Monday, November 23, 2009

name of flower

*As many of these English flower names are but little used, the French and Latin synonyms are given in parallel columns.
English flower names French flower names Latin flower names Meaning of flowers
Acacia, Acacia, Acacia, Platonic love.
Acacia, rose, Acacia, rose, Acacia, rosea, Elegance.
Acanthus, Acanthe, Acanthus, Arts.

Almond-tree, Amandier, Amygdalus, Thoughtlessness.
Aloes, parrot-bill, Aloès, bee de perroquet   Small talk.
Aloes, socotrine, Aloès, socotrine, Aloe, succotrina, Bitterness and pain.
Amaranth, Amaranthe, Amaranthus, Immortality.
American Aloe, Agavé, Agave Americana, Security.
Angelica, Angelique, Angelica, Inspiration.
Anthericum, Phalangère, Phalangium, Antidote.
Arum, Gouet, commun, Arum vulgare, Ardor.
Arum, Fly-catching, Arum, gobe-mouche, Arum crinitum, Snare.
Ash, Frêne èlevè, Fraxinus excelsior Greatness.
Jasmin de Virginie, Biguonia radicans, Separation.
Aspen, Peuplier tremble, Populus tremula, Groan.
Aster, china, Marguerite-reine, Aster chinensis, Variety.

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