

7. Acacia melanoxylon (tree) English  français
- acacia à bois noir, acacia de madera negra, acacia rouge, acácia-preta, algarrobo, aroma salvaje, Australian blackwood, Australiese swarthout, blackwood, blackwood acacia, Tasmanian blackwood

8. Acacia nilotica (tree) English  français
- acacia à gomme, gommier rouge, gum arabic tree, prickly acacia

9. Acanthaster planci (sea star) English
- coral-eating starfish, coral-feeding starfish, crown of thorns starfish, crown-of-thorns starfish, giant thorny starfish, rrusech

10. Acanthocereus tetragonus (succulent) English  français
- barbed-wire cactus, sword-pear, triangle cactus

11. Acanthogobius flavimanus (fish) English
- Cá Bong, Cá Bong hoa, Japanese river goby, Mahaze, Oriental Goby, Spotted goby, Yaponskii rechnoi bychok, yellowfin goby, Zheltoperyi bychok

12. Acanthophora spicifera (alga) English  français
- bulung tombong bideng, culot, red alga, spiny alga, spiny seaweed

13. Acer ginnala (tree) English
- Amur maple, Amur-Ahorn, érable du fleuve Amour, érable ginnala, Feuer-Ahorn, ginnala maple, Mangolian vaahtera, Siberian maple

14. Acer platanoides (tree) English
- érable plane , Norway maple, Spitzahorn

15. Achatina fulica (mollusc) English  français
- achatine, Afrikanische Riesenschnecke, escargot géant d'Afrique, giant African land snail, giant African snail

16. Acridotheres fuscus (bird) English
- brun maina, Dschungelmaina, jungle myna, junglemaina, maina della giungla indiana, mainá hindú, maina vao, majna hnedá, majna szara, martin forestier, morihakka, viidakkomaina

17. Acridotheres tristis (bird) English  français
- brun majna, Calcutta myna, common myna, German Indischer mynah, Hirtenmaina, hjarðmænir, house myna, Indian myna, Indian mynah, kabairohakka, maina, mainá común, maina comune, mainato, majna brunatna, majna obecná, manu, manu kaomani, manu kavamani, manu rataro, manu teve, Martin triste, merle des Moluques, mynah, pihamaina, piru, talking myna, treurmaina

18. Acromyrmex octospinosus (insect) English  français
- fourmi champignonniste, fourmi manioc, leaf-cutting ant

19. Acroptilon repens (herb)
- hardheads, Russian knapweed

20. Adelges piceae (insect) English
- balsam woolly adelgid, balsam woolly aphid, puceron lanigère du sapin

21. Adelges tsugae (insect) English
- hemlock woolly adelgid

22. Adenanthera pavonina (tree) English  français
- arbre collier, bead tree, bois de condori, bois noir de Bourbon, bois noir rouge, carolina, colales, coral bean tree, culalis, false wili wili, falso-sândalo, kaikes, kolales, kulales, kulalis, la'aulopa, lera, lerendamu, lopa, metekam, metkam, metkem, mwetkwem, olho-de-pavão, paina, peacock flower-fence, peacock tree, pitipitio, pomea, red sandalwood tree, redbeadtree, segavé, telengtúngd, telentundalel, vaivai, vaivainivavalangi

23. Aedes albopictus (insect) English
- Asian tiger mosquito, forest day mosquito, mosquito tigre, moustique tigre, tiger mosquito, tigermücke, zanzare tigre

24. Ageratina riparia (herb, shrub) English  français
- abésouris, agératine des rives, creeping croftonweed, faux orthosiphon, jouvence, mist flower, orthochifon, river eupatorium, spreading mistflower

25. Ageratum conyzoides (herb) English
- a‘amia, agerato, agerato, ageratum, ageratum, asipukpuk, asipukpuk, azier françois, bahu-bahu, bahug-bahug, bandotan, barba de chivo, baume, baume blanc, baume mauve, belohanua, berokan, billy goat weed, blue Ageratum, blue flowered groundsel , blue top, boko-boko-wiwiri, botebotekoro, botekoro, bouton, bouton blan, bouton ble, budbuda, budbuda, bulak-manok, bulak-manok, camará apeba, camará iapó, camará japê, camará-opela, catinga de barrão, catinga de bode, catinga de bode, celestina, chuva, co cut-heo, efoe momoe, erva de santa maria, erva de santa-lúcia, erva de são joão, erva de são josé, goat weed, gobu, gundhaubon, herbe a femme, herbe a pisser, herbe a sorcier, herbe de bouc, hierba del perro, hierba del zorro, hierbe de chivo, huarmi, huarmi, hwo-hsiang-ji, imiesu, jambo-serila, kakalding, kakalding, kakkoazami, kamabuag, kamabuag, kolokong-kabanyo, kolokong-kabayo, kulong-kogong-babae, kulong-kogong-babae, lau taioti, Leberbalsam, macela de são joão, macela francesa, mahakaua, maile hohono, maile honohono, maile kula, maire vaihi, maria preta, mata mothemothe, matruço, mbotembotekoro, mentrasto, Mother Brinkly, mumutung, Neela Phulnu, ngmak, olloowaisiip, Oochunt, pain doux, petit pain doux, Phulkuri, pica roxo, picão roxo, ruput tahi-ayam, sekose sea, sogovanua, songovanua, tae‘oti, tamasondji bata, te‘ehosi, tekote tea, tropic ageratum, tropical whiteweed, white weed, winter weed, ya-sap-raeng, ya-tabsua, zerisson blanc

26. Agrilus planipennis (insect) English
- emerald ash borer

27. Agrostis capillaris (grass) English
- agrostide commune, agróstide común, agrostide fine, agrostide ténue, agróstide tenue, browntop, capellini delle praterie, chépica alemana, colonial bent, colonial bent grass, common bent grass, gemeines Straußgras, Gewoon struisgras, heno ahumado, hierba fina, kus otu, New Zealand bent grass, Prince Edward Island bent grass, Rhode Island bent, Rhode Island bent grass, rödven, Rotes Straußgras, Rotstraußgras, waipu

28. Ailanthus altissima (tree, shrub) English
- Chinese sumac, stinking shumac, tree of heaven

29. Akebia quinata (vine, climber) English
- Akebia, Akébie à cinq feuilles , chocolate vine, fingerblättrige akebie, fiveleaf, fiveleaf akebia, mu tong

30. Albizia julibrissin (tree) English
- mimosa, powderpuff tree, silk tree, silky acacia

31. Albizia lebbeck (tree) English  français
- bois noir des bas, lebbek, raom tree, siris tree, soros-tree, woman's tongue, woman's-tongue tree

32. Aleurites moluccana (tree) English  français
- bancoulier, candlenut, Indian walnut, noyer de bancoul, noyer des Moluques

33. Alexandrium minutum (alga) English
- red tide dinoflagellate, red tide phytoplankton

34. Alitta succinea (annelid) English
- nereidid worm, pile worm, ragworm

35. Alliaria petiolata (herb) English
- garlic mustard plant, garlic root, garlicwort, hedge garlic, Jack-by-the-hedge, Jack-in-the-bush, mustard root, poor man's mustard, sauce-alone

36. Alosa pseudoharengus (fish) English
- alewife, bigeye herring , branch herring, freshwater herring, gaspareau, gray herring, grayback, kyack, mooneye, sawbelly, white herring

37. Alternanthera philoxeroides (aquatic plant, herb) English
- alligator weed, alligatorweed, pig weed , xi han lian zi cao

38. Alternanthera sessilis (herb) English
- bhirangijhar, brède chevrette, brede embellage, common roadside weed, dwarf copperleaf, fisi'i'ano, galuti, horng-tyan-wu, joyweed, lianzi cao, magloire, mata kura, mukunuwanna, okula beluulechad, palewawae, periquito-sessil, phak pet thai, sessile joyweed, ti, vao sosolo

39. Ambrosia artemisiifolia (herb) English
- ambroisie à feuille d'armoise, ambroisie annuelle, ambroisie élevée, ambrosia aux feuilles d'armoise, ambrosia con foglie di atremisia, ambrosia de hojas de ajenjo, ambrozja bylicolistna, ambrozja bylicowata, annual ragweed, artemisia del pais, Aufrechte Ambrosie, Aufrechtes Traubenkraut, bastard wormwood, Beifußambrosie, Beifussblättriges Ambrosie, Beifussblättriges Traubenkraut, beiskambrosia, bitterweed, blackweed, bynke-ambrosie, carrot-weed, common ragweed, hay-fever weed, hog-weed, Hohes Traubenkraut, kietine ambrozija, low ragweed, malörstambrosia, marunatuoksukki, parlagfu, petite herbe à poux, pujulehine ambroosia, ragweed, roman bitterweed, Roman wormwood, römischer Wermut, Shinners ragweed, short ragweed, small ragweed, Stalin weed, stammerweed, stickweed, vadkender, vermellapu ambrozija, wild tansy

40. Ameiurus nebulosus (fish) English
- barbotte brune, bici-cu-coarne, Brauner katzenwels, brown bullhead, bruine Amerikaanse dwergmeerval, brun dværgmalle, brun dvärgmal, bullhead, catfish, common bullhead, common catfish, dværgmalle, dvärgmal, dvergmalle, horned pout, hornpout, kanalnyi somik, Katzenwels, marbled bullhead, minister, mudcat, northern brown bullhead, piikkimonni, poisson chat, somn american, somn pitic, sumcek krpatý, sumecek americký, sumik karlowaty, Zwergwels

41. Ammophila arenaria (grass) English
- ammophile des sables, barrón, élyme des sables, European beachgrass, grama de las dunas , helm, marram, marram grass , oyat, Peskoljubka Pescanaja, roseau des sables, sand-hjaelme, sparto pungente, Strandhafer

42. Ampelopsis brevipedunculata (vine, climber) English
- amur peppervine, creeper, porcelainberry, wild grape

43. Anas platyrhynchos (bird) English  français
- canard colvert, mallard, pato de collar

44. Andropogon virginicus (sedge) English
- broomsedge, broomsedge bluestem, whisky grass, yellow bluestem, yellowsedge bluestem

45. Angiopteris evecta (fern) English
- bersarm, demarm, dermarm, fa'agase, gase, giant fern, gwaegwae, hulufe vai, kalme, katar, king's fern, la'au fau pale, Madagascar tree fern, mong , mongmong, mule's foot , mule's-foot fern, nahe, nase, ne'e, oli oli, oriental vessel fern , paiued, palatao, payuit, ponga, umpai

46. Annona glabra (tree) English  français
- alligator apple, annone des marais, bullock's heart, cherimoyer, corossolier des marais, kaitambo, kaitambu, pond apple, uto ni bulumakau, uto ni mbulumakau

47. Annona squamosa (tree) English  français
- annone écailleuse, anone écailleuse, atte, attier, custard apple, grand corossolier, pomme canelle, sugar apple, sweetsop, z'atte

48. Anopheles quadrimaculatus (insect) English
- common malaria mosquito, Gabelmücke

49. Anoplolepis gracilipes (insect) English
- ashinaga-ki-ari, crazy ant, Gelbe Spinnerameise, gramang ant, long-legged ant, Maldive ant, yellow crazy ant

50. Anoplophora chinensis (insect) English
- black and white citrus longhorn, capricorne á points blancs, citrus longhorn beetle, citrus longhorned beetle, citrus root cerambycid, CLHB, gomadara-kamikiri, hosi-kamikiri, mulberry long-horned beetle, mulberry white spotted longicorn, Sky ox beetle, Starry night sky beetle, white spotted citrus longhorned beetle, white spotted longicorn beetle

51. Anoplophora glabripennis (insect) English
- Asian longhorn beetle, Asian longhorned beetle, Asiatischer Laubholzkäfer, longicorne Asiatique, starry sky beetle

52. Anredera cordifolia (vine, climber) English
- anredera, enredadera del mosquito , filikafa, Gulf madeiravine , heartleaf madeiravine , lamb's tails , Madeira vine, mignonette vine, parra de Madeira , tapau, 'uala hupe

53. Anser anser (bird) English
- domestic goose, Ganso-comum, Graugans, Grauwe Gans, greylag goose, Husa velká, Merihanhi, Oca selvatica, Sery Gus, white domestic goose

54. Anthonomus grandis (insect) English
- boll weevil

55. Antidesma bunias (tree) English  français
- bignay

56. Antigonon leptopus (vine, climber) English  français
- antigone, antigone à pied grêle, chain-of-love, confederate vine, coral bells, coral vine, corallita, dilngau, flores ka'dena, hearts on a chain, kadena de amor, liane antigone, love-vine, Mexican creeper, mountain rose, queen's jewels, rohsapoak, Sandwich Island creeper

57. Aphanomyces astaci (fungus) English
- crayfish plague, Wasserschimmel

58. Apis mellifera scutellata (insect) English
- Africanized honeybee, Brazilian bees, killer bee

59. Ardisia crenata (shrub) English  français
- arbre à noél, arbre de noel, ardisie crénelée, Australian holly, baie corail, bois de noel, Christmas berry, coral ardisia, coral berry, coral berry tree, coral bush, Gewürzbeere, hen's eyes, Hilo holly, koraalbessieboom, scratchthroat, spiceberry, Spitzenblume, zhu sha gen

60. Ardisia elliptica (tree) English  français
- ardisie elliptique, ati popa'a, shoebutton ardisia

61. Arundo donax (grass) English  français
- arundo grass, bamboo reed, caña, caña común , caña de Castilla, caña de la reina, caña de techar, cana- do-reino, cana-do-brejo, cane, canne de Provence, canno-do-reino, capim-plumoso, carrizo, carrizo grande, cow cane, donax cane, fiso palagi, giant cane, giant reed , grand roseau, kaho, kaho folalahi, la canne de Provence, narkhat, ngasau ni vavalangi, Pfahlrohr, reedgrass, river cane, Spaanse-riet, Spanisches Rohr, Spanish cane, Spanish reed, wild cane

62. Ascidiella aspersa (tunicate) English
- ascidie sale, dirty sea squirt, European sea squirt, ruwe zakpijp, Spritz-Ascidie, vuilwitte zakpijp

63. Asparagus densiflorus (herb) English  français
- asparagus Fern, asperge de Sprenger, bushy asparagus, regal fern, smilax, sprengeri fern, Sprenger's asparagus fern

64. Asterias amurensis (sea star) English
- Flatbottom seastar, Japanese Seastar, Japanese starfish, Nordpazifischer Seestern, North Pacific seastar, northern Pacific seastar, purple-orange seastar

65. Asystasia gangetica (herb) English  français
- Chinese violet, coromandel, Ganges primrose, herbe le rail, Philippine violet

66. Aulacaspis yasumatsui (insect) English
- Asian cycad scale, cycad aulacaspis scale (CAS), cycad scale, sago palm scale, snow scale, Thai scale

67. Austroeupatorium inulifolium (herb, shrub) English
- austroeupatorium

68. Avian Influenza Virus (micro-organism) English
- bird flu, fowl plague, HPAI, LPAI

69. Avipoxvirus (micro-organism)
- avian diptheria, canarypox, contagious epithelioma, fowl pox, juncopox, mynahpox, pigeonpox, poxvirus infection, psittacinepox, quailpox, sparrowpox, starlingpox, turkeypox

70. Axis axis (mammal) English
- axis deer, chital, Indian spotted deer

71. Azolla pinnata (aquatic plant) English
- ferny azolla, mosquito Fern, water velvet

72. Bactrocera tryoni (insect) English
- Queensland fruit fly

73. Bambusa vulgaris (grass, tree) English
- agarabà, aur beting, aur gading, bacáu, bakal, balé, bambou, bambu, bambu ampel, bambu blenduk, bambú común , bambu kuning, bambu kuning, bambú patamba, bambúa, bambu-verde, bambu-vulgar, bannada bidiru, baran, basini bans, basinibans, bolinao, bolinau, boo, buloh aur, buloh gading, buloh kuning, buloh minyak, buloh minyak has, buloh pau, buluh aur, buluh minyak, buluh pau, burirau, butong, caña brava, caña india, cañambú, cañaza, chan kham, common bamboo, cupamu, dai-san-chiku, davike, domar, feathery bamboo, gemeiner bambus , golden bamboo, grand bambou, haladi bidiru, haur, i ngol, igbon ikirai, itikna, kabaloan, kaho palangi, kaho papalangi, kalaka, kanale, kasul, kauayan, kauayan-china, kauayan-kiling, kawayan, kawayan-china, kawayang-kiting, kawayang-tsina, kawayan-kiling, ken, kenye, kewe, kiling, kinshi-chiku, ko-tatami, labong, lefyog, limas, linetso, lulasi, lunas, mai-luang, mambu kakar, mambu yang, maribal, marobal, mfele, mlasi, musyombe, ngmalu, nsungwi, otate, patong, patung, phai cheen, phai chin, phai lueang, phai-bongkham, phai-luang, phai-ngachang, pilanda, pito, ponmungil, rai yai, ree sai, ri sai, russèi kaèw, s'a:ng kh'am', saang kham, sacaú, sang kham, seemamula, semi, sen, seni, senye, sii, simine, sinambang, soft bamboo, striped bamboo, sunderkania bansa, taiu-anak, tamalang, tamalang silau, tambalang, tamelang, taring, tatami, tatami-na, teuanak, tewanak, tiling, tre m[owx], tre tr[owf], vyo, wanet, wok, wusle, yellow bamboo

74. Banana bunchy top virus (BBTV) (micro-organism) English  français
- abaca bunchy top virus, banana bunchy top disease (BBTD), BBTV, bunchy top, bunchy top virus, laufeti’iti’i

75. Batillaria attramentaria (mollusc) English
- Asian estaurine mudsnail, Asian hornsnail, Japanese false cerith, Japanese mud snail, Japanese snail

76. Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (fungus) English
- chytrid frog fungi, chytridiomycosis, chytridiomycosis, Chytrid-Pilz, frog chytrid fungus

77. Beak and Feather Disease Virus (BFDV) (micro-organism) English
- Beak and Feather Disease Virus, Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease, Psittacine Circovirus Disease

78. Begonia cucullata (herb) English  français
- bégonia, clubed begonia

79. Bemisia tabaci (insect) English
- cotton whitefly, mosca blanca, sweet potato whitefly, sweetpotato whitefly, Weisse Fliege

80. Berberis buxifolia (shrub) English
- box-leaved barberry, calafate, holly grape, Magellan barberry

81. Berberis thunbergii (shrub) English
- crimson pygmy, Japanese barberry

82. Bidens pilosa (herb) English
- abissawa, acetillo, adzrskpi, agberi-oku , akesan, alonga, alongoï , amonoablanfè, amor seco, anansee mpaane, anasipagné, arponcito, aseduro, asta de cabra, batimadramadramatakaro, beggar's tick , bident hérissé, bident poilu, bidente pilosa, black fellows, black jack, broom stick, broom stuff, cacha de cabra, cadillo, carrapicho-deagulha, cobbler's peg, dada, dadayem, devil's needles, diaani, diandu, dinenkui, dwirantwi, dzani pipi, eyinata, fisi'uli, gonoretti, gyinantwi, hairy beggar ticks, herbe d'aiguille, herbe villebague, hierba amarilla , iréné, iuna, kamik tuarongo, kandane, kete kete, ki, ki nehe, ki pipili, kichoma mguu, kichoma nguo, kiradale, klakuo, kofetoga, kofetonga, kokosa, ko-sendagusa, kukwe kwo, kurofidie, lebason, légué, manamendigo, masquia, matua kamate, mazote, mbatikalawau , mbatimandramandra, nana, nangua, nanguadian, nehe, nguad, niani, nidul-lif, niroa, papunga chipaca, passoklo, pega-prga, perca, pétéoré, picão-preto, pilipili, piquants noirs, piripiri, piripiri, piripiri kerekere, piripiri niroa, pisau-pisau, puriket, rosilla, sanyi, sanyina, sirvulaca, sornet, sosolé, Spanish needle, tabason, tagiaani , tebasson, tombo-maga, zagaï zagagbé, zagoi ini, zebeyuzébogue, zegbei zegbagwè, zikilli wissi, Zweizhan

83. Boa constrictor imperator (reptile) English
- Boa, Boa colombiana, Boa constrictora, Central American boa, Colombian boa, Colombian redtail boa, Common boa constrictor, Common northern boa

84. Boehmeria penduliflora (herb, shrub) English  français
- Bœhmère à fleurs pendantes, bois de chapelet

85. Boiga irregularis (reptile) English
- Braune Nachtbaumnatter, Brown catsnake, brown tree snake, brown treesnake, culepla, kulebla

86. Boonea bisuturalis (mollusc) English
- two-groove odostome

87. Bos taurus (mammal) English  français
- cattle, Hausrind

88. Branta canadensis (bird) English
- Bernache Du Canada, Branta kanadarra, Canada goose, Ganso Canadiense, Ganso do Canadá, Oca del Canadá

89. Brassica elongata (herb) English
- elongated mustard, long-atalked rape, stepinis bastutis

90. Brassica tournefortii (herb) English
- African mustard, Asian mustard , Aslooz, Mediterranean turnip, Sahara mustard, Tournefort's birdrape , wild turnip

91. Bromus inermis (grass) English
- arva rozsnok, awnless brome, bladfaks, brome de hongrie, brome inerme, brome sans arete, bromo inerme, bromo inerme, bromo suave, bromo-liso, capim-cevadinha, cebadilla perenne, foderlosta, forasacco spuntato, grannelose trespe, Hungarian brome, idänkattara, ko suzume no chahiki, koster bezostyj, kweekdravik, magyar roz rok, rehukattara, smooth brome, smooth bromegrass, staklos hejre, stoklosa bezostna, sverep bezbbranný, vihneetön kattara, wehrlose trespe, wu mang que mai

92. Bromus rubens (grass) English
- foxtail brome, foxtail chess, red brome

93. Bromus tectorum (grass) English
- broncograss, cheatgrass, cheatgrass brome, downy brome, downy chess, drooping brome, early chess, military grass, Mormon oats, slender chess, thatch bromegrass

94. Brontispa longissima (insect) English
- coconut hispid beetle, coconut hispine beetle, coconut leaf beetle, coconut leaf hispine beetle, palm leaf beetle

95. Bubo virginianus (bird) English  français
- buho cornudo, grand-duc d'Amerique, grand-duc de Virginie, great horned owl

96. Bubulcus ibis (bird) English
- Afrikaanse koereiger, buff-backed heron, cattle egret , depulgabuey, elephant bird, garcilla bueyera, garcilla garrapatera, garcita de ganado, garrapatera, garrapatosa, garza de ganado, garza de vaquèra, garza ganadera , héron garde-boeufs , hippopotomus egret, Indian cattle egret, rhinoceros egret

97. Buddleja davidii (shrub) English
- arbre aux papillons, buddleia, butterfly bush, orange eye, summer lilac

98. Bugula neritina (bryozoan) English
- brown bryozoan, bryozoan, common bugula

99. Bursaphelenchus xylophilus (nematode) English
- pine wood nematode, pinewood nematode

100. Butomus umbellatus (aquatic plant) English
- butome à ombelle, flowering rush, flûteau, grassy rush, jonc fleuri, water gladiolus

101. Bythotrephes longimanus (crustacean) English
- Cederstroem-Blattflusskrebs, Eurasian spiny water flea , spiny water flea, spiny waterflea

102. Cabomba caroliniana (aquatic plant) English
- cabomba, Carolina fanwort, Carolina water-shield, fanwort, fish-grass, Washington-grass, Washington-plant

103. Cactoblastis cactorum (insect) English  français
- Cactus moth, prickly pear moth

104. Caesalpinia decapetala (tree, shrub) English  français
- Arrete-boeuf, bois sappan, caniroc, cat's claw, kraaldoring, kraaldoring, liane croc chien, Mauritius thorn, mauritiusdoring, mubage, Mysore thorn, puakelekino, sappan, shoofly, thorny poinciana, ubobo-encane, ufenisi, ulozisi, wait-a-bit

105. Caiman crocodilus (reptile) English
- baba, babiche, babilla, cachirré, caimán, caiman blanco, caimán de anteojos, caiman de Brasil, caimán sudamericano, cascarudo, common caiman, jacaretinga, lagarto, lagarto blanco, narrow snouted spectacled caiman, spectacled caiman, tinga, yacaré, yacaré blanco

106. Calliphora vicina (insect) English  français

107. Camelina sativa (herb) English
- big-seed false flax, camelina, camelina pilosa, caméline ciliée, Cameline cultivee, false flax, German sesame, gold-of-pleasure, Huttentut, large-seeded false flax, Leindotter, Lin bâtard, Oljedodre, Ruistankio, Saatdotter, Sæd-Dodder, Siberian oilseed

108. Candidatus Liberibacter africanus (micro-organism) English
- blotchy mottle, citrus greening disease, dieback, Enverdecimiento, greening, huanglongbing (HLB), likubin, mottle leaf, vein phloem degeneration, yellow branch, yellow shoot disease

109. Candidatus Liberibacter americanus (micro-organism) English
- blotchy mottle, citrus greening disease, dieback, Enverdecimiento, greening, huanglongbing (HLB), likubin, mottle leaf, vein phloem degeneration, yellow branch, yellow shoot disease

110. Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus (micro-organism) English
- blotchy mottle, citrus greening disease, dieback, Enverdecimiento, greening, huanglongbing (HLB), likubin, mottle leaf, vein phloem degeneration, yellow branch, yellow shoot disease

111. Canis lupus (mammal) English  français
- domestic dog, domestic dog (feral), guri, Haushund, kuri, kurio, pero, peto, uli

112. Canna indica (herb) English  français
- achira, African arrowroot, ali‘ipoe, li‘ipoe, apeellap, bakalele, bakare kare, Balisier comestible, balisier rouge, calenda, canna, canna lily, chupa flor, English shot, fa‘i masoa, fagafaga , fagamanu, Fanamanu, gasau ni ga, gwangwa, gwangwaama, Indian shot, luiuenwai, mongos halum-tano, nuaenga, oruuru, pia renga, pia-raroto‘a, poloka, poloke, Queensland arrowroot, riti, te misimisi, tiare papa‘a, toolima, tous-les-mois

113. Capra hircus (mammal) English  français
- goat, Hausziege

114. Carassius auratus (fish) English  français
- aranyhal, caras rosu, caras-auriu, carassin doré, carassio dorato, carpa dorada, cheisopsaro, chernyi teleskop, chrysopsaro, chryssopsaro, ciprino dorato, cyprin doré, dorade de Chine, edible goldfish, funa, gibel carp, gold crucian carp, golden carp, Goldfisch, goldfish, goudvis, Goudvis, Guldfisk, guldfisk, gullfisk, I'a'ula'ula, ikan mas, kam tsak, kam ue, kapr zlatý, kaprík zlatý, karas, karas cinsky, karas stríbritý, karas stribrity vychodoasijsky, karas vetší, karas zlatý, karas zlocisty, karas zlocisty a. chinski, karuss, kin-buna, kirmizi balik, kultakala, mahi-e-hoz, native carp, ngan tsak, peixe dourado, peixe encarnado, peixe-dourado, pesce dorato, pesco rosso, peshk i kuq, pez dorado, pez rojo, pimpão, poisson rouge, serebryanyi karas', sølvkaruds, sølvkarusse, tawes, tsak ue, zlatnakarracuda, zolotaja rybka

115. Carcinus maenas (crustacean) English
- European green crab, European shore crab, green crab, le crabe enragé, le crabe vert, le crabe vert europeén, shore crab, Strandkrabbe

116. Cardiospermum grandiflorum (vine, climber) English
- balloon vine, blaasklimop, heart seed, intandela, kopupu takaviri

117. Carduus nutans (herb) English
- chardon penché, musk thistle, nodding plumeless thistle, nodding thistle, plumeless thistle

118. Carijoa riisei (coral) English
- Branched pipe coral, orange soft coral, snowflake coral

119. Carpobrotus edulis (succulent) English
- balsamo, Cape fig, figue marine, freeway iceplant, ghaukum, ghoenavy, highway ice plant, higo del Cabo, higo marino, Hottentosvy, hottentot fig, Hottentottenfeige, iceplant, ikhambi-lamabulawo, Kaapsevy, patata frita, perdevy, pigface, rankvy, sea fig, sour fig, suurvy, umgongozi, vyerank

120. Carpodacus mexicanus (bird) English
- house finch, pinzon mexicano

121. Castilla elastica (tree) English  français

122. Castor canadensis (mammal) English
- American beaver, beaver, Canadian beaver, castor, castor americano, North American beaver

123. Casuarina equisetifolia (tree) English  français
- agoho, arbol de hierro, Australian beefwood, Australian-pine, beach she-oak, beef wood-tree, bois de fer, casuarina, coast she-oak, Eisenholz, filao, horsetailtree, ironwood, nokonoko, pin d'Australie, pinheiro-da-Austrália, pino australiano, Strandkasuarine, whistling-pine

124. Caulerpa taxifolia (alga) English
- caulerpa, killer alga, lukay-lukay, Schlauchalge, sea weed

125. Cedrela odorata (tree, shrub) English  français
- Barbados cedar, cèdre acajou, cèdre des barbares, cedro, cedro cubano, cigar box cedar, Mexican cedar, sita hina, Spanish cedar, West Indian cedar

126. Celastrus orbiculatus (vine, climber) English
- Asian bittersweet, Asiatic bittersweet, climbing spindleberry, Japanese bittersweet, oriental bittersweet, Rundblättriger Baumwürger, tsuru-ume-mo-doki

127. Centaurea biebersteinii (herb) English
- gefleckte Flockenblume, gewöhnliche Rispen-Flockenblume, spotted knapweed

128. Centaurea diffusa (herb) English
- chaber drobnoglówkowy, diffuse knapweed, sparrige Flockenblume, white knapweed

129. Centaurea melitensis (herb) English
- coix de Malte, Maltese star thistle, Malteser Flockenblume, napa thistle, tocalote

130. Centaurea solstitialis (herb) English
- geeldissel, golden star thistle, sonnwend-Flockenblume, St. Barnaby's thistle, yellow centaury, yellow cockspur, yellow star thistle

131. Cerastium fontanum (herb) English
- big chickweed, céraiste commun, common mouse-ear chickweed

132. Ceratitis capitata (insect) English  français
- medfly, Mediterranean fruit fly

133. Ceratophyllum demersum (aquatic plant) English
- common hornwort, coon's tail, coon's-tail, coontail, hornwort, rigid hornwort

134. Ceratostoma inornatum (mollusc) English
- Asian drill, Asian oyster drill, Japanese oyster drill

135. Cercopagis pengoi (crustacean) English
- fishhook waterflea, Kaspischer Wasserfloh

136. Cervus elaphus (mammal) English
- cerf elaphe, Ciervo colorado, deer, Edelhirsch, elk, European red deer, red deer, Rothirsch, Rotwild, Rothirsch, wapiti

137. Cervus timorensis russa (mammal) English  français
- cerf de Java, cerf rusa, Javan deer, rusa deer, Timor deer

138. Cestrum nocturnum (shrub) English  français
- jasmin bâtard, jasmin de nuit

139. Cestrum parqui (shrub) English
- Chilean cestrum, Chilean flowering jassamine, coeirana, coerana, duraznillo, duraznillo hediondo, duraznillo negro, green cestrum, green poison berry, hediondilla, mala yerba, palque, palqui, quina del campo, willow jasmine, willow-leafed jessamine

140. Channa argus (fish) English
- amur snakehead, amurinkäärmeenpää, Amur-Schlangenkopf, cabeza de serpiente, eastern snakehead, ga mul chi, her-yu, idänkäärmeenpää, kamuruchi, kinesisk slangehovedfisk, northern snakehead, ocellated snakehead, poisson tête de serpent, raigyo, zmeegolov

141. Channa marulius (fish) English
- ara, Augenfleck-Schlangenkopf, avalu, aviri, aviu, bhaura, bhor, bohr, bral, bullseye snakehead, chaeru-veraal, coaree Veralavuree, cobra snakehead, curuva, dowlah, gajal , gajar, gangara, giant snakehead, gozar, great snakehead, haal , hoovina-mural, Indian snakehead, intiankäärmeenpää, iru viral , kæmpe-slangehovedfisk, kalamasa, kalumaha, kubrah, madinji, maral, murrel, ngamuporom, nga-yan-daing, pa gooan, pa kouan, pba gooa, phoola-chapa, phool-mural, pla chon ngu hao , pla tjon gnoo aow, pool-a-malle, poomeenu, pumuri, pumurl, puveral, saal , sal , saul, saura, sawal, sawl, soal , trey raws, vral, zmeegolov-maruliy

142. Charybdis hellerii (crustacean) English
- Indo-Pacific swimming crab, Ishigani, Newcaledonia-, Newcaledonia-íshigani, spiny hands

143. Charybdis japonica (crustacean) English
- Asian crab, Asian paddle crab, blue crab, paddle crab, swimming crab

144. Chromolaena odorata (herb) English  français
- agonoi, bitter bush, chromolaena, hagonoy, herbe du Laos, huluhagonoi, jack in the bush, kesengesil, mahsrihsrihk, masigsig, ngesngesil , otuot, rumput belalang, rumput golkar, rumput putih, Siam weed, Siam-Kraut, triffid weed, wisolmatenrehwei

145. Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) (micro-organism) English
- Chronic Wasting Disease

146. Chrysanthemoides monilifera (herb) English
- bitou bush (C. monilifera rotundata), boneseed (C. m. monilifera), saltbush (C. m. monilifera)

147. Chrysobalanus icaco (tree, shrub) English  français

148. Chthamalus proteus (crustacean) English
- Atlantic barnacle, Caribbean barnacle

149. Cichla ocellaris (fish) English
- aboné, aborrecichlide, butterfly peacock bass, eyespot cichlid, Grüner Augenfleck-Kammbarsch, isokikla, isokirjoahven, kounanni, kunan, lukanani, lukanani, malisamba, matawalé, pavon, peacock bass, peacock cichlid, sargento, toekoenari, toukounalé, toukounaré, tuc, tucunare, tucunaré açu, tucunare comun, tukunali

150. Cinara cupressi (insect) English
- cypress aphid, cypress aphid, Zypressen Blattlaus

151. Cinchona pubescens (tree) English  français
- arbre à quinine, cascarilla, chinarindenbaum, hoja ahumada, hoja de zambo, quinine, quinoa, quinquina, red cinchona, roja, rosada, Roter Chinarindenbaum

152. Cinnamomum camphora (tree) English  français
- alcanfor, alcanforero, arvore da camphora, campher, camphor laurel, camphor tree, camphre, camphrier, canfora, Japanese camphor, kampferbaum, kuso-no-ki

153. Cinnamomum verum (tree) English  français

154. Circus approximans (bird) English  français
- busard de Gould, swamp harrier

155. Cirsium arvense (herb) English  français
- Californian thistle, Canada thistle, Canadian thistle, creeping thistle, field thistle, perennial thistle

156. Cirsium vulgare (herb) English  français
- black thistle, bull thistle, chardon, cirse commun, Scotch thistle, spear thistle

157. Citharexylum spinosum (tree) English
- fiddlewood, Florida fiddlewood, masese, spiny fiddlewood

158. Clarias batrachus (fish) English
- alimudan, cá trê tráng, cá trèn trang, clarias catfish, climbing perch, freshwater catfish, Froschwels, hito, htong batukan, ikan keling, ikan lele, Ito, kawatsi, keli, klarievyi som, koi, konnamonni, kug-ga, leleh, magur, mah-gur, mangri, marpoo, masarai, mungri, nga-khoo, pa douk, paltat, pantat, pla duk, pla duk dam, pla duk dan, pla duk nam jued, pla duk nam juend, Thai hito, Thailand catfish, trey andaing roueng, trey andeng, walking catfish, wanderwels, Yerivahlay

159. Clematis terniflora (vine, climber) English
- leatherleaf clematis, sweet autumn virginsbower, yam-leafed clematis

160. Clematis vitalba (vine, climber) English
- evergreen clematis, Gewoehnliche Waldrebe, old man's beard, powojnik pnacy, traveler's-joy

161. Clidemia hirta (shrub) English  français
- clidemia, clidémie hérissée, faux vatouk, Hirten-Schwarzmundgewaechs, kaurasiga, kaurasinga, kauresinga, Koster's curse, kui, kúi, mbona na mbulamakau, ndraunisinga, roinisinga, soap bush, soapbush, tabac-bœuf, vuti

162. Coccinia grandis (vine, climber) English  français
- aipikohr, ivy gourd, kiuri awia, kundru, scarlet-fruited gourd

163. Codium fragile ssp. tomentosoides (alga) English
- dead man's fingers, green fleece, green sea fingers, oyster thief, Sputnik weed

164. Colubrina asiatica (shrub) English
- Asian snakewood, hoop with, Indian snakewood, latherleaf, wild coffee

165. Columba livia (bird) English  français
-  pombo-doméstico, agreste, b? câu, bákteduvvá, balandis, bareski-golumbaika, baresko-golumbo, bjargdúfa, bládúgva, bládúva, bydue, calman-creige, calmane creggey, carrier pigeon, colm aille, colom roquer, colom roquer,, colom wyls, colomba salvaria, colomen ddôf, , colomen y graig, colomp salvadi, columba da chasa, columba selvadia, columbu agreste, columbu aresti, columbu de is arrocas, colu'r aille, common pigeon, didu, div gulab, divlji golub, dobato, domaci golob, domestic dove, domestic pigeon, dubet, , dziwi holb, Felsentaube, feral pigeon, feral rock pigeon, golab miejski¦Golab skalny, golab skalny, golub pecinar, golub pecinar, gradski Golub, güvercin, haitz-uso, Haustaube, Strassentaube, holub domácí, holub skalní, homing pigeon, húsdúfa, kaljutuvi, kalliokyyhky, kawarabato, kawara-bato, kesykyyhky, kieminis, klinšu balodis, klippduva, klippedue, kolombo, kolomm an garrek, naminis karvelis, paloma, paloma bravia, paloma casera, paloma común, paloma de castilla, paloma doméstica, pecinar, pëllumbi i egër i shkëmbit, piccione, piccione domestico, piccione selvatico, piccione selvatico semidomestico, piccione terraiolo, piccione torraiolo, pichon, pigeon, pigeon biset, pigeon biset domestique, pigeon de ville, pigeon domestique, pomba brava, pombo da rocha, pombo o pombo-doméstico, pombo-das-rochas, porumbel de stânca, pustynnik, rock dove , rock dove pigeon, rock pigeon, rotsduif, ruve, sizij golub, sizy Golub, sizyj golub', skalen g"l"b, , šyzy holub, , szirti galamb, tamduva, tidori, tidu, Tkhakapuyt Aghavni, tudun tal-gebel, tzidu, Verwilderte Haustaube, Xixella, yuan ge, ziwy golub

166. Commelina benghalensis (herb) English
- alikbangon, Benghal dayflower, bias-bias, bias-bias, blue commelina, comméline, commeline du Bengale, dayflower, gewor, golondrina, hairy honohono, hairy wandering-Jew, herbe aux cochons, Indian dayflower, kanaibashi, kanasiri, kanchara, kanchura, kaningi, kanini, kankaua, kena, konasimalu, krishnaghas, kuhasi, kulkulasi, mankawa, matalí, mau‘u Toga, mau‘u Tonga, musie matala pulu, myet-cho, sabilau, sabilau, trapoeraba, tropical spiderwort, tsuyukusa, tsuyukusa, wandering-jew, yu-je-tsai

167. Conyza floribunda  English
- asthma weed, asthmaweed, horseweed

168. Coptotermes formosanus (insect) English
- Formosa termite, Formosan subterranean termite

169. Corbicula fluminea (mollusc) English
- Asian clam, Asiatic clam, prosperity clam

170. Corbula amurensis (mollusc) English
- Amur river clam, Amur river corbula, Asian bivalve, Asian clam, brackish-water corbula, Chinese clam, marine clam, Nordpazifik-Venusmuschel, Numakodaki

171. Coronilla varia (herb) English
- arvejilla morada, axseed, bunte Kronwicke, coronilla morada, coronille bigarrée, coronille variée, crown-vetch, ruda inglesa, trailing crown-vetch

172. Cortaderia jubata (grass) English
- Andean pampas grass, cutty grass, jubata grass, pampasgrass, pink pampas grass, purple pampasgrass, sacuara, selloa pampasgrass

173. Cortaderia selloana (grass) English  français
- herbe de la pampa, pampas grass , silver pampas grass , silwergras, Uruguayan pampas grass

174. Corvus splendens (bird) English
- bæjakráka, Ceylon crow, Colombo crow, corbeau familier, cornacchia grigia indiana, corneille de l'Inde, corneja India, corvo delle case, cuervo casero, domaca vrana, gagak rumah, Glanzkrähe , gralha-indiana, grey-necked crow, Hauskrähe, hint kargasi, huiskraai, huiskraai, huskrage, huskråka, huskråke, iegarasu, Ie-garasu, Indian crow, Indian house crow, Indian house-crow, Indijine varna, intianvaris, Kunguru Bara-Hindi, maniyan kakai, nalla kakka, õuevares, préachán binne, town crow, vrána domácí, vrana lesklá, vrána lesklá, wrona orientalna

175. Cotinus coggygria (tree, shrub) English
- European smoketree, festete, fustet, Hungarian fustic, smokebush, smoketree, Venetian-sumac, wig tree, young fustic

176. Crassostrea gigas (mollusc) English  français
- giant oyster, giant Pacific oyster, immigrant oyster, Japanese Oyster, Miyagi oyster, Pacific oyster

177. Crassula helmsii (aquatic plant, succulent) English
- Australian stonecrop, Australian swamp stonecrop, Crassule des étangs, New Zealand pygmyweed, swamp stonecrop, Watercrassula

178. Crepidula fornicata (mollusc) English
- American limpet, common Atlantic slippersnail, crépidule, oyster-pest, Pantoffelsnecke, slipper limpet, Toffelsneg

179. Cronartium ribicola (fungus) English
- white pine blister rust

180. Cryphonectria parasitica (fungus) English
- chestnut blight, Edelkastanienkrebs

181. Cryptostegia grandiflora (vine, climber) English  français
- caucho de la India, India rubber vine, liane de gatope, palay rubbervine, purple allamanda, rubber vine

182. Ctenopharyngodon idella (fish) English
- amur, amur bialy, amur biely, amur i bardhe, amurkarpfen, beli amur, belyi amur, bílý amur, byal amur, Cá Châm Treng, carpa China, carpa do limo , carpa erbivora, carpa herbivora, carpe de roseau, carpe herbivore, Chinese carp, Chinese graskarper, chortofagos kyprinos, crap-de-iarba, gardd carp, græskarpe, graskarp, gräskarp, gräskarp, graskarpe, graskarpen, graskarper, graskarpfen, grass carp, hullu, hullugende, kap makan rumput, kap rumput, Pla Chao Hea, Pla Chao Heu, Pla Van Heu, ruohokarppi, silver orfe, sôgyo, tongsan, trey srokchen, waan ue, white amur

183. Culex quinquefasciatus (insect)
- southern house mosquito

184. Cupaniopsis anacardioides (tree) English
- carrot weed, carrotwood, tuckeroo

185. Cuphea ignea (shrub) English  français
- cigar flower, firecracker plant, herbe cigarette, herbe piment

186. Cyathea cooperi (fern) English  français
- Australian tree fern, Cooper's cyathea, fanjan Australien, fougère arborescente d'Australia, lacy tree fern, scaly tree fern, straw tree fern

187. Cygnus olor (bird) English
- cygne tuburculé , fysyldayan gu gushu, lebed-shipun, mute swan

188. Cylindroiulus latestriatus (centipede/millipede) English

189. Cynodon dactylon (grass) English
- arampandrotra, Australian couch, baamyudaa gurasu, Bahama grass, balama grass, bamyudaa gurasu, Bermuda grass, Bermudagras, Bermudagrass, chiendent, chiendent, chiendent dactyle, chiendent pied-de-poule, common bermudagrass, couch grass, devilgrass, devil's grass, enua, fandrahana, fandropalana, fandrotrarana, fandrotsana, galud-galud, gewonekweek, grama, grama brava, grama dulce, grama rastera, grama-seda, gramigna comune, gramilla, gramilla brava, gramilla Italiana, grand chiendent, gros chiendent, gyougishiba, Handjesgras, herbe de couverture, herbes des Bermudes, hierba Bermuda, hierba fina, Hundszahngras, Indian doab, kabuta, kambuta, kawad-kawaran, kindresy, kulatai , manienie, mosie molulu, motie molulu, motie molulu, nienie, nienie haole, paja de la virgen, palo delgado, pasto Argentina, pasto Bermuda, pasto de gallina, pasto de las Bermudas, pata de perdiz, pelo de conejo, pied de poule, quick grass, scutch grass, star grass, ya phaet, ya phraek, zacate de aguijilla, zacate de Bermuda, zacate de conejo, zacate de gallina, zacate gallina

190. Cynoglossum officinale (herb) English
- beggar's lice, common bur, common houndstongue, Cynoglosse officinal, dog bur, dog's tongue, ebnyelvufu, Echte Hundezunge, Echte Hundszunge, Gebräuchliche Hundszunge, Gemeine Hundszunge, Gewone hondstong, glovewort, gypsy flower, Harilik rass, hondstong, hound's tongue, houndstongue, Hundetunge, Hundetunge, Hundtunga, Közönséges ebnyelvufu, Læge-Hundetunge, Langue-de-chien, Lengua de perro, Lingua-di-cane vellutina, Orvosi ebnyelvufu, Ostrzen pospolity, rats and mice, Rohtokoirankielet, sheep lice, Užanka lékarská, woolmat

191. Cyperus rotundus (sedge) English
- ‘oniani lau, ‘oniani rau, ‘oniani tita, alho-bravo, almendra de tierra, balisanga, boto-botonis, brown nut sedge, capim-alho, capim-dandá, castanuela, castañuela, cebollín, chaguan humatag, chufa, coco, cocograss, coquillo, coquillo purpura, coquito, cortadera, hamasuge, herbe à oignons, ivako, junça, juncia, juncia real, kili‘o‘opu, kili'o'opu, mala-apulid, malanga, matie ‘oniani, matie'oniani, mau‘u mokae, mau‘u mokae, mauku ‘oniani, mauku'oniani, mot ha, mothe, mumuta, mutha, nut grass, nut sedge, nutgrass, oniani, oniani lau, oniani rau, oniani tita, pakopako, pakopako, pakopako, purple nut sedge, purple nut sedge, purple nutsedge, red nut sedge, Rundes Zypergras, soranakambani, soro ni kabani, soronakambani, souchet à tubercules, souchet d'Asie, souchet en forme d'olive, souchet rond, suo cao, sur-sur, tamanengi, te mumute, tiririca, tiririca-vermelha , tuteoneon, vucesa, vuthesa, xiang fu zi, ya haeo mu, ya khon mu, zigolo infestante

192. Cyprinella lutrensis (fish) English
- carpita roja, red horse minnow, red shiner

193. Cyprinus carpio (fish) English  français
- Cá Chép , carp, carpa, carpat, carpe, carpe, carpe commune, carpeau, carpo, cerpyn, ciortan, ciortanica, ciortocrap, ciuciulean, common carp, crap, crapcean, cyprinos, escarpo, Europäischer Karpfen, European carp, fancy carp, feral carp, German carp, grass carp, grivadi, ikan mas, Japanese domesticated carp, kapoor-e-maamoli, kapor, kapr obecný, karp, karp, karp, karp, karp, karp dziki a. sazan, karpa, karpar, karpe, Karpe, karpen, karper, karpfen, karpion, karppi, kerpaille, king carp, koi, koi carp, korop, krap, krapi, kyprinos, læderkarpe, lauk mas, leather carp, leekoh, lei ue, mas massan, mirror carp, olocari, Oriental carp, pa nai, pba ni, pla nai, ponty, punjabe gad, rata pethiya, saran, Saran, sarmão, sazan, sazan baligi, scale carp, sharan, skælkarpe, soneri masha, spejlkarpe, sulari, suloi, tikure, trey carp samahn, trey kap, ulucari, weißfische, wild carp, wildkarpfen

194. Cytisus scoparius (shrub) English
- Besenginster, broomtops, common broom, European broom, genêt à balais, giesta, Irish broom, Scotch broom

195. Dalbergia sissoo (tree) English
- aguru, Bombay blackwood, dalbergia, du-khaek, du-khaek, ébénier juane, gette, Himalaya raintree, India teakwood, Indian dalbergia, Indian rosewood, nukku kattai, ostindisches Rosenholz, pradu-khaek, pradu-khaek, shinshapa, shisham, shishu, shisu, sisam, sisham, sissai, sissau, sisso, sisso, sissoo, sissoo, sissoo, sissu, sisu, sisu, sisuitti, skuva, sonoswaseso, tali, yette

196. Daphnia lumholtzi (crustacean) English
- water flea

197. Delairea odorata (vine, climber) English
- African ivy, Cape ivy, capeivy, climbing groundsel, German ivy, Italian ivy, parlor ivy

198. Dendroctonus valens (insect) English
- dendroctone rouge de l'epinette, dendroctone rouge de l'épinette, hong zhi da xiao du, qiang da xiao du, red turpentine bark beetle, red turpentine beetle

199. Dendrolimus sibiricus (insect) English
- larch caterpillar, Siberian coniferous silk moth, Siberian lasiocampid, Siberian moth

200. Diaphorina citri (insect) English
- Asian citrus psyllid, Asiatic citrus psyllid, Citrus psylla, Oriental citrus psyllid, Psilideo de l'aranjeira, Psylle de l'oranger

201. Dichrostachys cinerea (tree, shrub) English  français
- acacia Saint Domingue, el marabu, Kalahari-Weihnachtsbaum, kéké, mimosa clochette

202. Didymosphenia geminata (alga) English
- didymo, rock snot

203. Dioscorea bulbifera (herb, vine, climber) English
- ‘oi, aerial yam , air yam, air-potato, ápwereka , belloi, bitter yam   , Brotwurzel, cheeky yam, dau fasia, dau kwasi , ellal, hoei-oepas , hoi, hoi , hoi , hoi , igname bulbifère, inhame   , kaile, kaile manu, kaile ndranu, magnaheugo , mata , ñame de gunda , palai, papa voladora, pi‘oi, potato yam  , pousse en l'air, pureka, puruka, pwer, pwereka, pwerh, rook, sarau, soi, soi, soi, wild yam, yam, Yamswurzel , yoi

204. Dioscorea oppositifolia (herb, vine, climber) English
- Chinese yam, cinnamon vine

205. Dipogon lignosus (vine, climber) English
- Australian pea, chookhouse vine , dolichos pea, dunny creeper, lavatory creeper, mile-a-minute, okie bean, purple dolichos

206. Discula destructiva (fungus) English
- dogwood anthracnose

207. Dreissena bugensis (mollusc) English
- quagga mussel

208. Dreissena polymorpha (mollusc) English
- Dreiecksmuschel, Dreikantmuschel, dreisena, Eurasian zebra mussel, moule zebra, racicznica zmienna, Schafklaumuschel, svitraina gliemene, tavaline ehk muutlik rändkarp, vaeltajasimpukka, vandremusling, vandringsmussla, wandering mussel, Wandermuschel, zebra mussel, Zebramuschel, Zebra-Muschel, Zebramussel

209. Duchesnea indica (herb) English  français
- duchesnée d'Inde, fraise crapaud, fraise de l'eau, fraise marron , India mockstrawberry, Indian strawberry

210. Dysdera crocata (insect, arachnid) English
- European garden spider, slater-eating spider , sow-bug killer, woodlouse hunter, woodlouse spider

211. Egeria densa (aquatic plant) English  français
- Brazilian elodea , Brazilian waterweed , Brazilian-waterweed , common waterweed , dense waterweed , egeria , leafy elodea , South American waterweed

212. Eichhornia crassipes (aquatic plant) English  français
- aguapé, bekabe kairanga, bung el ralm, bung el ralm, floating water hyacinth, jacinthe d'eau, jacinto de agua, jacinto-aquatico, jal khumbe, jal kumbhi, lechuguilla, lila de agua, lirio acuatico, mbekambekairanga, riri vai, wasserhyazinthe, water hyacinth, water orchid, wota haisin

213. Elaeagnus angustifolia (tree, shrub) English
- árbol del paraíso , árvore-do-paraíso , chalef , oleaster, olivier de Bohême, olivo de Bohemia , panjino , Russian-olive , trebizond-date

214. Elaeagnus pungens (shrub) English
- leathery silver-bush, nawashiro-gumi , pungent elaeagnus, silverthorn, spotted elaeagnus, thorny elaeagnus, thorny olive

215. Elaeagnus umbellata (tree, shrub) English
- aki-gumi, autumn elaeagnus, autumn-olive, silverberry

216. Elaeis guineensis (palm) English  français
- African oil palm, apwiraiasi, dendê, nu tamara, palmeira-dendê, palmier à huile d'Afrique

217. Elephantopus mollis (herb) English  français
- elephant's foot, false tobacco, faux tabac, tabac marron, tobacco weed

218. Elettaria cardamomum (herb) English  français
- cardamom, cardamome, cœur d'amant, petit cardamome

219. Eleutherodactylus coqui (amphibian) English
- Caribbean tree frog, common coqui, Coqui, Puerto Rican treefrog

220. Eleutherodactylus johnstonei (amphibian) English  français
- hylode de Johnstone

221. Eleutherodactylus planirostris (amphibian) English
- greenhouse frog , rana-ladrona de invernadero

222. Elodea canadensis (aquatic plant) English
- Almindelig vandpest, American elodea, American elodea, American elodea, American waterweed, anacharis, brede waterpest, broad waterweed, broad waterweed, Canada waterweed, Canadian pondweed, Canadian pondweed, Canadian water pest, Canadian waterweed, common waterweed, ditch moss, elodee du Canada, elodeja, gemeine wasserpest, Kanada vesihain, Kanada vesikatk, Kanadan vesirutto, Kanadese waterpes, Kanadine elodeja, Kanadische wasserpest, Moczarka kanadyjska, oxygen weed, Peste d'aqua comune, peste d'eau, Vandpest, vandpest, vanlig vattenpest, Vasspest, Vattenpest, vesirutto, water-thyme

223. Equus asinus (mammal) English
- African wild ass, asino, ass, burro

224. Erigeron karvinskianus (herb) English  français
- daisy, daisy fleabane, erigéron de Karvinsky, latin American fleabane, marguerite folle, mère de famille nombreuse, Mexican daisy, pâquerette, seaside daisy

225. Erinaceus europaeus (mammal) English  français
- brown-breasted hedgehog, erizo, Europäischer Igel, European hedgehog, herisson, igel, igelkott, riccio, western European hedgehog

226. Eriobotrya japonica (tree) English  français
- bibasse, bibassier, eriobotrya du Japon, Japanese medlar, Japanese plum, loquat, néflier du Japon

227. Eriocheir sinensis (crustacean) English
- Chineesche Wolhandkrab, Chinese freshwater edible crab , Chinese mitten crab, Chinese river crab, Chinesische Wollhandkrabbe, crabe Chinois, hiina villkäpp-krabi, Kinas cimdinkrabis , Kinesisk uldhåndskrabbe , Kinesisk ullhandskrabba, Kinesisk ullhåndskrabbe, Kinijos krabas , Kitajskij mokhnatorukij krab, krab welnistoszczypcy , Shanghai crab, villasaksirapu

228. Erodium cicutarium (herb) English
- alfilaree, alfilaria, alfilerillo, California filaree, cutleaf filaree, filaree, heronsbill, loiquilahuen, pin-grass, pin-weed, redstem, redstem filaree, redstem stork's bill, relojito, stork's bill, tachuela

229. Erythrocebus patas (mammal) English
- Aïr patas, black-nosed patas, blue nile hussar monkey , dancing red monkey, eastern patas monkey, engabwor , husarapa, husarenaffe, huzaar aap, Ikoma patas , le singe rouge, military monkey, mono patas, nile patas , nisnas, patas monkey, patas monkey, patasapa, red hussar monkey, red monkey, west African patas, west Africans red monkey

230. Eugenia uniflora (tree, shrub) English  français
- Barbados cherry, Brazilian cherry, cayenne cherry, Cayennekirsche, cerese à côtes , cereza quadrada , cerezo de Cayena, cerise carée, cerise créole, cerise de Cayenne, cerise de pays, cerises-cotes , cerisier carré, cerisier de Cayenne, Florida cherry, French cherry, guinda, kafika, kafika palangi, kafika papalangi, menemene, monkie monkie kersie, nagapiry, ñanga-piré , pendanga, pitanga, pitanga-da-praia, red Brazil cherry, Surinaamsche kersh, Surinam cherry, Surinamkirsche, venevene, zoete kers

231. Euglandina rosea (mollusc) English  français
- cannibal snail, escargot carnivore de Floride, euglandine, Rosige Wolfsschnecke, rosy wolf snail

232. Euonymus alata (shrub) English
- burning bush, winged burning bush, winged euonymus

233. Euonymus fortunei (vine, climber) English
- emerald'n Gold, gaiety, wintercreeper

234. Eupatorium cannabinum (herb) English
- boneset, common Dutch agrimony, common hemp agrimony , eupatorio , gravel root , hemp agrimony, hindheal , holy rope , khad al bint , Koninginnenkruid , koyunpitragi , linwe di tchet , St John's herb , water agrimony

235. Euphorbia esula (herb) English
- Esels-Wolfsmilch, leafy spurge, spurge, wolf's milk

236. Euryops multifidus (shrub) English
- euryops, hawk's eye, sweet resinbush

237. Exotic Newcastle Disease (END) (micro-organism) English
- atypical geflugelpest, avian distemper, avian paramyxovirus type 1 (APMV-1), avian pest, avian pneumoencephalitis, exotic newcastle disease, Korean fowl plague, pseudo-fowl pest, pseudo-poultry plague, pseudovogel-pest, Ranikhet disease, Tetelo disease

238. Falcataria moluccana (tree) English  français
- batai, bataiwood, Molucca albizia, Moluccan sau

239. Felis catus (mammal) English  français
- cat, domestic cat, feral cat, Hauskatze, house cat, poti, pusiniveikau

240. Ficopomatus enigmaticus (annelid) English
- Australian tubeworm, australsk kalkrørsorm, Tüten-Kalkröhrenwurm

241. Ficus rubiginosa (tree, shrub) English
- little leaf fig, Port Jackson fig, rusty fig, rusty-leaved fig

242. Flacourtia indica (tree) English  français
- batoko plum, flacourtie d'Inde, governor's plum,, Indian plum, Madagascar plum, prune malgache, prune pays, prunier malgache, ramontchi

243. Flemingia strobilifera (shrub) English  français
- Dona-Maria, luck plant, sainfoin du Bengale, wildhops, zeb sèk, zeb sèk

244. Foot and Mouth Disease Virus (FMD) (micro-organism) English
- Foot and Mouth Disease, Foot and Mouth Disease Virus

245. Fragaria vesca (herb) English  français
- European strawberry, fraiser des bois, fraisier commun, fraisier sauvage, sow-teat strawberry, ti fraisier, ti fraisier, wild strawberry, woodland strawberry

246. Frangula alnus (shrub) English
- alder buckthorn , aulne noir, black buckthorn, European alder buckthorn, frangula, glossy buckthorn , nerprun bourdaine

247. Fraxinus floribunda (tree) English  français
- frêne de l'Himalaya

248. Fuchsia boliviana (tree, shrub) English  français
- earring flower , fuchsia, fuchsia à grande feuille, fuchsia de Bolivie, lady's eardrops

249. Fuchsia magellanica (vine, climber, shrub) English  français
- fuchsia de Magellan, hardy fuchsia, ti zanneau

250. Funtumia elastica (tree) English  français

251. Furcraea foetida (herb, succulent) English  français
- cadère, chanvre de Maurice, choca vert, choka, choka vert, green aloe

252. Gambusia affinis (fish) English  français
- Barkaleci, Dai to ue, Gambusia, Gambusie, Gambusino, Gambuzia, Gambuzia pospolita, Gambuzija, guayacon mosquito, Isdang canal, Kadayashi, Koboldkärpfling, Kounoupopsaro, Live-bearing tooth-carp, Mosquito fish, Obyknovennaya gambuziya, pez mosquito, San hang ue, Silberkärpfling, tes, Texaskärpfling, Topminnow, western mosquitofish, Western mosquitofish

253. Gambusia holbrooki (fish) English  français
- eastern gambusia, gambusia, mosquitofish, plague minnow, topminnow

254. Gemma gemma (mollusc) English
- Amethyst gem clam, Gem clam

255. Geukensia demissa (mollusc) English
- Atlantic ribbed marsh mussel, ribbed horsemussel, ribbed mussel

256. Glyceria maxima (aquatic plant, grass) English
- Glycérie aquatique , great mann grass, reed mannagrass , reed meadow grass, reed sweet grass , Wasser schwaden

257. Gracilaria salicornia (alga) English  français
- canot-canot , red algae

258. Grevillea robusta (tree) English  français
- chêne d'Australie, grevillaire, silk oak, silky oak, silver oak

259. Gunnera tinctoria (herb) English
- Chilean gunnera, Chilean rhubarb , giant rhubarb, nalca, panque

260. Gymnocephalus cernuus (fish) English
- blacktail, Eurasian ruffe, pope, redfin darter, river ruffe, ruffe

261. Gymnocoronis spilanthoides (aquatic plant) English
- Senegal teaplant , temple plant

262. Gymnodinium catenatum (alga) English
- chain-forming dinoflagellate, estuarine dinoflagellate, naked dinoflagellate

263. Gymnophthalmus underwoodi (reptile)

264. Gymnorhina tibicen (bird) English
- Australian Magpie, Australsk Fløjtefugl, cassican flûteur, dzierzbowron, flétnák australský, flötenvogel, gazza australiana, isohuiluvaris, kasasagifuegarasu, plystreskjære, urraca canora, vrieskavec strakatý, zwartrug-fluitvogel

265. Haematoxylum campechianum (tree) English  français
- bloodwoodtree, bois de campêche , campeachy wood,, campêche , campechewood, hématoxyle campêche

266. Harmonia axyridis (insect) English
- Asian lady beetle, Asiatischer Marienkafer, halloween lady beetle, harlequin lady beetle, Japanese lady beetle, la coccinelle asiatique, multicolored Asian lady beetle, multivariate lady beetle, pumpkin lady beetle, southern lady beetle, veelkeurig aziatisch lieveheersbeestje

267. Hedera helix (vine, climber) English
- English Ivy

268. Hedychium coccineum (herb) English  français
- hédychie écarlate, longose

269. Hedychium coronarium (herb) English  français
- hédychie couronnée, longose blanc, longoze

270. Hedychium flavescens (herb) English  français
- awapuhi melemele, cream garland lily, cream ginger, cream ginger lily, e mei jiang hua, gingembre jaune, hédychie jaunâtre, kopi rengarenga, kopi rengarenga, longose jaune vanille, longoze, opuhi rea rea, re'a rengarenga, teuila, wild ginger, yellow ginger, yellow ginger-lily

271. Hedychium gardnerianum (herb) English  français
- awapuhi kahili, cevuga dromodromo, conteira, Girlandenblume, Jin jiang hua, kahila garland-lily, kahili, kahili ginger, kopi, longose, sinter weitahta, sunkevara, wild ginger

272. Hemiberlesia pitysophila (insect) English
- pine armoured scale , pine greedy scale, pine needle hemiberlesian scale, pine-needle scale insect

273. Hemidactylus frenatus (reptile) English
- Asian house gecko, Asiatischer Hausgecko, bridled house gecko, common house gecko, geco-casero bocón, Gewöhnlicher Halbfingergecko

274. Hemigrapsus sanguineus (crustacean) English
- Asian shore crab, Japanese shore crab

275. Heracleum mantegazzianum (herb) English
- barszcz mantegazyjski, cartwheel-flower, giant hogweed

276. Herpestes javanicus (mammal) English  français
- beji, Kleiner Mungo, mangouste, mangus, mweyba, newla, small Indian mongoose

277. Heteropogon contortus (grass) English  français
- herbe à moutons

278. Hieracium floribundum (herb) English  français
- épervière, yellow devil hawkweed

279. Hiptage benghalensis (vine, climber, shrub) English  français
- adimurtte, adirganti, atimukta, benghalen-Liane, chandravalli, haldavel, hiptage, kampti, kamuka, liana papillon, liane cythère, liane de cerf, liane du Bengale, liane fleur d'orange, madhalata, madhavi, Madhavi, Madhavi, madhumalati, madmalati, ragotpiti, vasantduti

280. Holcus lanatus (grass) English  français
- common velvet grass, creeping soft grass, Houlque laineuse, meadow softgrass, soft meadow grass, woolly soft grass, Yorkshire fog

281. Homalodisca vitripennis (insect) English  français
- cicadelle pisseuse, glassy-winged sharp shooter

282. Hoplochelus marginalis (insect) English  français
- hanneton, ver blanc

283. Houttuynia cordata (shrub) English
- chameleon-plant, ch'I, chu ts'ai , dokudami, doku-dami , houttuynia, vap ca , yu hsing ts'ao , yu xing cao , zyuyaku

284. Hydrilla verticillata (aquatic plant) English  français
- Florida elodea, hydrilla, oxygen weed, water thyme, water weed

285. Hydrocharis morsus-ranae (aquatic plant) English
- common frogbit , European frog's-bit

286. Hygrophila polysperma (aquatic plant) English
- East Indian hygrophila, hygro, Indian swampweed, Miramar weed

287. Hylastes ater (insect) English
- Bark Beetle, Black pine bark beetle, Exotic Bark Beetle

288. Hypericum perforatum (herb) English
- äkta johannesört, äkta mannablod, amber, bal?, bassant, binbirdelikotu, Blutkraut, casse-diable, castellas, common St. John's wort, common StJohnswort, corazoncillo, eala bhuidhe, Echtes Johanniskraut, gammock, Gemeines Johanniskraut, goatsbeard, goatweed, Hartheu, herb john, herbe De Saint-Jean, herbe de St. Jean, hierba de San Juan, hipérico, iperico, johannesblöda, Johanneskruid, johannesört, Johanniskraut, klamathweed, läpikuisma, lule gjaku, lulebasan, lulemaji, mäkikuisma, mansblod, millepertuis, millepertuis perfore, penny john, perforate St. John's wort, racecourse weed, randpirk, rosin rose, St. John's grass, St. John's wort, tipton weed, todabuena, touch and heal, Tüpfel-Hartheu, Tüpfel-Johanniskraut, Unserer Frauen Bettstroh, Y fendigedig

289. Hyphantria cunea (insect) English
- American white moth, Amerikanischer Webebär, Amerikanischer weisser Bärenspinner, Amerika-siro-hitori , blackheaded webworm, chenille à tente estivale, chenille blanche , ecaille fileuse, écaille fileuse, falena tessitrice, fall budworm, fall webworm , fall webworm moth, gusano de la bolsa , hvid bjoernespinder, hvid bjørnespinder , hvit bjoernespinner, hvit bjørnespinner, ifantria americana, mulberry moth, noctuelle d'automne , redheaded webworm, Spinner, Weisser Baeren-, vid bjöernspinnare, Webebär, Amerikanischer, weiser Bärenspinner, weisser amerikanischer Bärenspinner, weisser Bär

290. Hypnea musciformis (alga) English
- hypnea

291. Hypochaeris radicata (herb) English  français
- chicorée-pays, flatweed, gosmore, hairy cat's ear, porcelle enracinée

292. Hypogastura purpurescens (insect, arachnid) English

293. Hypogastura viatica (insect, arachnid) English

294. Hypophthalmichthys molitrix (fish) English
- amour argenté, asimokyprinos, ballgjeri i bardhe, belli-gende, belyi tolstolob, belyi tolstolobik, bin ue, byal tolstolob, carpa argentata, carpa plateada, carpa-prateada, carpe argentée, carpe asiatique, carpe chinoise, Chinese schemer, cho ue, crap argintiu, crap-chinezesc-argintiu, fehér busa, fytofag, hakuren, hopeapaksuotsa, kap perak, kasaf, kopur noqreai, lin ue, phytophague, pla leng hea, pla leng heu, pla lin, pla pae long, pla pin hea, pla pin heu, silberkarpfen, silver carp, silverkarp, silwerkarp, sølvkarpe, Sølvkarpe, tolpyga, tolpyga biala, tolstolob, tolstolob biely, tolstolobik, tolstolobik bílý, tolstolobik obecný, tongsan putih, toplyga biala, tovstolob zvychajnyi, zilverkarper

295. Hypophthalmichthys nobilis (fish) English
- amour à grosse tête, amour marbré, ballgjeri laraman, belli-gende, big head, bighead, bighead carp, boon tau ue, cá mè hoa, carpa cabeza grande, carpa cabezona, carpa dalla testa grande, carpe à grosse tête, carpe chinoise, carpe marbrée, crap argintiu nobil, dai tau, fa lin, gefleckter silberkarpfen, grootkopkarper, Hak lin, kap kepala besar, kapoor-e-sargondeh, kokuren, marmarokyprinos, marmoripaksuotsa, marmorkarp, marmorkarpe, marmorkarpfen, novac, pastar tolstolob, pestryi tolstolob, piestryi tolstolobik, pla song hea, pla song heu, pla tao teo, sung ue, tolpyga pstra, tolstolebec pestrý, tolstolob pestrý, tolstolobec pestrý, tolstolobik pestrý, tongsan, tovstolob strokatyi

296. Icerya purchasi (insect) English
- cottony cushion scale

297. Iguana iguana (reptile) English  français
- common iguana, gallina de palo, green iguana , grön leguan , iguana verde , iguane commun, iguane vert

298. Ilyanassa obsoleta (mollusc) English
- black dog whelk, common mudsnail, eastern mud nassa, eastern mud whelk, eastern mudsnail, mud basket snail, mud dog whelk, obsolete basket snail, worn-out dog whelk

299. Impatiens glandulifera (herb) English
- balsamie de l'himmalaya, bitine sprige, Drüsiges Springkraut, Himalayan balsam, Indian balsam, Indisches Springkraut, jättebalsamin, jättipalsami, Kæmpe-Balsamin, kjempespringfrø, Niecierpek gruczolowaty, Niecierpek himalajski, ornamental jewelweed, policeman's helmet, puku sprigane, risalísa, verev lemmalts, Washington orchid

300. Impatiens walleriana (herb) English  français
- balsam, balsamine sauvage, bizzy-lizzie, garden impatiens, Japanese balsam, patience plant, patient lucy, snapweed, sultana, sultan's balsam, sultan's flower, Zanzibar balsam

301. Imperata cylindrica (grass) English  français
- alang-alang, blady grass, Blutgras, carrizo, cogon grass, gi, impérata cylindrique, japgrass, kunai, lalang, ngi, paille de dys, paillotte, satintail, speargrass

302. Ipomoea aquatica (vine, climber) English  français
- akankong, aquatic morning glory, aseri, cancon, Chinese waterspinach, kang kong, kangking, kangkong, kangkun, kangum, kankan, kankum, kongkong, lili vai , liseron d’eau, lorenzo, luve ne tombithi, ndrinikava, ota karisa, seeri, seri, swamp cabbage, swamp morning glory, te kang kong , ung-choi, wa kumala, water bindweed, water spinach

303. Ipomoea cairica (vine, climber) English  français
- Cairo morning glory, five-fingered morning glory, ipomée du Caire, ivy-leaved morning glory, liane de sept ans, mile a minute vine, morning glory, oastal morning glory

304. Ips typographus (insect) English
- Buchdrucker, Eight-toothed spruce bark beetle, European spruce bark beetle, Gran scolyte de l'epicea, Grandbarkbillen, Großer 8 - zähniger Fichtenborkenkäfer, Le typographe de l'epicea

305. Iris pseudacorus (herb) English
- fleur-de-lis , iris jaune , pale-yellow iris , water flag , yellow flag , yellow iris , yellow water iris , yellow-flag iris

306. Ischaemum polystachyum (grass) English
- mah, paddle grass, reh padil

307. Jatropha gossypiifolia  English  français
- bellyache bush, black physicnut, faux manioc, médicinier à feuilles de cotonnier, otton-leaved physic nut

308. Juncus tenuis (rush) English
- bull grass, field rush, jonc grêle, path rush, poverty rush, slender rush, slender yard rush , soft rush, wiregrass

309. Juniperus bermudiana (tree) English
- Bermuda cedar, Bermuda juniper, red cedar, Southern red cedar

310. Kalanchoe pinnata (succulent) English  français
- chou de faffe, gros pourpier clochette, herbe tortue, patte de poule, patte de poule tortue, soudefaf

311. Kappaphycus spp. (alga) English
- agal agal, agal agal besar, agar agar besar, agar agar pulau, agar agar seru laut, agar-agar, algae, algues rouges , brown licorice, chilin-t' sai, cottonii, eucheuma, eucheuman, guso, kirinsai, red alga

312. Kunzea ericoides (shrub) English
- burgan, kanuka, Kanuka-Oelbaum, tree manuba, tree manuka, white tea tree, white teatree

313. Lachnellula willkommii (fungus) English
- European larch canker

314. Lagarosiphon major (aquatic plant) English  français
- African elodea, curly waterweed, elodée africaine, Lagarosiphon, lagarosiphon majeur, oxygen weed, South African oxygen weed , submerged onocotyledon

315. Landoltia punctata (aquatic plant) English
- dotted duckmeat, dotted duckweed, giant duckweed

316. Lantana camara (shrub) English  français
- ach man, angel lips, ayam, big sage, blacksage, bunga tayi, cambara de espinto, cuasquito, flowered sage, lantana, lantana wildtype, largeleaf lantana, latora moa, pha-ka-krong, prickly lantana, shrub verbean, supirrosa, Wandelroeschen, white sage, wild sage

317. Lasius neglectus (insect) English
- invasive garden ant

318. Lates niloticus (fish) English
- chengu, mbuta, nijlbaars, nilabborre, Nilbarsch, nile perch, perca di nilo, perche du nil, persico del nilo, sangara, Victoria perch, victoriabaars, victoriabarsch

319. Leiothrix lutea (bird) English  français
- leiothrix jaune, red-billed leiothrix, rossignol du Japon

320. Lepidium latifolium (herb) English
- Breitblättrige Kresse, broad-leaf peppergrass , broadleaf pepperweed, erva-pimenteira , giant whiteweed, grande passerage , ironweed, lepidio , mastuerzo montesino , peppergrass , peppergrass mustard , perennial peppercress, perennial peppergrass, perennial pepperweed, piperisa, slender perennial peppercress, tall whitetop, Virginia pepperweed

321. Lepus americanus (mammal) English  français
- lievre d'Amérique, snowshoe hare

322. Lespedeza cuneata (herb, shrub) English
- Chinese bush-clover, Chinese lespedeza, hairy lespedeza, Himalayan bushclover, Japanischer Klee, lespedeza perenne, lespédéza soyeux, perennial lespedeza, sericea lespedeza, silky bush-clover

323. Leucaena leucocephala (tree) English  français
- acacia palida, aroma blanca, balori, bo chet, cassis, false koa, faux mimosa, faux-acacia, fua pepe, ganitnityuwan tangantan, graines de lin, guaje, guaslim, guaxin, huaxin, horse/wild tamarind, huaxin, ipil-ipil, jumbie bean, kan thin, kanthum thect, koa haole, koa-haole, kra thin, kratin, lamtoro, lead tree, leucaena, Leucaena, liliak, lino criollo, lopa samoa, lusina, nito, pepe, rohbohtin, schemu, siale mohemohe, subabul, tamarindo silvestre, tangantangan, tangan-tangan, te kaitetua, telentund, tuhngantuhngan, uaxim, vaivai, vaivai dina, vaivai ni vavalangi, wild mimosa, wild tamarind, zarcilla

324. Leuciscus idus (fish) English
- Gäse, golden orfe, Goldorfe, Iaz, id, ide, Ide, ide dorée, ide mélanote, ide rouge, ido, jalec tmavy, jalec tmavý, jasek, jász, jaz, jelec jesen, Jesen, jesen nížinný, jesen obecný, jez, jezuve, leukiskos-tsiróni, lugojanel, mazdruga, Nerfling, Orfe, Orfe, Orfe, orff, rimte, ryba májová, säyne, silver orfe, strandkarpe, vaduvita, vederbuk, véron, Weißfisch, winde, yaz

325. Ligustrum lucidum (tree) English
- broadleaf privet, glossy privet, large leaf privet, ligustrum privet, privet, tree privet

326. Ligustrum robustum (tree, shrub) English  français
- bora-bora, Ceylon Privét, Sri Lankan privet, tree privet, troene

327. Ligustrum sinense (tree, shrub) English  français
- Chinese ligustrum, Chinese privet, troène de Chine, xiao la

328. Ligustrum vulgare (shrub) English
- aitalikusteri, common privet, European privet, gewone liguster, golden privet, wild privet

329. Limnocharis flava (aquatic plant) English
- cebolla de chucho, cu neo, kalmi, kengkong, keo neo, limnocharis, manja payal, paku rawan, sawah-flower rush, sawah-lettuce, velvetleaf, yellow bur-head

330. Limnoperna fortunei (mollusc) English
- golden mussel, mejillón dorado, mexilhão-dourado

331. Limnophila sessiliflora (herb) English
- ambulia, Asian marshweed, limnophila, shi long wei

332. Linaria vulgaris (herb) English
- butter and eggs, Flachskraut, flaxweed, flugblomster, Gemeines Leinkraut, Gewöhnliches Leinkraut, greater butter and eggs, gulsporre, hosoba-unran, inice obecná, Jacob's ladder, kannusruoho, keltakannusruoho, közönséges gyújtoványfu, Leinkraut, linaire commune, linaire vulgaire, linajola, linnete, lnica pospolita, Löwenmaul, nevruzotu, pyštek obycajný, ramsted, sporrebloma, torskemund, vlasbekje, wild snapdragon, yellow toadflax

333. Linepithema humile (insect) English
- Argentine ant, Argentinische Ameise, formiga-argentina

334. Lithobates catesbeianus (=Rana catesbeiana) (amphibian) English
- bullfrog, grenouille taureau, North American bullfrog, Ochsenfrosch, rana toro, Stierkikker

335. Litoria aurea (amphibian) English  français
- golden bell frog, green and golden bell frog, green and golden swamp frog, green frog, grenouille verte et dorée

336. Litsea glutinosa (tree) English  français
- avocat marron, avocat marron, Indian laurel, litsée glutineuse

337. Littorina littorea (mollusc) English
- common periwinkle

338. Lonicera japonica (vine, climber) English  français
- chèvrefeuille, chèvrefeuille du Japon, Chinese honeysuckle, Hall's honeysuckle, Japanese honeysuckle, Japanisches Geissblatt, madreselva, madressilva

339. Lonicera maackii (shrub) English
- bush honeysuckle, clématite de Maack, Maacks Heckenkirsche, maak's honeysuckle, tree honeysuckle

340. Lotus corniculatus (herb) English
- bacon and eggs, birdfoot deervetch, birdsfoot trefoil, bird's-foot trefoil, bloomfell, buinuzlu Gurdotu, butter and eggs, cat's clover, common lotus, cornette, cornichão, crowtoes, cube, cuernecillo, cuernecillo del campo, Devil's fingers, devil's-claw, Dutchman's clogs, ebert khoshoontzor, ekhdzherarvuit, gafgaz gurdotu, garden birdsfoot trefoil, garden bird's-foot-trefoil, Gemeiner Hornklee, ghizdei marunt, ginestrina, granny's toenails, ground honeysuckle, harilik noiahammas, hen and chickens, hop 'o my thumb, Hornklee, karingtand, keltamaite, komonica zwycrajna, kurdglisprchkhila, kurdlis prukhila, lady's fingers, lady's slippers, lotier corniculé, loto corniculado, lyadvenetz baltiiski , lyadvenetz kavkazski, lyadvenetz komarova, lyadvenetz krymski , lyadvenetz olgi, lyadvenetz polevoi, lyadvenetz rogatyi , lyadvenetz ruprekhta, lyadvenetz somnitelnyi , lyadvenetz zhigulevski, palyavaya akatzyya, paprastasis garzdenis , pied-de-poule, ragaine vanagnadzini , rutvitza ragataya, sheep-foot, tryzaouka, upright trefoil, yellow treefoil, zayachchy bratki

341. Ludwigia peruviana (aquatic plant) English  français
- ludwigia, Peruvian primrose, Peruvian primrosebush, Peruvian primrose-willow , water-primrose

342. Lumbricus terrestris (annelid) English
- dilly worms , green crawlers, large crawlers , night crawler, nitro crawlers

343. Lupinus polyphyllus (herb)
- bigleaf lupine, marsh lupine, Vielblättrige Lupine

344. Lutjanus kasmira (fish) English  français
- blouband snapper, blue-banded hussar, bluebanded snapper , blueline snapper, blue-lined sea perch, bluelined snapper, blue-lined snapper fish, bluestripe seaperch, bluestripe snapper, bluestriped snapper , common bluestripe snapper, common blue-stripe snapper, common bluestriped snapper, gorara tikus, hamra, hobara, ikan nonya , irri ranna, janja, kelea, kuning-kuning , kunyit, kunyit-kunyit , madras, mbawaa, merah, naisarah, nga-wet-panni, nisar, pargo de raios azuis , pargo de rayas , pargo de rayas azules, perche à raies bleues, pla ka pong deng thab nam ngern, pla kapong, savane, taape, tanda-tanda, tembo-uzi , vali ranna , verikeechan, vivaneau à raies bleues , yellow and blue seaperch , yosuji-fuedai

345. Lycalopex griseus (mammal) English
- Argentine gray fox, Argentine grey fox, Argentinean grey fox, atoj, chico gray fox, chico grey fox, chilla, gray zorro, grey zorro, nguru, nuru, n'uru, Patagonian fox, Patagonischen fuchs, renard gris, South American gray fox, South American grey fox, yeshgai, zooro gris Patagonico, zorro chico, zorro chilla, zorro de la pampa , zorro gris, zorro gris chico

346. Lygodium japonicum (vine, climber, fern) English
- Japanese climbing fern, kani-kusa, tsuru-shinobu

347. Lygodium microphyllum (fern) English
- Old World climbing fern, small leaf climbing fern, small-leaf climbing fern

348. Lymantria dispar (insect) English
- Asian gypsy moth, erdei gyapjaslepke, gubar, gypsy moth, lagarta peluda, limantria, løVstraesnonne, maimai-ga, mniska vel’kohlava, Schwammspinner, spongieuse

349. Lythrum salicaria (aquatic plant, herb) English  français
- Blutweiderich, purple loosestrife, rainbow weed, salicaire, spiked loosestrife

350. Macaca fascicularis (mammal) English
- crab-eating macaque, long-tailed macaque

351. Macaca mulatta (mammal) English
- macaco, macaque, macaque rhésus, mangiki, mono rhesus, rhesus macaque, rhesus monkey, rhesusapa, rhesusmakak

352. Macfadyena unguis-cati (vine, climber) English  français
- bejuco de gato, cat-claw creeper, catclaw-trumpet, catclawvine, cat's claw climber, cat's claw creeper, cat's claw vine, cat's-claw, claw vine, funnel-creeper, griffe à chatte, katteklouranker, liane patate, macfadyena, patte d'oiseau, paz y justicia, riffe chatte, uña de gato, yellow trumpet vine

353. Melaleuca quinquenervia (tree) English  français
- aceite de cayeput, balsamo de cayeput, belbowrie, bottle brush tree, broadleaf paperbark tree, broadleaf teatree , broad-leaved paperbark tree, cajeput, capeputi, corcho, five-veined paperbark tree, itahou , Japanese paper wasp, kayu putih, Mao-Holzrose, melaleuca, niaouli, niaouli, numbah, paper bark tree, paperbark teatree, punk tree, white bottlebrush tree

354. Melastoma candidum (shrub) English
- Asian melastome, Indian rhododendron, Malabar melastome

355. Melia azedarach (tree, shrub) English  français
- ‘ilinia, ‘inia, alelaila, amargoseira-do-Himalaio , arbre à chapelets , bakain, chinaberry , chuan liang zi , dake, Indian lilac, indischer Zedrachbaum , jazmin, lelah, lilas, lilas de l'Inde, lilas de Perse, lilas des Indes , margosa tree, margosier, melia, para‘isu , paraíso, Persian lilac, persischer Flieder , petit lilas, prais, pride-of-India, sendan , Sichuan pagoda-tree , sili, sita, syringa berrytree , tili, tira , umbrella tree, white cedar

356. Melilotus alba (herb) English
- almengó blanc, bai hua cao mu xi, bokhara-clover , Bokharaklee, donnik belyi, fehér somkóró, heuin jeon dong ssa ri, hierba orejera, honey clover, honey-lotus, hubam, hubam clover, hvid stenkløver, hvit steinkløver, melilot, melilot blanc , mélilot blanc, meliloto bianco, meliloto blanco, meliloto-branco, Melilotos, mielcón, mielga, nostrzyk bialy, Shirobana shinagawa hagi, trébol de olor blanco , trébol oloroso, tree clover, valkomesikkä, Vit sötväppling, Weisser honigklee, Weißer steinklee, white melilot, white millet, white sweetclover

357. Melinis minutiflora (grass) English  français

358. Merizodus soledadinus (insect) English  français

359. Merremia peltata (vine, climber) English  français
- abui, agon, arosumou, big leaf, big lif rop, fitau, fitaw, fue, fue kula, fue lautetele, fue lautetele, fue mea, fue vao, fue vao, fue vao, grobihi, iohl, iol, kebeas, lagun, merremia, Niaouli-Oelbaum, pohue , puhlah, teb el yas, veliyana, viliyawa, wa bula, wa damu, wa mbula, wa ndamu, wachathal, wiliao, wiliviwa

360. Merremia tuberosa (vine, climber) English  français
- Hawaiian wood rose, liane à tonelle, liane Gandelour, liane sultane jaune, rose des bois , Spanish arborvine, Spanish woodbine, wood rose, yellow morning-glory

361. Miconia calvescens (tree) English  français
- bush currant, cancer vert, cancer vert, miconia, purple plague, velvet tree

362. Micropterus salmoides (fish) English  français
- achigã, achigan, achigan à grande bouche, American black bass, bas dehanbozorg, bas wielkogeby, bass, bass wielkgebowy, biban cu gura mare, black bass, bolsherotnyi amerikanskii tscherny okun, bol'sherotyi chernyi okun', buraku basu, fekete sügér, forelbaars, forellenbarsch, green bass, green trout, großmäuliger Schwarzbarsch, huro, isobassi, khorshid Mahi Baleh Kuchak, lakseabbor, largemouth bass, largemouth black bass, lobina negra, lobina-truche, northern largemouth bass, okounek pstruhový, okuchibasu, Öringsaborre, Ørredaborre, ostracka, ostracka lososovitá, perca americana, perche d'Amérique, perche noire, perche truite, persico trota, stormundet black bass, stormundet ørredaborre, tam suy lo ue, zwarte baars

363. Microstegium vimineum (grass) English
- annual jewgrass, Asian stilt grass , bamboograss, Chinese packing grass , flexible sesagrass, Japanese grass, Japanese stilt grass , Mary's grass, Nepal grass , Nepal microstegium, Nepalese browntop, Vietnamese stilt grass

364. Mikania micrantha (vine, climber) English  français
- American rope, Chinese creeper, Chinesischer Sommerefeu, fue saina, liane americaine, mile-a-minute weed, ovaova, usuvanua, wa bosucu, wa mbosuthu, wa mbosuvu, wa mbutako, wa ndamele

365. Mimosa diplotricha (vine, climber, shrub) English  français
- co gadrogadro, giant false sensitive plant, giant sensitive plant, grande sensitive, la'au fefe palagi, la'au fefe tele, limemeihr laud, mechiuaiuu, nila grass, pikika‘a papa‘a, sensitive gèante, singbiguin sasa, vao fefe palagi, wa ngandrongandro levu, wa ngandrongandro ni wa ngalelevu

366. Mimosa pigra (shrub) English  français
- bashful plant, catclaw, catclaw mimosa, chi yop, columbi-da-lagoa, eomrmidera, espino, giant sensitive plant, giant sensitive tree, giant trembling plant, juquiri, juquiri grand, kembang gajah, mai yah raap yak, maiyarap ton, malicia-de-boi, mimosa, mimosa, mimose, putri malu , semalu gajah, sensitiva, trinh nu nhon , una de gato, xao ho

367. Mimosa pudica (herb) English  français
- action plant, Almindelig mimose, Attaapatti, betguen sosa, Chuimui, co gadrogadro, cogadrogadro, dorme, dormidera, Gemeine Mimose, honteuse, humble plant, Khadiraka, Kruidje-roer-me-niet, Laajaalu, laajak, Laajari, la'au fefe, Lajaalu, lajja, lajjalu, Lajjavanthi, lajjavathi, Lajouni, lazza bati, limemeihr, live and die, marie-honte, mateloi, mayhont, mechiuaiu, memege, mimosa, morivivi, Muttidare muni, Namaskaar, ngandrongandro, paope ‘avare, pikika‘a, pikika‘a, pohe ha‘avare, pope ha'avare, pua hilahila, puteri malu, rakau ‘avare, rakau ‘avarevare, rakau pikika‘a, rakau pikika‘a, Raktapaadi, Reesamani, Samangaa, sensitiva, Sensitiva, sensitive, sensitive grass, sensitive plant, shamebush, shamelady, shameplant, shameweed, Shamipatra, Sinnpflanze, sleeping grass, tho kandrodandro, tho ngandrongandro, thothae jegri, ti mawi, tiare pikika‘a, tita ‘avarevare, tita ‘avarevare, tita pikika‘a, togop-togop, Tottalavaadi, touch-me-not, tuitui, tuitui, Tuntokasvi, vao fefe, vao fefe, vao tuitui, vao tuitui, vergonzosa

368. Miscanthus sinensis (grass) English
- chinese fairy grass, chinese silver grass, Chinesisches Stielbluetengras, eulalia, eulalia grass, Gemeines Chinaschilf, japanese silver grass, maiden grass, miscanthus, pampas grass, plume grass, prachtriet, Schilfras, susuki, zebra grass

369. Misgurnus anguillicaudatus (fish) English
- Aasianmutakala, Amur mud loach, Amur weatherfish, amurskii v'yun, Asian pond loach, cá Ch?ch bùn, cá diét, Chinese weatherfish , dojo, dojo, dojô, dojo loach, dojou, Japanese loach, Japanese weatherfish, kinesisk smerling, kinesisk Vejrfisk, loche asiatique, loche d'étang, misgurno, misgurno de Asia, mud loach, nai chau, oriental weatherfish, oriental weatherloach, Ostasiatischer Schlammpeitzger, panispis, pond loach, u-u, vostochnyi, weather loach

370. Mnemiopsis leidyi (comb jelly) English
- American comb jelly, comb jelly, comb jellyfish, Rippenqualle, sea gooseberry, sea walnut, Venus' girdle, warty comb jelly

371. Molothrus ater (bird) English
- brown-headed cowbird, buffalo bird, cowbird

372. Molothrus bonariensis (bird) English  français
- shiny cowbird, tordo lustroso, tordo renegrido, tordo vaquero, vacher luisant

373. Monomorium destructor (insect) English
- destructive trailing ant , Mizo-hime-ari, Singapore ant

374. Monomorium pharaonis (insect) English
- fourmi pharaon, pharaoh ant

375. Monopterus albus (fish) English
- rice eel, swamp eel, white ricefield eel

376. Morella faya (tree, shrub) English
- candleberry myrtle, fayatree, Feuerbaum, fire tree, firebush

377. Morone americana (fish) English
- Amerikanbassi , Amerikansk bars , bar blanc d'Amerique, baret can, bars, cernier atlantique, havabbor, hvit havabbor, morona, narrow-mouthed bass, perche blanche, robalo do norte, robalo-do-norte, rokiel srebrzysty, sea perch , seebarsch, silver perch, spigola americana, vitabborre, White perch , wreckfish

378. Mus musculus (mammal) English  français
- biganuelo, field mouse, Hausmaus, house mouse, kiore-iti, raton casero, souris commune, wood mouse

379. Musculista senhousia (mollusc) English
- Asian date mussel, Asian mussel, cuckoo mussel, date mussel, green bagmussel, green mussel, hototogisu, Japanese mussel, senhouse mussel, Senhouse's mussel

380. Mustela erminea (mammal) English
- ermine, ermine, Grosswiesel, Hermelin, hermine, short-tailed weasel, short-tailed weasel, stoat

381. Mustela furo (mammal) English
- ferret, fitch, New Zealand fitch

382. Mustela nivalis (mammal) English
- belette pygmée, least weasel

383. Mya arenaria (mollusc) English
- almindelig sandmusling, eastern soft-shell clam, hietasimpukka, liela smilšgliemene, liiva-uurikkarp, long-necked clam, nannynose, sand gaper, Sandklaffmuschel , sandmusslan, sandskel, smelinuke, soft-shell clam, steamer clam, vanlig sandskjell

384. Mycale grandis (sponge) English
- orange keyhole sponge, orange sponge

385. Myiopsitta monachus (bird) English
- burátpapagáj, catita com?n, caturra-da-argentina, convue veuve, cotorra argentina, grey-breasted parakeet, grey-headed parakeet, matto grasso, mniszka, Mönchssittich, monk parakeet, monniksparikiet, munkkiaratti, munkparakit, papo branco, parrocchetto monaco, perruche-souris, quaker conure, quaker parakeet, quaker parrot

386. Myocastor coypus (mammal) English
- Biberratte, coipù, coypu, nutria, ragondin, ratão-do-banhado, Sumpfbiber

387. Myriophyllum aquaticum (aquatic plant) English  français
- brazilian watermilfoil, myriophylle du Brésil, parrot feather, parrot feather watermilfoil, parrotfeather, parrot's-feather, pinheirinho-d'água, thread-of-life, waterduisendblaar, water-feather

388. Myriophyllum spicatum (aquatic plant) English
- Eurasian water-milfoil, spike water-milfoil

389. Myrmica rubra (insect) English
- European fire ant, European imported fire ant

390. Mytilopsis leucophaeata (mollusc) English
- brackish water mussel, Conrad's false mussel, dark false mussel

391. Mytilopsis sallei (mollusc) English
- black striped mussel, caliche, Caribbean black-striped false mussel, Caribbean black-striped mussel, false mussel, Santo Domingo false mussel

392. Mytilus galloprovincialis (mollusc) English
- bay mussel, blue mussel, Mediterranean mussel, Mittelmeer-Miesmuschel

393. Myxobolus cerebralis (micro-organism) English
- whirling disease

394. Nassella neesiana (grass) English
- Chilean needle grass

395. Nassella tenuissima (grass) English
- angel's hair, elegant spear grass, fine-stemmed needle grass, Mexican feather grass, Mexican needle grass, pony tail, ponytail grass, Texas tussock, Texas tussock grass, white tussock

396. Neogobius melanostomus (fish) English
- babca neagrâ, babka bycha, babka okragla, black spotted goby, bychok kruglyak, chornorotyj bychok, gobie â taches noires, gobio pintato, grundel, guvid, Kruglyak, round goby, Schwarzmundgrundel, stronghil, trevno popche

397. Neovison vison (=Mustela vison) (mammal) English
- American mink, mink

398. Nephrolepis cordifolia (fern) English
- boston fern, erect sword fern, fish-bone fern, herring bone fern, ladder fern , lemon butter fern, narrow swordfern, southern sword fern, sword fern, tube ladder fern, tuber sword fern

399. Neyraudia reynaudiana (grass) English
- burma reed, cane grass, false reed, silk reed

400. Nicotiana glauca (shrub) English
- gandul, guang yan cao, kidachi tabako, mustard tree, paka, tabac canaque, tabaco moro, tabaco moruno, tabaco negro, tree tabacco, wild tobacco, wildetabak

401. Norops sagrei (reptile) English
- Bahamian brown anole, brown anole, Cuban brown anole

402. Nymphaea odorata (aquatic plant) English
- American waterlily, American white waterlily, fragrant waterlily, white waterlily

403. Nymphoides peltata (aquatic plant) English
- asaza, entire marshwort, floating heart, fringed water lily, xing cai, yellow floatingheart

404. Ochlerotatus japonicus japonicus (insect) English
- Asian rock pool mosquito

405. Ocimum gratissimum (herb) English  français
- African basil, basilic, basilic sauvage, baumier, clove basil, gros baume, menthe gabonaise, shrubby basil, tolsi, tree basil, wild basil

406. Odocoileus virginianus (mammal) English  français
- cerf de Virginie, white-tailed deer

407. Oeceoclades maculata (herb) English  français

408. Oncorhynchus mykiss (fish) English  français
- Alabalik, Alabalik türü, Amerikaniki Pestrofa, Aure, Baiser, Baja California rainbow trout, Brown trout, Coast angel trout, Coast rainbow trout, Coast range trout, Dagova pastarva, Forel rajduzhna, Forelle, Hardhead, Kamchatka steelhead, Kamchatka trout, Kamloops, Kamloops trout, Kirjolohi, K'wsech, Lord-fish, Masu, Nijimasu, Orret, Pastrva, Pestropha, pstrag teczowy, Pstrag teczowy , Pstruh duhový, Pstruh dúhový, rainbow trout, Rainbow trout , Redband, redband trout, Regenbogenforelle, Regenbogenforelle , Regenboogforel, Regnbåge, Regnbågslax, Regnbogasilungur, Regnbueørred, Regnbueørret, Salmon trout, Salmones del Pacífico, Silver trout, Stahlkopfforelle, Stålhovedørred, Steelhead, steelhead trout, Steelhead trout , Summer salmon, Sxew'k'em, Trofta ylberi, Trofte ylberi, Trota, Trota iridea, Trucha, trucha arco iris, Trucha arco iris , Trucha arcoiris, truite arc-en-ciel, Truta , Truta-arco-iris, Urriöi

409. Onopordum acanthium (herb) English
- cotton thistle, heraldic thistle, Scotch cotton thistle, Scotch thistle, woolly thistle

410. Ophiostoma ulmi sensu lato (fungus) English
- dutch elm disease, Schlauchpilz

411. Oplismenus hirtellus ssp. undulatifolius (grass) English
- wavyleaf basketgrass

412. Opuntia cochenillifera (tree, shrub, succulent) English
- cacto-de-cochonilha, cochenillekaktus, cochenillier, cochineal cactus, cochineal cactus, cochineal nopal cactus , cochineal nopal cactus , cochineal-plant, English tungy, French prickle, nopal cactus, nopal chamacuero, nopal de cochinilla , nopal de la cochinilla, nopal nochetzli, nopalea grande, nopales opuntia, Opuntia, palma, palma-de-engorda, palma-doce, palma-miuda, palmatória, prickly pear, prickly pear, raquette espagnole, velvet opuntia, warm hand, white tungi , white tungy, wooly joint prickly pear

413. Opuntia monacantha (tree, shrub, succulent) English
- common prickly pear, drooping prickly pear, lauaufai va , Opuntia, prickly pear, red tungi, red tungy, round red prickly pear

414. Opuntia stricta (shrub) English  français
- Araluen pear, Australian pest pear, chumbera, common pest pear, common prickly pear, erect prickly pear, Feigenkaktus, gayndah pear, nopal estricto, pest pear of Australia, sour prickly pear, spiny pest pear, suurturksvy

415. Oracella acuta (insect) English
- loblolly pine mealybug, pine mealybug

416. Orconectes rusticus (crustacean) English
- rusty crayfish

417. Orconectes virilis (crustacean) English
- northern crayfish, virile crayfish

418. Oreochromis aureus (fish) English
- abiad hasani, amnon hayaor, amnun hayarden, amnun yarden , an-boh boh, biering-pill , blue tilapia, bolti azrak, epia, fartere, gargassa, gargaza, Goldtilapia, guldtilapia, holinga, Ifunu, Israeli tilapia, Israelse tilapia, Jordan St. peter's fish, karpassa, karwa, kpeloi, kultatilapia, kurpertilapia, mpupa, musht lubbad, partere, sale, sayray, sohn-pill, tilapia, tilapia azul, tome, tsokungi, ukuobu, waas, wass khoss, wass xos, wass-bor

419. Oreochromis mossambicus (fish) English  français
- blou kurper, common tilapia, fai chau chak ue, Java tilapia, kawasuzume, kurper bream, malea, mojarra, mosambik-maulbrüter, Mozambikskaya tilapiya, Mozambique cichlid, Mozambique mouth-breeder, Mozambique mouthbrooder, Mozambique tilapia, mphende, mujair, nkobue, tilapia, tilapia del Mozambique, tilapia du Mozambique, tilapia mossambica, tilapia mozámbica, trey tilapia khmao, weißkehlbarsch, wu-kuo yu

420. Oreochromis niloticus (fish) English  français
- chhnoht, chikadai, munruvare, Nile mouthbrooder, Nile tilapia, pla pla, planil, telepia, tilapia, tilapie, trey tilapia, wass

421. Oreochromis spp. (fish) English
- boulti, freshwater snapper, mojara, ngege , pla nil, St. Peters fish, tilapia

422. Orthezia insignis (insect) English
- chinche harinosa del croto, cochinilla blanca menor de los citricos, Croton bug, escama blanca del croto, Gewaechshaus-Roehrenschildlaus, glasshouse Orthezia, greenhouse Orthezia, jacaranda bug, Kew bug, Lantana blight, Lantana bug, marsupial coccid, Maui blight, Orthezia scale

423. Orthotomicus erosus (insect) English
- European bark beetle, Mediterranean pine engraver beetle

424. Oryctes rhinoceros (insect) English  français
- Asiatic rhinoceros beetle, bebete coco, black beetle, coconut black beetle, coconut palm rhinoceros beetle, coconut rhinoceros beetle, date palm beetle, dung beetle, escarabajo rinoceronte Asiático, fruit stalk borer, Indischer Nashornkäfer, Indischer Nashornkäfer, klappertor, kumbang badak, kumbang tanduk, oryctes du cocotier, Palmen-Nashornkaefer, rhinoceros beetle, rhinoceros du cocotier, scarabé du cocotier

425. Oryctolagus cuniculus (mammal) English  français
- Europäisches Wildkaninchen, kaninchen, lapin, rabbit

426. Osteopilus septentrionalis (amphibian) English  français
- Cuban Treefrog, Giant Tree-frog, Marbled Tree-toad, rainette de Cuba, rana cubana, rana platernera

427. Ostrea edulis (mollusc) English
- common oyster, edible oyster, eetbare oester, Essbare euster, European flat oyster, European oyster, huître comestible, huître plate Européenne, istiride, native oyster, oester, ostra Europa, platte oester, stridia, stridie, ustritsa

428. Ovis ammon (mammal) English  français
- Mouflon, Mouflon de Corse

429. Ovis aries (mammal) English  français
- mouflon, sheep

430. Oxycaryum cubense (aquatic plant, sedge) English
- alligator weed, burhead sedge, capim-de-capivara, Cuban bulrush

431. Oxyura jamaicensis (bird) English
- Amerikansk kopparand, Amerikansk skarveand, erismature rouse, gobbo della giamaica, hrókönd, malvasía cabeciblanca, northern ruddy duck, rosse stekelstaarteend, ruddy duck, schwartzkopf ruderente, stivhaleand

432. Pacifastacus leniusculus (crustacean) English
- Californian crayfish, Pacific crayfish, signal crayfish

433. Paederia foetida (vine, climber) English
- Chinese fever vine, skunk vine , stinkvine

434. Panicum repens (grass) English
- canota, couch panicum , creeping panic , kriechende Hirse, millet rampant , panic rampant , torpedo grass , torpedograss , Victoria grass , wainaku grass

435. Paratachardina pseudolobata (insect) English
- lobate lac scale

436. Paratrechina longicornis (insect) English
- crazy ant , hairy ant , higenaga-ameiro-ari , long-horned ant, slender crazy ant

437. Paratrechina pubens (insect) English
- Caribbean crazy ant, hairy crazy ant, Rasberry crazy ant

438. Parthenium hysterophorus (herb) English  français
- camomille balais, camomille z'oiseaux, congress grass, fausse camomille, herbe blanche, Karottenkraut, parthenium weed, ragweed parthenium, Santa Maria feverfew, whitetop weed

439. Paspalum scrobiculatum (grass) English
- co duru levu, cow grass, creeping paspalum, desum, ditch millet, Indian crown grass, Indian paspalum, kodo, kodo millet, Kodohirse, kodomillet, kodo-millet, kodra, mijo koda, native Paspalum, rice grass, ricegrass paspalum, tho ndina, tho nduru levu, tho ni ndina, water couch

440. Paspalum urvillei (grass) English  français
- epinard

441. Paspalum vaginatum (grass) English
- biscuit grass, capim-paturá, grama de costa, grama de mar, grama-rasteira, gramilla, gramilla blanca, gramón, herbe rampante, jointgrass, kambutu, knot grass, knottweed, matie, mauku ta‘atai, mauku vairakau, mosie kalalahi, mutia, mutie, salt grass, saltwater couch, saltwater paspalum, seashore crowngrass, seashore grass, seashore paspalum, silt grass, swamp couch, water couch, wujoojkatejukjuk

442. Passer domesticus (bird) English  français
- English sparrow, Europese huismuis, gorrion casero, Gorrion domestico, house sparrow, house sparrow, moineau domestique, town sparrow

443. Passiflora edulis (vine, climber) English  français
- fruit de la passion, grenadelle, grenadine, passion fruit, passionflower, purple granadilla, purple passion fruit

444. Passiflora foetida (vine, climber) English  français
- bedoca, bombom, dulce, fetid pa, grenadier marron, ka thoc rock, kinahulo' atdao, kudamono, lani wai, loliloli ni kalavo, love-in-a-mist, mossy passionflower, pasio vao, passiflore, passiflore fétide, passiflore poc-poc, passionflower, pohapoha, pompom, pwomwpwomw, qaranidila, running pop, scarlet fruited passionflower, sou, stinking passionflower, tea biku, ti grenadelle, tomates, vaine 'ae kuma, vaine 'initia, vine vao, wild passion fruit, wild water lemon

445. Passiflora maliformis (vine, climber) English  français
- conch apple, coque en fer, curuba, granadilla de hueso, hard-shelled passionfruit, ka 'atene, katinga, parapoutini 'enua, pasio, passiflore en forme de pomme, pomme calabas, pomme calebasse, Sweet Calabash, vaine kai, vaine

446. Passiflora suberosa (vine, climber) English  français
- corky passionflower, corkystem passionflower, devil's pumpkin, grain d'encre, grenadille, indigo berry, liane poc-poc, passiflore, wild passionfruit

447. Passiflora tarminiana (vine, climber) English  français
- banana passion flower, banana passion vine, banana passionfruit, banana poka, bananadilla, curuba, curuba ecuatoriana, curuba india, curuba quiteña, gulián, tacso amarillo, tumbo

448. Pasteurella multocida (micro-organism) English
- avian cholera

449. Paulownia tomentosa (tree) English
- empress tree, foxglove-tree , karritree, kiri, princess tree

450. Pennisetum ciliare (grass) English
- African foxtail grass, Büffelgras, buffelgrass , cenchrus cilié, dhaman, pasto buffel, zacate buffel

451. Pennisetum clandestinum (grass) English  français
- capim-quicuio, kikuyo, kikuyu grass, kikuyu pul, kikuyu tana, kikuyugras, pasto africano, West African pennisetum, xi fei lang wei cao

452. Pennisetum macrourum (grass) English
- African feather grass, African feathergrass, bedding grass, feather grass, fountain grass , kikuyu grass, needle grass, spear grass, waterside reed

453. Pennisetum polystachion (grass) English  français
- dipw rais, feathery pennisetum, mechen katu, missiongrass, o tamata, pwokso, queue de chat, thin napier grass, West Indian pennisetum

454. Pennisetum setaceum (grass) English  français
- fountaingrass, yerba de fuente

455. Perca fluviatilis (fish) English
- abbor, abborre, abor, aborre, aborri, ahven, almindelig Aborre, an phéirse mhara, baars, bacheh Suf, Bahrs, Barsch, berse, Bersich, biban, boyat, brell, cochonnet, Egli, Eurasian perch, Europæisk aborre, European perch, Flußbarsch, Flussbarsch, hurlin, hürling, jôlerie, kostur, Kretzer, mahi suf rudkhaneh-y astrakhan, mahi-ye khardar, obyknovennyi okun', okon, okoun rícní, okun, ostriez, ostriež, peirse, perca, pérca chaní, perca europea, perca-europeia, perch, perchat, Perchaude, perchaude, perche, perche commune, perche européenne, perche fluviatile, percho, perchot, perco, percot, perki, persico, persico reale, pesce, pesce persico, rechen kostur, rechnoi okun, redfin perch, river perch, sharmak, soof-e-hajitarkhan, suf Haji Tarkhan, suf rudkhaneh-ye, sügér, tatlisu levregi, tatlisulevregi baligi

456. Perna perna (mollusc) English
- brown mussel, Mexilhao mussel

457. Perna viridis (mollusc) English
- Asian green mussel, green mussel

458. Petromyzon marinus (fish) English
- great sea lamprey, lake lamprey, lamprea de mar, lamprey, lamprey eel, lamproie marine, sea lamprey

459. Phalaris arundinacea (grass) English
- alpiste roseau, caniço-malhado, gardener's-garters, hierba cinta, kusa-yoshi, pasto cinto, reed Canary grass, ribbon grass, Rohrglanzgras, variegated grass

460. Phalloceros caudimaculatus (fish) English
- caudo, kaudi, kolstert-muskietvis, pilkkukala, speckled mosquitofish, spottail mosquitofish, spotted livebearer, Vielfleckkärpfling, zyworodka jednoplamka

461. Pheidole megacephala (insect) English  français
- big-headed ant, brown house-ant, coastal brown-ant, Grosskopfameise, lion ant

462. Phellinus noxius (fungus) English
- brown root rot, limu mea

463. Philornis downsi (insect) English

464. Phoenix canariensis (tree, palm) English
- Canary date palm, Canary Island date palm , dattier des Canaries, phoenix palm

465. Phormium tenax (shrub) English
- bush flax, lino de Nueva Zelanda, lirio de espada , New Zealand flax, New Zealand hemp

466. Phragmites australis (grass) English
- cane, caniço, carrizo común, common reed, ditch reed, giant reed, giant reedgrass, phragmites, reed grass, roseau, roseau cane, roseau commun, Schilf, schilfrohr, yellow cane

467. Phyllorhiza punctata (jellyfish) English
- Australian spotted jellyfish, spotted jellyfish, white-spotted jellyfish

468. Phyllostachys flexuosa (herb) English  français

469. Physalis peruviana (shrub) English
- aguaymanto, alquequenje, alquequenje amarillo, alquequenje , bate-testa  , botebote yadra, camapú , Cape gooseberry, capuli, capulí , coqueret du Peru, erva-noiva-do-peru , goldenberry , gooseberry tomato, gooseberry-tomato, goundou-goundou, groselha-do-Peru, groselha-do-Peru, ground cherry, ishmagol, jangalii mevaa, Kapstachelbeere, kospeli, ku‘usi, manini, manini fua lalahi, maulanggua, mbotembote yandra, oatamo, pa‘ina, Peruvian cherry, Peruvian ground-cherry, physalis , poha, rasabarii, te baraki, te bin, thol thakkali, tomatinho-de-capucho, topotopo, tukiyandra, tupera, tupere, uvilla  , watamo, winebusupén

470. Phytophthora cinnamomi (fungus) English
- cinnamon fungus, green fruit rot, heart rot, jarrah dieback, phytophthora crown and root rot, Phytophthora Faeule der Scheinzypresse, phytophthora root rot, seedling blight, stem canker, wildflower dieback

471. Phytophthora pinifolia (micro-organism) English
- Daño Foliar del Pino (DFP)

472. Phytophthora ramorum (fungus) English
- maladie de l’encre des chênes rouges, mort subite du chêne, ramorum blight, ramorum dieback, ramorum leaf blight, SOD, sudden oak death

473. Pinus caribaea (tree) English  français
- Bahamas pitch pine, Caribbean pine, pin des Caraïbes

474. Pinus pinaster (tree) English  français
- cluster pine, maritime pine

475. Pinus spp. (tree) English
- Austrian pine (P. nigra ssp. nigra), big cone pine (P. coulteri), bishop pine (P. muricata), contorta (P. contorta), lodgepole pine (P. contorta), maritime pine (P. pinaster), Monterrey pine (P. radiata), Ponderosa pine (P. ponderosa), radiata pine (P. radiata), remarkable pine (P. radiata, Scots pine (P. sylvestris), wilding pines

476. Piper aduncum (tree, shrub) English
- aerta ruão, anisillo, bamboo piper, cordoncillo, cow's foot, false kava, false matico, guayayo, higuillo, higuillo de hoja menuda, jaborandi-do-mato, jointwood, man anesi wiwiri, matico, pimenta-de-macaco, Santa María negra, spiked pepper, yanggona ni Onolulu, yaqona ni Onolulu

477. Pistia stratiotes (aquatic plant) English  français
- laitue d'eau, Lechuguilla de agua, lechuguita de agua, pistie, repollo de agua, salade d’eau, tropical duckweed, water lettuce

478. Pittosporum undulatum (tree, shrub) English
- Australian cheesewood, mock orange, native daphne, orange pittosporum, sweet pittosporum, Victorian box, Victorian laurel, wild coffee

479. Plasmodium relictum (micro-organism) English
- avian malaria, paludisme des oiseaux, Vogelmalaria

480. Platydemus manokwari (flatworm) English
- Flachwurm, flatworm, snail-eating flatworm

481. Pluchea carolinensis (shrub) English  français
- cattletongue, cure-for-all, curry plant, pluchea, shrubby fleabane, sourbush, stinking fleabane, weet scent, wild tobacco

482. Pluchea indica (shrub) English  français
- Indian camphorweed, Indian fleabane, Indian pluchea

483. Poa annua (grass) English
- annual blue grass, annual bluegrass, annual meadow grass, espiguilla , hierba de punta , poa, Rispengras, turin annuel, walkgrass, winter grass

484. Poa pratensis (grass) English
- capim-do-campo, grama de prados, Kentucky bluegrass, smooth meadow grass, smooth-stalked meadow grass , spreading bluegrass, Wiesenrispengras, zacate poa

485. Poecilia reticulata (fish) English  français
- guppie , guppii , guppy, hung dzoek ue, ikan seribu, lareza tripikaloshe, lebistes, lepistes, Mexicano, miljoenvis, miljoonakala, million fish, millionenfisch, millions, poisson million, queue de voile, rainbow fish, sarapintado, Sardinita, Wilder Riesenguppy, zivorodka duhová

486. Polistes chinensis antennalis (insect) English
- Asian paper wasp

487. Polygala paniculata (herb) English  français
- island snake-root

488. Polygonum cuspidatum Sieb. & Zucc. (=Fallopia japonica (Houtt. Dcne.) (herb, shrub) English  français
- crimson beauty, donkey rhubarb, German sausage, huzhang , itadori , Japanese bamboo, Japanese fleece flower, Japanese knotweed, Japanese polygonum, kontiki bamboo, Mexican-bamboo , peashooter plant, renouée du Japon, reynoutria fleece flower, sally rhubarb

489. Polygonum perfoliatum (herb) English
- Asiatic tearthumb, devil's-tail tearthumb, ishimikawa, mile-a-minute-vine, mile-a-minute-weed, minuteweed, tearthumb

490. Polysiphonia brodiei (alga) English
- red macroalga

491. Pomacea canaliculata (mollusc) English
- apple snail, channeled apple snail, Gelbe Apfelschnecke, golden apple snail, golden kuhol, miracle snail

492. Populus alba (tree) English
- alamo blanco, gattice, gin-doro, hakuyo, peuplier blanc, pioppo bianco, silber-pappel, silver-leaf poplar, urajiro-hako-yanagi, white poplar, xin bai yang

493. Porcellio scaber (crustacean) English
- woodlouse

494. Potamogeton crispus (aquatic plant) English
- curly pondweed, curly-leaved pondweed

495. Potamogeton perfoliatus (aquatic plant) English
- claspingleaf pondweed , perfoliate pondweed, redhead grass

496. Potamopyrgus antipodarum (mollusc) English
- Jenkin's spire shell, New Zealand mudsnail

497. Procambarus clarkii (crustacean) English
- Louisiana crayfish, red swamp crayfish

498. Procyon lotor (mammal) English  français
- araiguma, raccoon, raton laveur

499. Prosopis glandulosa (tree)
- honey mesquite, mesquite, Mesquite-Busch, Texas mesquite

500. Prosopis juliflora (shrub) English  français
- algarroba , algarrobo , bayarone, cují negro , epinard, ironwood , mesquite, Mesquitebaum

501. Prosopis spp. (tree, shrub) English  français
- acacia de Catarina, aguijote negro, algaroba, algarobeira, algarobeira, algarroba, algarroba, algarrobo, algarrobo, algarrobo americano, algarrobo del Brasil, algarrobo forragero, anchipia guaiva, angrezi bavaliya , aroma, aroma americana, aromo, arómo, baron, bayahon, bayahon, bayahonda, bayahonda blanca, bayahonde, bayahonde, bayahonde française, bayarone, bayawonn, bayawonn française, belari jari, bohahunda, cambrón, campeche, caóbano gateado, carbón, carobier, cashaw, cashew, catzimec, chachaca, chambron, cojí wawalú, cuida, cují, cují amarillo, cují negro, cují yague, cují yaque, cujicarora , dakkar toubab , espinheiro, espino negro, espino real, espino ruco, eterai, gando baval , gaudi maaka, ghaf, guarango, guatapaná, huarango, indjoe, indju, kiawe, kuigi, lebi , maíz criollo, manca-caballo, mareño, mastuerzos, mathenge, mesquite, mesquite, mesquite, mesquite, mesquit-tree, Mexican thorn, mezquite, mezquite, mugun kawa, nacascol, nacasol, palo de campeche, plumo de oro, qui, screwbeans, shejain kawa , shouk shami, spinho, taco, thacco, tornillos, trupi, trupillo, uweif , vallahonda, velikaruvel, velimullu, vilayati babool, vilayati babul, vilayati babul, vilayati jand, vilayati khejra, vilayati kikar, vilayati kikar , wawahi, yaque, yaque blanco, yaque negro

502. Pseudodiaptomus inopinus (crustacean) English
- Asian calanoid copepod

503. Psidium cattleianum (tree, shrub) English  français
- cattley guava, cherry guava, Chinese guava, Erdbeer-Guave, gargoulette, gouyavier, goyave de Chine, kuahpa, ngguava, purple strawberry guava, strawberry guava, tuava tinito, waiawi

504. Psidium guajava (tree, shrub) English  français
- abas, abwas, amarood, amrut, apas, araca, banjiro, bayabas, bayawas, biyabas, dipajaya jambu, djamboe, djambu, farang, goaibeira, goavier, goeajaaba, goejaba, goiaba, goiabeiro, gouyav, gouyave, goyave, goyavier, guabang, guahva, guava, guave, guavenbaum, guayaba, guayaba silvestre, guayabilla, guayabo, guayave, guayavo, guwafah, guyaaba, guyabas, guyava, jambu batu, jambu batu, jambu berase, jambu biji, jambu kampuchia, jambu klutuk, jamphal, jamrukh, kautoga, kautoga tane, kautonga, kautonga tane, koejawal, kuabang, kuafa, kuahpa, kuava, ku'ava, kuawa, kuawa ke'oke'o, kuawa lemi, kuawa momona, kuhfahfah, kuma, kuwawa, lemon guava, ma-kuai, ma-man, ngguava ni India, nguava, oi, pauwa, perala, petokal, quwawa, sapari, si da, te kuava, te kuawa, tokal, trapaek sruk, tuava, tu'ava, tu'avu, tumu tuava, tuvava, xalxocot

505. Pterois volitans (fish) English
- butterfly cod, cá Mao Tiên, chale, firefish, hana-minokasago, Indo-Pacific red lionfish, laffe volant, lepu-penganten, lionfish, lionfish scorpion, ominokasago, ornate butterfly-cod, ornate butterfly-cod, peacock lionfish, poisson scorpion, poisson volant, poisson-dindon, red firefish, red lionfish, sausau-lele, scorpion fish, scorpion volitans, skrzydlica pstra, turkey fish, turkeyfish, volitan lion, zebrafish

506. Puccinia psidii (fungus) English
- eucalyptus rust, guava rust, myrtaceae rust, ohi`a rust

507. Pueraria montana var. lobata (vine, climber) English
- acha, aka, foot-a-night vine, Japanese arrowroot, Ko-hemp, Kopoubohne, kudzu, kudzu común, kudzu vine, Kudzu-Kletterwein, kuzu, nepalem, vigne japonaise, vine-that-ate-the-South, wa yaka

508. Pycnonotus cafer (bird) English  français
- bulbul à ventre rouge, bulbul cafre, red-vented bulbul, Rußbülbül

509. Pycnonotus jocosus (bird) English  français
- bilbil krwawnik, bilbil zbroczony, bulbul, bulbul baffirossi, bulbul cervenouchý, bulbul dai mustacchi rossi, bulbul de bigotes rojos, bulbul de bigoti vermell, bulbul mustacchi rossi, bulbul orfeo, bulbul orphée, bulbul rudoocasý, bylbyl cervenosluchý, Crested Bulbul, kouraun, kyläbulbuli, le kondé, merbah telinga merah, merl konde, Merle de Maurice, punapõsk-bülbül, punaposkibulbuli, raudonskruostis biulbiulis, red-whiskered bulbul , Rödörad bulbyl, rødørebylbyl, rødøret bulbul, rødøret bylbyl, roodoorbuulbuul, roodoor-buulbuul, Rotohrbülbül, tepeli arapbülbülü

510. Pylodictis olivaris (fish) English
- mud cat, opelousas, shovelhead cat, yellow cat

511. Pyrus calleryana (tree) English
- Callery pear, dou li, mame-nashi

512. Python molurus bivittatus (reptile) English
- Burmese python, piton, piton albina, piton birmana

513. Quadrastichus erythrinae (insect) English
- erythrina gall wasp, erythrina gall wasp (EGW)

514. Radumeris tasmaniensis (insect) English
- burmeister, guerin, scoliid wasp, yellow flower wasp

515. Raffaelea lauricola (fungus) English

516. Rangia cuneata (mollusc) English
- Atlantic rangia, common rangia, wedge clam

517. Rangifer tarandus (mammal) English  français
- caribou, reindeer, renne

518. Ranunculus ficaria (herb) English
- ficaire, fig buttercup , lesser celandine, pilewort , renoncule ficaire

519. Raoiella indica (arachnid) English
- coconut mite, coconut red mite, frond crimson mite, leaflet false spider mite, red date mite, red palm mite, scarlet mite

520. Rapana venosa (mollusc) English
- Asian rapa whelk, rapa whelk, veined rapa whelk, veined whelk

521. Rattus exulans (mammal) English  français
- kiore, Kleine Pazifikratte, Maori rat, Pacific rat, Polynesian rat, rat du Pacifique, rat Polynésien, tikus Polynesia

522. Rattus norvegicus (mammal) English  français
- brown rat, common rat, isorotta, Norway rat, pouhawaiki, rat surmolot, Rata de noruega, rata noruega, ratto di fogna, ratto grigio, rotta, sewer rat, surmolotto, tikus riul, topo delle fogne, Wanderratte, water rat

523. Rattus rattus (mammal) English  français
- black rat, blue rat, bush rat, European house rat, Hausratte, roof rat, ship rat

524. Rhamnus alaternus (tree) English
- alaterne, evergreen buckthorn, Italian buckthorn

525. Rhamnus cathartica (tree) English
- buckthorn, Carolina buckthorn, cervispina, common buckthorn , épine noire, espinheiro-cerval, European buckthorn , European waythorn , Hart's thorn , Kreuzdorn, nerprun cathartique, nerprun purgatif, tamuje

526. Rhinella marina (=Bufo marinus) (amphibian) English  français
- Aga-Kröte, bufo toad, bullfrog, cane toad, crapaud, giant American toad, giant toad, kwapp, macao, maco pempen, Maco toro, marine Toad, Suriname toad

527. Rhithropanopeus harrisii (crustacean) English
- Brackwasserkrabbe, estuarine mud crab , Golandsky crab, Harris mud crab , krabik amerykanski, Østamerikansk brakvandskrabbe, white-fingered mud crab, Zuiderzee crab, Zuiderzeekrabbe, Zuiderzeekrabbetje

528. Rhizophora mangle (aquatic plant, tree, shrub) English
- American mangrove, apareiba, candelón, mangle Colorado, mangle dulce, mangle geli, mangle rojo, mangle zapatero, mangrove, mangué, purgua, red mangrove, sapateiro, tapche, tiri wai, togo

529. Rhodomyrtus tomentosa (tree, shrub) English  français
- Ceylon hill gooseberry, downy myrtle, downy rose myrtle, feijoa, hill gooseberry, hill guava, Isenberg bush, myrte-groseille, rose myrtle

530. Rhus longipes (tree, shrub) English  français
- faux poivrier blanc, sumac à long pied

531. Ricinus communis (tree, shrub) English  français
- agaliya, agaliya , belenivavalagi, castor, castor bean, castor-oil-plant , gelug, higuerilla, ka'apeha, kamakou, kasterolieboom, koli, la'au 'aila, lama palagi, lama palagi, lama papalagi, lepo , maskerekur, maskerekur, mbele ni vavalagi, pa'aila , pakarana, pakarani, palma-christi, pititu , ricin, rícino, Rizinus, tiairi , tiairi papa'a, tiairi popa'a, tiarili, toto ni vavalagi, toto ni vavalagi, tuitui, tuitui fua ikiiki , tuitui papa'a, uluchula skoki, uluchula skoki , utouto

532. Rinderpest virus (micro-organism) English  français
- cattle plague

533. Robinia pseudoacacia (tree) English  français
- acacia blanc, black locust, false acacia, Post locust, robinia akacjowa, robinier, robinier faux acacia, robinier faux-acacia, yellow locust

534. Rosa bracteata (shrub) English
- Chickasaw rose, Fragrant White Climbing Rose, Macartney rose, rose hedge, shuo bao qiang wei

535. Rosa multiflora (shrub) English
- baby rose, Japanese rose, multiflora rose, seven-sisters rose

536. Rottboellia cochinchinensis (grass) English  français
- anguigay, annarai, bandjangan, barsali, bukal, bura, caminadora, capim-camalote, cebada fina, corn grass, dholu, doekoet kikisian, fataque duvet, gaho, girum nagei, graminea corredora, guinea-fowl grass , herbe à poils, herbe de riz, herbe fataque-duvet, herbe queue-de-rat, itch grass, itchgrass , jointed grass, Kelly grass , kokoma grass , konda panookoo, lisofya, paja peluda, prickle grass, Raoul grass, rice grass, sagisi, sancarana, shamva grass, sugarcane weed, swooate, tsunoaiashi

537. Rubus alceifolius (shrub) English  français
- giant bramble, grosse framboise marronne, raisin marron, ronce à feuilles d'alcée, vigne maronne

538. Rubus discolor (vine, climber) English
- Armenian blackberry, Himalayan blackberry

539. Rubus ellipticus (shrub) English
- Asian wild raspberry, broadleafed bramble, Ceylon blackberry, eelkek, golden evergreen raspberry, Himalaya-Wildhimbeere, kohkihl, Molucca berry, Molucca bramble, Molucca raspberry, piquant lou-lou, robust blackberry, soni, wa ngandrongandro, wa sori, wa votovotoa, wild blackberry, wild raspberry, yellow Himalayan raspberry, yellow Himalayan raspberry

540. Rubus moluccanus (vine, climber, shrub) English  français

541. Rubus niveus (shrub) English
- Ceylon raspberry, frambuesa, hill raspberry, hong pao ci teng, Java bramble, kala hinsalu, khiradi, kolalinda, komuli, Mahabaleshwar raspberry, mbolinmomoniyl, mora, Mysore raspberry, Mysorehimbeere, pilai, pinit, snowpeaks raspberry

542. Rubus pinnatus (shrub) English
- blackberry, bramble

543. Rubus rosifolius (tree, shrub) English  français
- akala, akalakala, forest bramble, framboisier, frambueso de Africa, Mauritius raspberry, native bramble, native raspberry, ola'a, roseleaf raspberry, thimbleberry

544. Ruellia brevifolia (herb) English  français
- common wild petunia, ruellie à feuilles courtes

545. Rumex acetosella (herb) English  français
- common sheep sorrel, field sorrel, oseille, oseille de brebis, oseille sauvage, patience petite-oseille, petite oseille, red sorrel, sheep sorrel, small sorrel, sorrel, sûrette, vinette sauvage

546. Rumex obtusifolius (herb) English
- acedera de hojas obtusas, acedera obtusifolia, bijuaca, bitter dock, bluntleaf dock, broadleaf dock, broad-leaved dock, celery seed, dock , dun ye suan mo, engorda puercos, ezo-no-gishi-gishi, labaca, labaça-de-vaca-amarga, lengua de vaca, língua-de-vaca-amarga, oseille, parelle, patience à feuilles , patience sauvage, romaza de hojas grandes, romaza vulgar, rumex à feuilles obtuses, stumpfblättriger Ampfer , vinagrillo, yerba mulata

547. Sabella spallanzanii (annelid) English
- European fan worm, giant fan worm, Mediterranean fan worm, sabellid fan worm

548. Sacciolepis indica (grass) English  français
- glenwood grass

549. Sagina procumbens (herb) English
- beads, birdeye pearlwort, birdseye, birdseye pearlwort, mossy pearlwort, pearlwort, procumbent pearlwort, spreading pearlwort

550. Sagittaria platyphylla (aquatic plant) English
- elliptic-leaved arrowhead, sagittaria

551. Sagittaria sagittifolia (aquatic plant) English
- arrowhead, chieh ku, chien tao ts'ao, espadana , flecha de agua , flèche d'eau, giant arrowhead, Hawaii arrowhead, old world arrowhead , pai ti li, Pfeilkraut , pijlkruid, saeta de agua , sagitária , shui p'Ing, suokiu, t'zu ku , wapatoo, yen wei ts'ao

552. Salix cinerea (tree, shrub) English
- asch Weide , graa pil , Grau Weide , gray sallow, gray willow, pussy willow, salice cerognolo , saule cendré , wierzba szara

553. Salmo salar (fish) English  français
- alabalik atlantik, Amerikanskiy atlanticheskiy losos', Atlanterhavslaks, Atlantic salmon , Atlantic salmon, Atlantischer salmon, Atlantisk laks, black salmon, bradan, braddan, breeder, caplin-scull salmon, common atlantic salmon, echter lachs, fiddler, grayling, grilse, grilt, gullspångslax, hengst, hoplax, Ijle zalm, Jacobzalm, kapisalirksoak, kapisilik, kavisilik, kebleriksorsoak, kelt, kumaliq, kutenut lohi, k'wit'thet, k'wolexw, lachs, laks, laks, laks atlantisk, landlocked salmon, las, lax, lax, lax, lohi, losos, losos, losos, losos atlantsky, losos obecný, losos szlachetny a. atlantycki, N. Atlantic salmon, nedfaldslaks, ouananiche, ouinanish, outside salmon, parr, saama, saamakutaak, saamarug, sake masu-rui, salmao, salmão, salmâo-do-atlântico, sãlmao-do-atlântico, salmling, salmo, salmó, salmon, salmón, salmón del atlántico, salmon peel, salmone, salmone atlantico, salmone del reno, sâma, saumon atlantique , saumon d'eau douce, schaanexw, sea salmon, sebago salmon, semga, shamet skelex, shmexwalsh, silver salmon, sináech, skællaks, sk'wel'eng's schaanexw, slhop' schaanexw, slink, smolt, solomos, solomós, somon de atlantic, spak'ws schaanexw, spring fish, spring salmon, st'thkway', tacon atlantique, unaniche, vraklax, winnish, zalm

554. Salmo trutta (fish) English  français
- an breac geal, aure, bachforelle, blacktail, breac geal, brook trout, brown trout, denizalabaligi, denizalasi, Europäische Forelle, finnock, forelle, galway sea trout, gillaroo, gwyniedyn, havørred, havsöring, herling, hirling, kumzha, k'wsech, lachförch, lachsforelle, lassföhren, losos taimen, losos' taimen, mahiazad-e-daryaye khazar, meerforelle, meritaimen, morska postrv, morskaya forel', orange fin, öring, orkney sea trout, ørred, ørret, pastrav de mare, peal, pstruh morsky, pstruh obecný, pstruh obecný severomorský, pstruh obycajný, salmo trota, salmon trout, sea trout, sewin, siwin, sjøaure, sjøørret, sjourrioi, taimen, thalasopestrofa, troc, troc wedrowna, trota fario, trout, trucha, trucha común, trucha marina, truita, truite brune, truite brune de mer, truite de mer, truite d'europe, truta marisca, truta-de-lago, truta-fário, truta-marisca, urriði, whiting, whitling, zeeforel

555. Salsola tragus (shrub) English
- ci sha peng, hari-hijikii, Russian tumbleweed, Russian-cactus, Russian-thistle, soude épineuse, soude roulante, spineless saltwort, tumbleweed, Ukraine Salzkraut

556. Salvelinus fontinalis (fish) English
- Âait, aanaatlik, aanak, American brook charr, Amerikanischer bachsaibling, Amerikanischer saibling, Amerikanski goletz, Amerikanskiy golets, ana, Âna, anakleq, anokik, anuk, aurora trout, azad mahi cheshmahi, Bachsaibling, bäckröding, baiser, Beekforel, bekkeror, bekkerøye, breeder, bronforel, brook char, brook charr, brook trout, brookie, char, coaster, common brook trout, eastern brook trout, eastern speckled trout, Elsässer saibling, fântânel, giigaq, humpbacked trout, i ha luk, iqaluk, iqaluk tasirsiutik, kawamasu, kaynak alabaligi, kildeorred, kildeørred, lindableikja, lord-fish, masamek, masamekos, masamekw, masumèk, mountain trout, mud trout, native trout, omble de fontaine, pastrav fântânel, pataki szajbling, pstrag zrodlany, puronieriä, salmerino di fontaine, salmerino di fontana, salmerino di fonte, salter, salvelino, salvelinos, saumon de fontaine, sea trout, siven, siven americký, sivon americký, sivon potocny, slob, speckled char, speckled trout, specks, squaretail, square-tail, squaretailed trout, Tiegerfisch, trout, trucha de arroyo, truite, truite de mer, truite mouchetée, truta-das-fontes, whitefin

557. Salvelinus namaycush (fish) English
- akalukpik, Amerikanische Seeforelle, Amerikanischer seesaibling, Amerikansk søørred, Canadarødding, Canadaröding, Canadarøding, Canadaröye, Canadarøye, Col-lic-puk, cristivomer, Great Lakes char, Great Lakes trout, grey trout, harmaanieriä, hupin, iclook, idlorak, ihok, iiuuraq, ikalukpik, ikhiloktok, ikhloark, ilortoq, iqluq, ishioraliktâq, islorak, isok, isuuq, isuuqiaq, isuuqiq, isuuraaryuk, isuuraq, ivitaruk, kanadarødding, kanadaröding, kanadarøding, keyteeleek, k'wit'thet, k'wsech, lake charr, lake trout, laker, landlocked salmon, Mackinaw trout, Masamacush, milaqkkâyoq, mountain trout, murta, naaqtuuq, näluarryuk, namaycush, namekus, nauktoq, nemakos, nemeks, némèkus, omble d'Amérique, omble du Canada, salmon trout, salvelino-lacustre, severoamerikanskiy kristivomer, shamet skelex, shmexwalsh, sigguayaq, siscowet, siscowet, siuktuuk, siuyuktuuq, siven obrovký, sivon velký, sk'wel'eng's schaanexw, slhop' schaanexw, spak'ws schaanexw, taque, togue, touladi, trota di lago americana, trucha lacustre, truite de lac d'Amérique, truite grise, truta-do-lago

558. Salvinia minima (aquatic plant, fern) English
- Common Salvinia , floating fern, water spangles

559. Salvinia molesta (aquatic plant, herb) English  français
- African payal , African pyle, aquarium watermoss, fougère d’eau, giant salvinia , giant salvinia , kariba weed , koi kandy, salvinia, water fern , water spangles

560. Samanea saman (tree) English  français

561. Sargassum muticum (aquatic plant) English
- Butblæret sargassotang, Japanischer Beerentang, Japans bessenwier, Japansk drivtang, Japweed, sargasse, sargasso, sargassosnärje, strangle weed, Tama-hahaki-moku, Wireweed

562. Sarotherodon occidentalis (fish) English  français

563. Scaevola sericea (shrub) English
- aupaka, beach naupaka, half-flower, Hawaiian beach cabbage, Hawaiian half-flower, Hawaiian seagrape, huahekili, naupaka kahakai, naupaka kai, naupaka kuahiwi, Scaevola, sea lettuce

564. Scardinius erythrophthalmus (fish) English
- about, almindelig Rudskalle, cervenica, cervenica obycajná, chervenoperka, deargan, gardí, gardon carpe, gardon de roche, gardon rouge, kizilkanat baligi, kokkinoftera, krasnoperka, lloska-ë, louzou, Meefischli, pearl roach, perlín ostrobrichý, perlin rudoploutvy, plate, platelle, platitsa, rdeceperka, redeye, rietvoorn, rosioara, rossard, rotengle, Rotfeder, rothfeden, rottle, rudd, rudskalle, Sarv, scardola, sergent, sorkh Baleh, sorkh Pareh, sorv, sørv, sorva, søv, suce-roseaux, Weißfisch, wzdrega, wzdrega a. krasnopiórka

565. Schefflera actinophylla (tree) English  français
- arbre ombrelle, arbre pieuvre, brassaia, ivy palm, octopus tree, schefflera, umbrella tree

566. Schinus terebinthifolius (tree) English  français
- Brazilian holly, Brazilian pepper, Brazilian pepper tree, Christmas berry, faux poivrier, Florida holly, Mexican pepper, pimienta de Brasil, poivre rose, Rosapfeffer, warui

567. Schismus arabicus (grass)
- Arabian grass, Arabian schismus, Mediterranean grass, schismus, split grass

568. Schismus barbatus (grass) English
- common Mediterranean grass, Mediterranean grass

569. Schizoporella errata (bryozoan) English
- branching bryozoan, bryozoan, cheilostome bryozoan, encrusting bryozoan

570. Schizoporella unicornis (bryozoan) English
- single horn bryozoan

571. Scinax ruber (amphibian) English  français
- rainette des maisons, red snouted treefrog

572. Scinax x-signatus (amphibian) English  français
- rainette x-signée

573. Sciurus carolinensis (mammal) English
- Grauhoernchen, gray squirrel, grey squirrel, scoiattolo grigio

574. Scolopendra morsitans (centipede/millipede) English

575. Sechium edule (vine, climber) English  français
- chayotte, chouchou, christophine

576. Senecio inaequidens (shrub) English
- Bezemkruiskruid, Boerstånds, Boersvineblom, Buurivillakko, groundsel, guano bush, narrow-leaved ragwort, sénecon Sud-africain, Schmalblättriges Kreuzkraut, senecione Sudafricano, séneçon du Cap, Smalbladet Brandbæger, small-leaved groundsel , South African ragwort , Starcek úzkolistý, Starzec nierównozebny, Südafrikanisches Greiskraut, Ungleichzähniges Greiskraut

577. Senecio jacobaea (herb) English
- erva-lanceta-do-Canadá, jakobs-greiskraut, Jakobskruiskruid, Landøyda, ragwort, séneçon Jacobée, St. James'-wort, Starzec Jakubek, stinking willie , tansy ragwort

578. Setaria verticillata (grass) English
- almorejo, almorejo verticilado, alorejo, amor de hortelano, bristly foxtail, bur bristle grass, bur grass, capim-grama, carreig, cola de zorro, dukhain, fieno stellino, foxtail, hooked bristlegrass, kamala, khishin, kirpi dari, Kletten Borstenhirse, kolvhirs, Kransnaaldaar, lagartera, lossaig, mau‘ pilipili , milha-verticilada, oehoe, panico maggiore, panissola, pata de gallina, pega-pega, pega-saias, quam el-far, Quirl Bortenhirse, rabo de zorro, rough bristle grass, setaire verticillée, whorled pigeon grass, Wirtel Borstenhirse, yah hang chnig-chok, zacate pegarropa, zaratsukienokorogusa

579. Sirex noctilio (insect) English
- avispa barrenadora de los pinos, avispa taladradora de la madera, Blaue Fichten, European woodwasp, Holzwespe, horntail, sartfottreveps , sirex, Sirex wasp, Sirex woodwasp, sortfodet træhveps , steel blue, steel-blue, svartfotad vedstekel, vespa-da-madeira, wood wasp, woodwasp

580. Sirococcus clavigignenti-juglandacearum (fungus) English
- butternut canker

581. Solanum mauritianum (tree, shrub) English  français
- bois de tabac marron, bringellier marron, bugweed, flannel weed, groot bitterappel, igayintombi, isigwayana, kerosene plant, luisboom, morelle de Maurice, pua nana honua, pula, rau 'ava'ava, tabac marron, tobacco weed, tree tobacco, umbanga banga, wild tobacco, woolly nightshade

582. Solanum seaforthianum (vine, climber) English  français
- Brazilian nightshade,, liane pomme de terre, liane pomme Édouard, petite liane patate

583. Solanum sisymbriifolium (herb) English
- alco-Chileo, arrabenta cavalo, dense-thorn bitter apple, doringtamatie, espina colorada, fire and ice plant, jeweelie, joão bravo, jua das queimadas, jua de roca, klebriger nachtschatten, litchi tomato, liuskakoiso, manacader, morelle de balbis, mullaca espinudo, ocote mullaca, pilkalapis baklazanas, puca-puca, raukenblatt-nachtschatten, red buffalo-burr, revienta caballo, sticky nightshade, tomatillo, tutia, tutia o Espina Colorada, uvilla, viscid nightshade, wild tomato, wildetamatie

584. Solanum tampicense (shrub) English
- ajicón, aquatic soda apple, espina de manglar, huevo de gato, huistomate, salsita de agua, scrambling nightshade, sosumba, wetland nightshade

585. Solanum torvum (shrub) English  français
- devil's fig, fausse aubergine, Turkey berry

586. Solanum viarum (shrub) English
- juá, juá-bravo, tropical soda apple

587. Solenopsis geminata (insect) English  français
- aka-kami-ari, Feuerameise, fire ant, ginger ant, tropical fire ant

588. Solenopsis invicta (insect) English
- fourmi de feu, red imported fire ant (RIFA), rote importierte Feuerameise

589. Solenopsis papuana (insect) English
- Papuan thief ant

590. Solenopsis richteri (insect) English
- black imported fire ant

591. Solidago canadensis (herb)
- Canada goldenrod, Canadian goldenrod, common goldenrod, Kanadische Goldrute

592. Sonchus asper  English
- perennial sowthistle, prickly sow thistle, prickly sowthistle , prickly sow-thistle, spiny sowthistle, spiny-leaf sow-thistle

593. Sonchus oleraceus  English
- annual sowthistle, common sowthistle, common sow-thistle, pualele, sow thistle, sow-thistle

594. Sorghum halepense (grass) English  français
- Aleppo grass, Aleppo milletgrass, cañuela, Don Carlos, grama China, gumai, herbe de Cuba, Johnson grass, Johnsongrass, kola, sorgho, sorgho d'Alep, sorgo de Alepo, yerba Johnson, zacate Johnson

595. Spartina alterniflora (grass) English
- Atlantic cordgrass , saltmarsh cordgrass , salt-water cordgrass, smooth cordgrass

596. Spartina anglica (grass) English
- common cord grass, Englisches Schlickgras, rice grass, townsends grass

597. Spartina densiflora (grass) English
- Austral cordgrass, capim-praturá, denseflower cordgrass, dense-flowered cordgrass, espartillo

598. Spathodea campanulata (tree) English  français
- African tulip tree, Afrikanischer Tulpenbaum, amapola, apär, baton du sorcier, fa‘apasi, fireball, flame of the forest, fountain tree, Indian Cedar, ko‘i‘i, mata ko‘i‘I, mimi, orsachel kui, patiti vai, pisse-pisse, pititi vai, rarningobchey, Santo Domingo Mahogany, taga mimi, tiulipe, tuhke dulip, tulipan africano, tulipier du Gabon

599. Spermacoce verticillata (shrub) English
- borrerie verticillée, Botón blanco, cardio de frade, éribun, poaia, shrubby false buttonweed , shrubby false buttonwood, vassourinha

600. Sphaeroma quoianum (=S. quoyanum) (crustacean) English
- Australasian isopod, Australian-New Zealand boring isopod, burrowing Australian isopod, burrowing isopod, mud-dwelling isopod, New Zealand burrowing isopod, New Zealand isopod, New Zealand pillbug

601. Sphagneticola trilobata (herb) English  français
- ate, atiat, creeping ox-eye, dihpw ongohng, Hasenfuss, ngesil ra ngebard, rosrangrang, Singapore daisy, trailing daisy, tuhke ongohng, ut mõkadkad, ut telia, wedelia

602. Spiraea japonica (shrub) English
- Japanese meadowsweet, Japanese spiraea

603. Stellaria alsine (herb) English  français
- bog starwort , bog stitchwort , stellaire des sources

604. Stellaria media (herb) English  français
- chick weed, morgéline, mouron, mouron blanc, mouron des oiseaux, satin-flower, starwort, stellaire, stellaire intermédiaire, stitchwort

605. Streptopelia decaocto (bird) English  français
- Balkáni gerle, collared dove, Eurasian collared-dove, Indian ring-dove, Kolchataya Gorlitsa, Rola-turca, Sierpówka, Tórtola turca, Tortora dal collare, Tourterelle turque, Turkduva, Türkentaube, Turkinkyyhky, Turkse Tortel, Tyrkerdue

606. Striga asiatica (herb) English
- Asiatic witchweed, buri, common mealie witchweed, isona weed, Matabele flower, mealie poison, mealie witchweed, red witchweed, scarlet lobelia, striga, witchweed , yaa mae mot

607. Strobilanthes hamiltonianus (shrub) English  français
- Califon

608. Sturnus vulgaris (bird) English
- blackbird, common starling, English starling, estornino pinto, etourneau sansonnet, étourneau sansonnet, Europäischer Star, European starling

609. Styela clava (tunicate) English
- Asian tunicate , club tunicate, leathery sea squirt, rough sea squirt

610. Styela plicata (tunicate) English
- leathery tunicate, pleated sea squirt, sea squirt, solitary ascidian

611. Suncus murinus (mammal) English  français
- Asian house shrew, Asian musk shrew, brown musk shrew, Ceylon highland shrew, common Indian musk-shrew, grande pachyure, grey musk shrew, house shrew, Indian grey musk-rat, Indian musk shrew, Kandyan shrew, kirukanjia, money shrew, Moschusspitzmaus, musaraigne musquée, rat musquee, Ryukyu musk shrew, white-tailed shrew

612. Sus scrofa (mammal) English  français
- kuhukuhu, kune-kune, petapeta, pig, poretere, razorback, te poaka, Wildschwein

613. Syzygium cumini (tree) English  français
- black plum, damson plum, djoowet, doowet, druif, duhat, duhat, faux-pistachier, guayabo pesjua, indian blackberry, jalao, jaman, jambhool, jamblang, jambol, jambolan plum, jambolanier, jambool, jambu, jambul, jambulao, jamelao, jamelong, jamelongue, jamélongue, jamelonguier, jamelon-guier, jammun, jamoen, Java plum, jiwat, Ka'ika, kavika ni India, koeli, koriang, lomboy, lunaboy, ma-ha, Malabar plum, mesegerak, mesekerrak, mesekerrák, mesigerak, paramu, pesjua extranjera, pistati, Portuguese plum, pring bai, pring das krebey, purple plum, salam, va, voi rung, wa

614. Syzygium jambos (tree) English
- iouen wai, kavika ni India, kavika ni vavalangi, Malabar plum, rose-apple

615. Tabebuia heterophylla (tree) English  français
- calice du paperpape, pink manjack , pink tecoma, pink trumpet-tree , roble , roble blanco , white cedar, white-cedar , whitewood

616. Tamarix ramosissima (tree, shrub) English
- salt cedar, Sommertamariske, tamarisk, tamarix

617. Tapinoma melanocephalum (insect) English
- albaricoque , awate-konuka-ari , black-headed ant, ghost ant, hormiga bottegaria , house infesting ant , tiny yellow house ant, tramp ant

618. Taraxacum officinale (herb) English  français
- blowball, common dandelion, dandelion, faceclock , pissenlit vulgaire

619. Technomyrmex albipes (insect) English
- ashijiro-hirafushi-ari, white-footed ant, white-footed house ant

620. Tecoma stans (tree, shrub) English  français
- bois pissenlit, piti, trompette d'or, trumpetbush, trumpetflower, yellow elder, yellow trumpetbush, yellow trumpet-flower

621. Tetropium fuscum (insect) English
- brown spruce longhorn beetle, longicorne brun de l’epinette , tofarget granbarkbukk

622. Thunbergia grandiflora (vine, climber) English  français
- Bengal clock vine, Bengal trumpet, blue trumpet vine,, bung el etiu, large-flowered thunbergia, liane mauve, palulu, skyflower

623. Tibouchina urvilleana (tree, shrub) English  français
- balmane, doudoul, glorybush, griffe du diable, lasiandra, lisandra, pensée malgache, princess flower, purple glorytree

624. Tilapia mariae (fish) English
- a-sannoh, black mangrove cichlid , epia ajegi, fünfflecktilapie, ifunu, marienbuntbarsch, mpupa, Niger cichlid, pondaworkei, spotted tilapia, tha thompo, tiger cichlid, tigrovaya tsikhlida, ukuobu

625. Tilapia zillii (fish) English
- akpadi sila, akpasila, amnun matzui, a-sannoh, bere, biare, biering, bugu, bulti, cichlid, didee, disiwulen, Engege, Epia, Erihere, falga, garagaza, gargaza, gba gba ferah, gbatchekede, guring, ifunu, isiswe, karfasa, karwa, ka-yainkain, kido, kokine, kpro ibre, kuda, loroto, mango fish, mojarra, mojarrita, mpupa, ngege, ngipie, ngorkei, njabb, obrouyou, pastenague boulee, perege, punavatsatilapia, redbelly tilapia, sato, sili, silla, sohn, striped tilapia, tegr-pere, tha thompo, tihil, tilapia, tome, tsokungi, ukuobu, waas, waas gnoul, wesafun, Zilles Buntbarsch, zilli's cichlid, zill's tilapia

626. Tinca tinca (fish) English
- aiguillon, aiguillons, alia, beurote, compó, curaman, doctor-fish, glini, glínia, green tench, grunnungur, kadife baligi, laaymahi, lai mahi, lien, lien obycajný, lin, lín obecný, lindare, linë, linj, naji, Schlei, Schleie, Schleie, Schleie, Schleie, Schlien, seelt, sgreten, Slia, suder, sudre, sutare, suter, suutari, tanch, Tanche, tanche, Tanche, Tanche, tanche de Mongolie, tancho, tenca, tench, tenco, tilkhos, tinca, tinche, yesil sazan, zeelt

627. Tithonia diversifolia (shrub) English  français
- fleur la fête des mères, Japanese sunflower, Mexican sunflower, shrub sunflower, sunflower, tree marigold

628. Tomicus piniperda (insect) English
- common pine shoot beetle, larger pine shoot beetle, pine shoot beetle , PSB

629. Trachemys scripta elegans (reptile) English  français
- Buchstaben-Schmuckschildkröte, Krasnoukhaya cherepakha, Nordamerikansk terrapin, punakorvakilpikonna, punakõrv-ilukilpkonn, raudonausis vežlys , raudonskruostis vežlys, red-eared slider, red-eared slider terrapin, rödörad vattensköldpadda, rødøret terrapin, rødøreterrapin , Rotwangen-Schmuckschildkroete, Rotwangen-Schmuckschildkröte , sarkanausu brunurupucis, slider, tortue à tempe rouge, tortue de Floride, zólw czerwonolicy, zólw czerwonouchy, zólw ozdobny

630. Tradescantia fluminensis (herb) English
- nohakata karakusa, small-leaf spiderwort, spiderwort, Vandrande Jude, wandering creeper, wandering Jew, wandering Willie, white flowered wandering Jew

631. Tradescantia spathacea (herb) English  français
- boat lily, boat plant, faina kula, moses in a boat, Moses-in-a-basket, oyster plant, riri mangio, riri raei, talotalo, laupapaki

632. Trapa natans (aquatic plant) English
- bull nut, European water chestnut, water chestnut, water nut

633. Trechisibus antarcticus (insect) English

634. Triadica sebifera (tree) English
- árbol del sebo, arbre à suif, boiré, candleberry-tree, chicken tree, Chinese tallow, Chinesischer talgbaum, Florida aspen, popcorn tree, tallow tree, vegetable tallow, white waxberry

635. Trichosurus vulpecula (mammal) English
- brushtail possum, Fuchskusu

636. Tridentiger trigonocephalus (fish) English
- Chameleon goby, Japanese goby, Oriental goby, polosatyi trekhzubyi bychok, shimahaze, shimahaze , striped goby, striped tripletooth goby, trident goby

637. Triphasia trifolia (shrub) English  français
- limeberry, orange berry, orangine, trifoliate limeberry, triphasia

638. Trogoderma granarium (insect) English
- escarabajo khapra, khapra beetle, khaprakäfer, trogoderma (dermeste) du grain

639. Tubastraea coccinea (coral) English  français
- colonial-cup coral, orange-cup coral, orange-tube coral, tubastrée orange

640. Tussilago farfara (herb) English
- assfoot, British tobacco, bull's-foot, clayweed, cleats, colt-herb, coltsfoot, coughwort, dove-dock, dummyweed, Foalfoot, ginger, gingerroot, gowan, hoofs, horsefoot, horsehoof, kuan dong, pas- d'âne, sowfoot, tussilage , tussilage pas-d'âne

641. Typha latifolia (aquatic plant) English
- broadleaf cattail , broad-leaf cattail , cattail , cattail (common) , common cattail , Cooper's reed, cumbungi, espadaña común, giant reed-mace, great cattail , piriope, roseau des étangs , soft flag, tabua-larga, totora, tule espidilla

642. Ulex europaeus (tree, shrub) English  français
- ajonc, ajonc d'Europe, bois jonc, chacay, furze, Gaspeldoorn, genêt, Ginestra spinosa, gorse, jonc marin, kolcolist zachodni, picapica, Stechginster, Tojo, vigneau, vIrish furze, whin, zépinard des hauts

643. Undaria pinnatifida (aquatic plant, alga) English
- apron-ribbon vegetable, Asian kelp, haijiecai, Japanese kelp, miyeuk, qundaicai, wakame

644. Urochloa maxima (grass) English  français
- buffalograss, capime guiné, fataque, green panic, Guinea grass, herbe de Guinéa, panic élevé, saafa, talapi, tinikarati, vao Kini, vao Kini, yerba de Guinea, zacate Guinea

645. Urosalpinx cinerea (mollusc) English
- American oyster drill, American tingle, American whelk tingle, Atlantic oyster drill

646. Utricularia gibba (aquatic plant) English
- conespur bladderpod, creeping bladderwort, humped bladderwort, swollen-spurred bladderwort, yellow flowering bladderwort

647. Vallisneria nana (aquatic plant) English
- eel grass, freshwater eelgrass, ribbonweed

648. Vallisneria spiralis (aquatic plant) English
- coiled vallisneria, eel grass, eelgrass, eelweed, tape grass, val

649. Varanus indicus (reptile) English
- ambon lizard, erebachi, flower lizard, George's island monitor, Indian monitor, Indian monitor lizard, kalabeck monitor, mangrove monitor, Pacific monitor, Pazifikwaran, regu, sosi, stillahavsvaran, varan des indes, varan des mangroves, varano de manglar

650. Varroa destructor (arachnid) English
- varroa mite

651. Verbascum thapsus (herb) English
- Aaron's-rod , barbasco, big taper , bouillon blanc, common mullein , flannel mullein , flannel plant , flannelleaf , gordolobo comun, great mullein , guardalobo, hag taper , molène, mullein , torches , velvet dock , velvet plant , verbasco, woolly mullein

652. Verbena brasiliensis (herb) English
- Brazilian vervain, gin case

653. Verbena rigida (herb) English
- creeping verbena, purple verbena, rigid verbena, sandpaper verbena, stiff verbena, tuberous vervain, veined verbena

654. Vespula germanica (insect) English
- Avispa comun , Avispa germánica, Deutsche Wespe, European wasp , German wasp , German yellowjacket, Guêpe germanique , Vespa germanica

655. Vespula pensylvanica (insect) English
- guêpe de l'ouest, Pensylvenia-Wespe, western yellowjacket

656. Vespula vulgaris (insect) English
- common wasp, common yellowjacket, Gemeine Wespe

657. Vibrio cholerae (micro-organism) English
- Asiatic cholera, epidemic cholera

658. Vinca major (herb) English
- bigleaf periwinkle, blue periwinkle, greater periwinkle, large periwinkle, periwinkle

659. Vitex rotundifolia (shrub) English
- beach vitex, chasteberry, cloister pepper, dan ye man jing, hamago, hinahina kolo, kolokolo kahakai, man hyung ja, manawanawa, mawanawana, monk's pepper, pohinahina, polinalina, roundleaf chastetree, single-leaf chaste tree

660. Vulpes vulpes (mammal) English
- fuchs, lape, lis, raposa, red fox, renard, rev, Rotfuchs, silver, black or cross fox, volpe, vos, zorro

661. Wasmannia auropunctata (insect) English  français
- albayalde, cocoa tree-ant, formi électrique, formiga pixixica, fourmi électrique, fourmi rouge, hormiga colorada, hormiga roja, hormiguilla, little fire ant, little introduced fire ant, little red fire ant, pequena hormiga de fuego, petit fourmi de feu, Rote Feuerameise, sangunagenta, satanica, small fire ant, tsangonawenda, West Indian stinging ant

662. Waterhousea floribunda (tree, shrub) English  français
- weeping lilly pilly, weeping myrtle

663. Watersipora subtorquata (bryozoan) English

664. West Nile Virus (micro-organism) English
- West Nile virus

665. Wisteria floribunda (vine, climber) English
- Japanese Wisteria

666. Wisteria sinensis (vine, climber) English
- Chinese wisteria

667. Xanthium spinosum (herb) English
- bathurst burr, cachurrera menor, cepacaballo, clonqui, concli, dagger cocklebur, daggerweed, lampourde épineuse, pegotes, prickly burweed, spiny burweed, spiny clotbur, spiny cockleburr, thorny burweed

668. Xanthomonas axonopodis pv.citri (micro-organism) English
- citrus canker

669. Xenopus laevis (amphibian) English
- African clawed frog, clawed frog, clawed toad, common platanna , Glatter Krallenfrosch, upland clawed frog

670. Xiphophorus hellerii (fish) English  français
- cola de espada, green swordtail, porte-épée

671. Xyleborus glabratus (insect) English
- Ambrosiakäfer, Asian ambrosia beetle , Holzborher, redbay ambrosia beetle, xylébore, Xyleboro

672. Xylella fastidiosa (micro-organism) English
- alfalfa dwarf, almond leaf scorch, bacterial leaf scorch of coffee, bacterial leaf scorch of elm, bacterial leaf scorch of oak, citrus variegated chlorosis, maple leaf scorch, mulberry leaf scorch, oleander leaf scorch, pear leaf scald, phony peach disease, Pierce's disease of grape

673. Xylosandrus compactus (insect) English
- ambrosia beetle, black twig borer, Dunkler-Holzbohrer

674. Xylosandrus mutilatus (insect) English
- camphor shoot beetle, camphor shot-borer

675. Yersinia pestis (micro-organism) English
- bubonic plague, chuma, pest, peste, plague

676. Zantedeschia aethiopica (herb) English  français
- arum, arum-lily, calla-lily, common calla, cornet blanc

677. Zizania latifolia (grass) English
- coba, jiao-bai, kuw-sun, kwo-bai, makomo, makomo dake, Manchurian water-rice, Manchurian wild rice, Manchurian wildrice , Manchurian zizania, ricegrass, Wasserbambus, water-bamboo, wild rice stem

678. Ziziphus mauritiana (tree, shrub) English  français
- aprin, baer, baher , bahir, bedara, ber, bor, Chinee apple, Chinese apple , Chinese date , coolie plum, crabapple, dindoulier, dunk, dunks, dunks, gingeolier, Indian cherry, Indian jujube , Indian plum, jujube, jujube, jujube du pays, jujubier, jujubier, jujubier indien, liane croc chien, Malay jujube, mangustine, manzana (apple), manzanas, manzanita, manzanita (little apple), masson, ma-tan, perita haitiana, petit pomme, phutsa, pomme malcadi, pomme surette, ponsigne, prune Saint Paul, putrea, tao, tao nhuc, widara, widara, yuyubi, yuyubo

679. Zoobotryon verticillatum (bryozoan)
- spaghetti bryozoan

680. Zostera japonica (aquatic plant) English
- dwarf eelgrass

681. Zosterops japonicus (bird) English
- Japanese white-eye, mejiros

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